Choosing Reversal Over Remission- Effectively Dealing with Allergies

Here’s some statistics:

Roughly 7.8% of people 18 and over have hayfever.
Worldwide allergic rhinitis affects between 10-30% of the population.
Sensitization IgE antibodies to foreign proteins in the environment is present in 40% of the population.
38.7% of food allergic children have a history of severe reactions
30.4% have multiple food allergies
in 2012, 5.6% or 4.1 million children reported food allergies in the past 12 months.

These studies are more than a decade ago… And the numbers continue to rise…

Tis the season.. We’re going to talk about the allergic response, how it happens, what predisposes it, genetic factors and more in this blog so stay tuned:)

Many run to anti-histamines, over the counter or prescribed to help “deal” with allergies.  However, these medications come with risks, and also don’t really get to the root cause.
In fact, OTC allergy medications lead to problems with your liver, by shutting down liver phase 2 detoxification.  This is why you tend to need to take more and more to get relief.  Most of the issues with allergies are in liver methylation problems anyways, so creating more liver problems isn’t the best route.

Key Players is Allergic Responses:
Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, are a fundamental component of the immune system, and when an immune response becomes dysfunctional, it can create an allergic response.

There are two types of lymphocytes:
– B-lymphocytes
– T-lymphocytes

Both types help guard you body against foreign substances such as invading bacteria, viruses and toxins.  They move freely through and among the tissues of the body, travel through the walls of blood vessels, and move between the various lymph nodes and lymph channels.  Lymphocytes act like traveling customs agents.  They are busy checking the passports of every cell they encounter.  When there’s a cell that seems threatening, they immediately begin to makes plans to attack it.  Because these foreign invaders cause the production of antibodies, they are called antibody generators, or antigens.  After a B cell identifies  an antigen, it will make its way back to a lymph node, change into a plasma cell and produce antibodies specifically engineered to fight that particular threat.  Amazing right?

Five types of antibodies are made: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM and IgG.  The one responsible for immediate allergic response is IgE.


IgE antibodies are present in everyone in a properly functioning immune system.  In an allergic person’s immune system, the lymphocytes can’t tell that the protein ingested as part of a meal containing shellfish isn’t invading the body.  The B cells of an allergic person- “misinformed” at the genetic level, cause the production of large quantities of IgE, which then releases cells called (mast cells) which release histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes and cytokines, all of which are inflammatory hormones, known as the sensitizing exposure. I should mention this is the western medical view: the body is confused, mistaken, genetically impaired...   Think about it… our ancestors lived outside, without allergies.  A genetic problem with a patient can cause them to believe they have a permanent condition., which means “permanent medication”.  Understanding the function of the organ systems that address various conditions is key to reversing, to the extent possible the disease state, rather than simply suppressing or inducing remission.

What then, causes the inability of the lymphocytes to distinguish invaders from non invaders? Why does the immune system go “marine, kill all”?

As with anything, it can be multifactorial.  But as I said in the comment about our ancestors, its typically our environment (internal)/external) that has changed.

#1. Poor Nutrition/Quality- nutrient deficiencies result in inefficient organ function of the gut, liver and adrenals.  In the gut, the epithelial structure breaks down (leaky gut) allowing allergens to pass through the gut wall, creating an exaggerated response.  In addition, highly processed, genetically modified and inorganic food sources also create gut and liver inflammation.  Glyphosate for example, which is sprayed on all conventional crops, breaks gap junctions in our intestines creating leaky gut.  Genetically modified foods look “foreign” to your body, and can create immune system dysfunction.  Be aware, Gates Foundation farms have already unloaded from their “farms” genetically modified foods (APEEL)..make sure you check labels, because its not labeled as genetically modified..

#2 Liver Methylation – The liver has the job of detoxifying and breaking down and eliminating the histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes and cytokines, all of which are inflammatory.  If the liver is congested (toxins, pathogens, too much processed carbohydrates) with no nutrition to fuel the enzymatic detoxification pathways, then the detoxification is impaired.  That means that excessive brew of chemicals from the mast cells does not get neutralized, staying in the blood stream and tissues, inflaming everything it comes in contact with —> hence the red swollen eyelids and nostrils of the allergic patient.

#3 Adrenals– The adrenals handle the inflammation caused by this normal response to an allergen.  The adrenals produce cortisol typically demonized as a “bad guy biochemical”, but absolutely necessary in the right context, like bringing down inflammation produced by those chemicals the mast cells release.  If the adrenals are taxed from chronic stress or chronic infection load they fail to produce cortisol properly.  Chronic stress or emotional traumas can cause allergic responses to malfunction, we call these, neuro-emotional complexes.  Often times you’ll find an allergy will emerge shortly after a stressful event like abuse, trauma, divorce, neglect, rejection, death in family, etc…

What about allergy meds?  They are prostaglandin antagonists- they prevent prostaglandins( a normal, necessary component of the allergen response) from binding to cells, which means the capillaries aren’t signaled to let in the antibodies to neutralize the allergen, but the inflammation is stopped.  The defense mechanism wasn’t allowed to finish, so the allergy isn’t really resolved, just the inflammation.. Antihistamines are another type- again no resolution to the allergy, because we chemically shut off the kill mechanism.  And cortisone to block inflammation… isn’t that the adrenal’s job?  yes, it is.. unless they are tanked, which they likely are..

#4 V@ccin@tions-  These are designed to create an immune response, correct?  Regardless of their effectiveness, as they create immune system changes when utilized they also create immune system malfunctions.  Substances in these concoctions make the immune system react to whatever is traveling with it(remember “marine”).  Nuts, eggs, milk protein, antibiotics, aborted fetal cells and other materials like formaldehyde and aluminum/mercury are also in those jabs.  So while they are trying to create an alert in the immune system of some pathogen, they also create malfunctions in the immune system to tag food proteins and other substances as harmful when they aren’t.  This is a huge reason for rise in peanut allergies.

#5 Toxins and Pathogens- These go back to the gut and liver methylation.  But important to mention what could be clogging up those organs.  Toxins like BPA, household chemicals, mold or mycotoxins, beauty products, radiation from your phone and electronics, glyphosate are some examples of toxins.  Pathogens like liver or intestinal parasites also cause inability to breakdown histamine, which creates more allergic reactions.  Often the liver is so overburdened with toxins and pathogens it can’t handle breaking down food or histamine.  Other infections like those from Lyme disease, or fungal, viral, bacteria in the gut and liver can also create inflammation here.  I’d say my most common culprits that affect histamine breakdown are : Mold and mycotoxins, Intestinal parasites/liver flukes, and Lyme Disease related infections.

#6 Genetic Variations in DAO, HDC, HNMT enzymes also play a part in allergy responses.  Depending if you have a homozygous variation(70% decrease) or heterozygous variation (30% decrease) determines how effective the enzymes are at working optimally here.  However, genetic variants do not mean that the gene is expressing.  Typically, the body is overwhelmed with toxins, pathogens, food and stress, and THEN the genetic variation goes haywire.  This is however helpful information in dealing with histamine overload cases.  Supporting those genetic variations WHILE cleaning out the toxins and pathogens, and changing the diet is the best key.  This helps liver methylation tremendously.

The key is this:  REBUILD the physiology, while providing symptomatic relief as necessary.

Fixing the gut, healing the structural lining, killing any pathogens, and restoring proper pH to the gut restoring a healthy microbiome is typically the FIRST plan of action.

  • Since every person is different with different pathogens and biochemistry it’s hard to give recommendations here.  But for calming down the gut you can use chlorophyll, Vitamin A, which will help the gut-mediated immune function, and is an epithelial healer, okra pepsin to restore mucus layers and then customized herbals to help kill the parasites, fungal, viral or bacteria species depending on whats going on.   Vibrant Labs Gut Zoomer is a great place to start if you aren’t a current patient.  You can purchase your own kit here-
  • Clean up your diet.  Switch to whole foods: organic, non GMO foods!  I also highly recommend gluten free/grain free diet to help decrease intestinal inflammation.
  • Support the liver-  As I’ve said previously I like to customize liver methylation based on genetic variations and diet, but again if you aren’t a current patient some great liver supports are milk thistle, or standard process Livaplex which helps de-congest the liver at about 6 daily.
  • Adrenals- chronically depleted you’ll want to use dessicated adrenal gland organ support.  You need to feed the adrenals.  Then you can use adaptogenic herbs like ashwanganda or rhemmania to help balance them.
  • Binders- binders help a lot to soak up toxins in the liver and gut. Cellcore has some great binder products to use, or additionally, GI absorb from standard process for more chemical based toxins just in the gut.  Mold is a huge one that lays dormant in the sinuses causing allergic responses that are crazy!
  • Symptomatically- Here are my top three recommendations:
    • Standard process Antronex- assists the liver in detoxification of histamine, and its a natural antihistamine accelerating the clean up process of histamine
    • Standard process Allerplex- This blend facilitates better function of the liver, gut and adrenals from a cellular level.
    • Standard Process Albizia Complex or AllergoCo- modulates the degranulation process, or amount released by the mast cells It can inhibit histamine release by 60%.
  • Lymphatic flow-  I recommend cranial work and lymphatic work to move around stuck fluids.  Also if you can’t breathe through your nose, lymphatic fluid gets backed up, and can cause inflammatory sinus problems.  Balancing your nervous system and airway is super helpful!

I hope this was informational and helpful to you!!   I can tell you personally suffering from hayfever massively as a child and young adult to being able to be outside during high pollen seasons with zero reactions it can happen!.  I had to clear tons of old toxins both physical and emotional, clear parasites, lyme infections, mold and heal my gut, open my airway to take stress off my brain all helped me WIN!

The Super Mineral Zinc and Copper Overload in the Body…

The Super Mineral Zinc and Copper Overload in the Body…

Hey Warriors!

We know a lot from nutrition that minerals are SO key for many of our biochemical functions.  Minerals in our body need to be in balance with one another, and the mineral zinc needs to be in a healthy ratio with copper for proper regulation.

We as practitioners often find in our society is that zinc is extremely low, and copper is too high because of improper detoxification mechanisms causing a myriad of symptoms and problems, in adults and children.

What are symptoms of zinc deficiency?

  • decreased appetite, or food tastes different
  • picky eating
  • yeast/fungal/parasitic issues
  • mental health issues- mood swings, difficulty learning/paying attention
  • Sick often, immune deficiencies
  • decreased brain function- cognitive
  • gut issues – low stomach acid
  • if low when mom is pregnant –> higher risk for autism
  • gene expression, protein synthesis, enzymatic reactions decreased, decreased ability to transport heavy metals out of the body
  •  wound healing
  • DNA synthesis
  • Delayed growth and development
  • Hypogonadism skin disorders
  • Anorexia
  • Hair loss
  • Changes in nails
  • Feeling irritable
  • Eye problems
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Poor wound healing
  • Skin rashes or dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Impaired vision

What are signs of high copper?

– Fatigue
– Blood sugar issues
– Digestive problems
-Anxiety, agitation, anger, panic attacks, fear, depression, suicidal tendencies
-hormone imbalances – men (libido and sperm health), women- painful period and excess bleeding, PCOS
-light sensitivity
-increased risk for cervical / uterine cancer ( ONE HUGE PROBLEM WITH COPPER IUD and BIRTH CONTROL they throw off the copper/zinc balance and create copper toxicity in the body)
-Estrogen intolerance
-The onset of depression at puberty
-History of childhood hyperactivity
-Intolerance of birth control pills
-History of postpartum depression
-The onset of depression at menopause
-Sleep disorder
-Skin sensitivity to rough fabrics
-Intolerance to chocolate
-Severe depression after hormone therapy

Copper is all around us, and is a conductor. It attaches to molecules to do what is needed, but if more copper is unbound in its elemental form it can attach to things it shouldn’t.  In other words, it can increase oxidative stress in the body.

Copper is found in the pipes that carry water, and the pots and pans we use, and copper is widely present in plants, with many plant-based foods and crops containing significant amounts of it.  So many people that go gluten and dairy free, then move to nut/seed based products, flours and milks which have loads of copper.

Additionally, women use devices made from copper for birth control that cause sever zinc imbalance.

People can be born with the condition known as copper overload which means they have an inability to effectively eliminate excess copper from their bodies. It’s important to mention though that copper overload is not the same as Wilson’s Disease, which is a rare genetic disorder where copper accumulates in
vital organs and glands.

However, copper overload can have a profound effect on every system in the body, especially the reproductive, nervous, and glandular systems, and it can have a devastating impact on mental health.

There’s another important component… —> methylation.  There can be certain genetic variations such as in the enzyme GAD that make it harder to break down copper in the body. As an example, in pregnancy copper is supposed to flow to the baby, and then dump the excess copper when a woman gives birth.  However with methylation issues the woman might not be able to accomplish this, which can then cause post natal depression.

And Secondly, there are biochemical impairments called a pyrrole disorder that also makes a person deficient in zinc and vitamin B6.  Pyrrole are a bi-product of hemoglobin, which we do not want a bunch floating around because they have an affinity for zinc and B6.  In this disorder the individual can experience anxiety, rage, addictions, awake at night, and wake up with nausea.  Some individuals will get tested for this disorder but the testing shows negative because the pyrrole are hidden when zinc is low.  This is an important note, that when zinc is then increased in the body to test again and see if they are present.  Many get false negative test results. For this condition, stress and sleep is a huge component.  Everyone has pyrroles released when they are stressed, but a pyrrole disorder, the levels don’t go down, and they need zinc and B6 to get it down.  I’ve found this in my methylation testing in many patients especially with high anxiety and digestion issues.



You can take a Zinc taste test, which is an easy way to tell if you are low in zinc. In order to lab test these levels it can be very tricky and complicated as these levels can change from minute to minute.  Additionally a normal blood range your doctor may take is not the same as an optimal range, which is usually a bit higher.  Generally for a child aged 0-10 the level should be over 100.  It’s important to make sure the blood test is plasma sample using trace elements tubes so they won’t be contaminated with metals and to stop taking supplements 24 hours before a test. The ideal copper to zinc ratio is 0.8-1-1.  Another lab test that can help is ceruloplasmin, which transports copper. This should be about 5-15%.

—>Since minerals can change pretty quickly, this is why i love using kinesiology testing.  The zinc taste test is another great quick tool.

How do we fix it?

Treating copper overload is again individualized.  Many think that a multivitamin (even a super expensive one) will help them, not knowing that you can create high copper and low zinc. Additionally vitamins for hair have a lot of copper in them. It is crucial to proceed cautiously to avoid a sudden release of copper, which may temporarily
worsen depression and anxiety symptoms, known as copper dumping. Symptoms of copper dumping include anxiety, panic, severe mood swings, rage, impulsivity, and occasionally manic behavior.

Dietary changes are often the safest way to begin, as just taking zinc can be the wrong way.  Zinc adds up slowly, while copper dumps quickly. I would recommend working with a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable in this and methylation support. Additionally, it is essential to avoid dietary sources of copper in your diet, as well as copper-containing supplements, and ladies: birth control. Stress-reducing activities, such as exercise and meditation, can also be beneficial, as stress can exacerbate copper overload symptoms.

High copper foods:
Beef liver
Dark chocolate
Sesame seeds
Turnip greens
Chia seeds
almond milk, nut flours

Zinc rich foods:
Whole grains
Some vegetables (Radishes, mushrooms, peas)
Nuts and seeds (pumpkin, sesame, Cashew)

A low copper diet and a customized, advanced nutrient therapy protocol are essential to
healing. We’re all unique, and zinc and copper levels are unique to us all!

I find that zinc/copper ratio is a key component for many of my cases, especially children on the spectrum, digestion problems, autoimmune, and neurologic cases.


That is all for now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!

This one’s for the ladies… syncing your cycle with exercise/food

This one’s for the ladies…

Sorry men, this blog is dedicated to the ladies… BUT what I would say, is that if you are married or in a relationship this could be really helpful to you to understand certain things they may need or be expressing at certain times, so don’t completely throw it out!

This blog is going to be a quick review of a few things for the ladies, to help them understand their cycles, what happens with their hormones, and why they crave certain things or feel a certain way during hormonal changes to help them balance their cycles naturally.  Keep in mind this is just general information, if there are other things going on like improper elimination, toxins, bugs or other stressors these are also big hormone disruptions, just cycle syncing won’t be enough.

Additionally, I will be creating a fertility course very soon that I’m working on, as the miscarriage and infertility rates continue to skyrocket. So, this will just be scratching the surface, as I don’t want to reveal it all in one blog.

Okay, lets get into it…

First off, many women are never taught what actually happens during the month with hormones.

So here’s an image (NOT MINE), that shows what a normal cycle (28 days) should look like:

There are 5 hormones that govern your menstrual cycle: estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulation hormone, luteinizing hormone and testosterone. How much your body is releasing during the month changes about 4 times during your cycle. That is why it is broken down into 4 phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual.  These phases don’t just guide your reproductive abilities, but also how you feel physically and emotionally. By being able to sync what these specific hormones are doing, you can actually create structure in your hormones.  This goes back to the principle of using your body as a tool, to perform better and smarter every single day.

I’m going to go through each of these 4 phases, what is happening and give tips of how you typically feel and best lifestyle recommendations to help optimize each phase.  Additionally when we talk about days 1-28, day one is the first day of bleeding for reference.

What if you are on birth control?  These recommendations are for those not on birth control, as birth control has actually many detrimental health effects for women.  With birth control you don’t have a follicular phase and you don’t ovulate. These hormones trick the brain to think you’re pregnant. You can still try to sync with being on  birth control, but it will look different.  When you finish the last day of your period, the next day is your follicular phase for 7 days.  The next is the first day of your ovulatory phase (4 days), the next luteal(12) and then menstrual (5).

ONE- FOLLICULAR PHASE-  lasts 7-10 days

Hormonally:  The hypothalamus in your brain signals your pituitary gland in your brain to send FSH to your ovaries, telling them to get ready to release another egg.  Several egg follicles start to swell to prepare.  Estrogen increases to thicken the lining of your uterus so that it can be able to take care of the egg.

Bodily:  Typically through this phase your energy may increase, and you sometimes feel restless.  Initially you don’t have vaginal secretions, but it starts to increase here: usually white in color and tacky or sticky in texture.

Optimizing:  Creativity and new beginnings usually happen within this phase.  This is usually a time when directing your energy into stimulating projects is more successful.  Your brain’s creativity at this time is higher, so problem solving or brainstorming is easier during this phase.

Emotionally:  You feel more outgoing, energized, upbeat, great to schedule in new experience activities during this time.

Foods: Fresh and light foods usually make you feel more energized during this time when hormone levels are at their lowest.  As you know i’m a big fan of customization, but i’d say many women can crave lighter meals during this part like a salad, chicken and eggs, and sometimes grains.  Avocados are known to improve follicular ovulatory transition, so lots of good healthy grass fed meats and avocados.

Exercise: Trying a new exercise routine is often successful here.  Doing a new exercise will seem easy in this phase, and you’ll also be forming new neural connections, which means it’s a bit easier to step out of your comfort zone exercising and doing something new.  New activities are also likely to stick more when started during this time.

TWO- OVULATORY PHASE lasts 3-4 days

Hormonally: A sharp rise in FSH followed by LH, stimulates a follicle in the ovary to swell and burst, releasing an egg into one of the fallopian tubes, which then travels to the uterus.  Estrogen levels increase, thickening the lining of the uterus, and also supports immune cells in the uterus.  Testosterone surges and then drops right around ovulation.

Bodily:Vaginal discharge increases, and is clear, wet, slippery, or stretchy on your day of peak fertility.  Sometimes you may feel a little twinge with the release of the egg as well as a surge of energy OR a sense of cravings or headache(if not balanced).

Optimizing: Community connection is strong here.  A great time to have important conversations, as your communication skills are heightened here.  Maybe ask for a raise during this period..

Foods:  Lots of energy here, and mood is usually good because of all the estrogen, so go easy on grain carbohydrates here, and stick to things like quinoa or carbs from fruits and veggies.  Fiber helps to aid in elimination of excess estrogen, so fruit and veggies are helpful here.  Steaming those veggies is also pretty important. Lamb and grass fed meat is a good option here. Foods here are meant to promote vascular and antioxidant well being for your ovaries to create the best eggs.

Exercise: Typically high impact workouts and group settings work well here.  Energy levels are high, so more strenuous exercise is easier here like weightlifting, plyometrics.

THREE- LUTEAL PHASE lasts 10-14 days

Hormonal: The follicle in which the egg bursted out of has something called a corpus luteum which produces progesterone. This rise in progesterone tells the body to keep the uterus lining strong, and tells the brain to stop sending out FSH and LH, so only one egg is released.  If the egg isn’t fertilized the corpus luteum is reabsorbed by the body (pretty cool right?), progesterone goes back down, and this triggers your period.

Bodily: physical energy goes down, if hormones are unbalanced, may experience bloating, irritability, headache, mood swings and cravings.

Optimizing: Comfort is higher here.  You’ll notice you want to nest more like cleaning your home, reorganizing, laundry, grocery shopping etc, or maybe even saving all those activities for just this week.  The ratio of progesterone and estrogen may make you realize things you didn’t before, and your brain prioritizes things. Many women also prioritize self care during this phase, and less social engagements.

Foods: Foods rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and fiber are great here which promote progesterone production as well as minerals helping to mitigate the fluid retention and fiber helps flush out excess estrogen through the bowels.  Natural sugar like honey and fruit, or roasting veggies helps with the huge dip in estrogen that occurs in the second half, which can make you feel irritable.  B vitamins are best bioavailable in organ meats and grass fed/finished meats.

Exercise: The first half your energy may still be high, so more strenuous activities are great like in ovulation.  During the final days less strenuous is better like walking/hiking, pilates…

FOUR- MENSTRUAL CYCLE lasts 3-7 days

Hormonally: progesterone is at the lowers, which makes the uterus to start shedding the lining- AKA bleeding.  Estrogen dropping stimulates the brain to prepare another cycle of ovulation.

Bodily: brown spotting and red bleeding happens here.  Sometimes women experience a sense of relaxation and relief as your estrogen peak passes.  Imbalance here results in pelvic cramping, low back pain, fatigue and cravings.

Brown stains?  You may have lower progesterone, which mean your cycle doesn’t start on time.
Dark red or black clots? low progesterone, too high estrogen, and congestion.
Heavy Bleeding? can be a sign of fibroids or polyps and it’s important to get evaluated.  Eat plenty of grass fed meats for iron, organs and beets.
Short bleeding? low estrogen and progesterone, which are nutritional deficiencies and adrenal burnout. Get your nutritional markers tested.
Frequent bleeds? Sluggish thyroid, so might want to get a full thyroid panel.

****Also, it best to NOT use tampons as much as possible.  They create carbon monoxide, which also makes women cramp and bloat. Try menstrual cups or chemical free pads (don’t want to add in more toxins to a sensitive area).

Optimizing:  Self analysis and course correction happen here.  During this phase the communication between left and right brain is more powerful.  Check in here, you may feel stronger pushes of intuition.  If you come up with the same fears, thoughts or issues every month it is usually here, and it’s meant to allow you to push into what it is that needs to be changed/healed.  You’re not just “emotional”.

Foods:  An intense process is happening during this phase, so low glycemic foods, and water rich fruits and veggies are great.  Seafood and grass fed meats help remineralize your body with iron and zinc, which you lose during menstruation.  Soups and stews are helpful here, as warmth heals the uterus.

Exercise: Rest and recovery.  Walking or stretching during the first two days, and towards the end you’ll be able to ramp up your activity again.

Notice, that exercise is so different during each phase… Meaning that doing things or workouts like running everyday, or high intensity workouts every day, or weight training everyday is not really ideal for how our body’s as women work.  In fact, it can stress these hormones out even more… Thats why its important to sync up and listen to the cues… If you’re exhausted, don’t go do a high intensity workout and if you feel energy, try something a bit more challenging.

By learning about these phases and not pushing beyond your means you’ll also be able to balance your stress hormones more and your blood sugar levels.  This will take a big paradigm shift in the relationship you may have with your body.  However, the lack of relationship is what got the cycle so dysfunctional in the first place.  Don’t push against your hormones.

There’s more than goes into this, but I hope it was a helpful tool for you, and that you can share to many women all over!!

If you’ve enjoyed my book Freedom Brain, I ask that you PLEASE write a review on amazon!  I truly would appreciate it, it helps us get the word out about it:)


That is all for now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!

MB the Magic Bullet and its implications for health

It seems for the past few months the latest hot topic is about the substance called methylene blue(MB)… I’ve seen many MD doctors talk about it for many different ailments include SarsCOV2 and for those vaccinated(with damage), even for some people lately with asymmetrical faces… but what is this substance, is it safe and why the rave?

I decided to dig into the research a little bit, as I personally had very limited knowledge of the substance other than it was used in my microbiology labs.

You may have heard of MB used in the past to clean fish tanks.. It was actually one of the first synthetic chemicals used as a medication, but was a textile dye for blue jeans. However, they found it had all kinds of medicinal benefits…
In 1891, German physician and noble prize winner Paul Ehrlich first used methylene blue for the treatment of malaria.  His discovery found that MB quickly concentrates in the brain and selectively targets diseased tissues in the body.  He found two major properties of MB- it concentrates on nervous tissue, and secondly when injected to the malaria parasite it inhibited a particular enzyme and made it weaker.  All synthetic medications were derivatives of MB as a parent compound.  It’s also the parent compound of hydroxy-chloroquine, which along with ivermectin are both anti parasitic medications that were effective against SarsCOV2.

Some blood transfusions currently still use MB for its antiviral properties to stop HIV virus…  It’s the only compound that is also utilized as the only antidote for metabolic poisons.  Any poison that interferes with oxygen transport from blood or from the mitochondria (where oxygen is used for energy) they use MB.  Often times its used for carbon monoxide poisoning ( this is where the dropping side of the face or eye symptoms are coming into play, typically the asymmetrical face presentation is CO poisoning OR cranial distortions ;)).  It’s important to mention here as well that some infections also induce the expression of heme oxygenase which results in increased carbon monoxide formation inside of the body. You can read here if you like. Which basically means some infection can create CO poisoning inside of you…

Other than using MB acutely, using low dose of MB long term has not been used, and this is where the research has been coming in, to not just use it acutely, but for energy metabolism and for oxygen utilization..Dr Francisco Gonzalez-Lima an expert on Neurodegenerative Diseases has been researching MB and is a prominent researcher at the university of Texas. He’s been discovering through research that low doses also directly affects the brain energy metabolism, resulting in cognitive performance, cognitive advance, prevention of cognitive decline and improving blood flow, enhancing oxygen consumption, mitochondria and ATP production. MB has been shown in vitro studies to help all of these in humans and animals. This is especially exciting for those who have had brain traumas, stroke, or those with sleep disorder breathing patterns, but additionally it just improves oxygen and mitochondrial function so it can be utilized for general health as well.

If you’ve read some of my book (I hope you all have), you may have gotten to a section called the mighty mitochondria, where I talk about the HUGE importance of our mitochondria or energy centers in our cells being healthy. For nutrition, we ALWAYS start with mitochondrial health or energy first because if you don’t have fuel, then not only will you be tired, but also nothing will work. So many things affect our mitochondria like: infections, radiation, chemicals, heavy metals, stress, poor food choices and many many medications(some permanently damage some)…Our nerve tissue has the most mitochondria(inside the mitochondria are called electron transport chains) centers, and one of the most unique features of MB is its role in the electron transport chain and energy.

Electrons are reduced by the foods that we eat, but the food ONLY contributes to energy by producing electron donors and then donating them creating oxygen/oxidization.  When the electron transport chain is coupled with adenosine it makes ATP or energy.  MB inserts itself in this process because its an electron cycler, an antioxidant compound.  It obtains electrons from surrounding compounds, and maintains oxygen consumption and energy production which causes oxygen to be reduced into water. Every-time that we consume oxygen, not all of the oxygen is reduced to water.  The more demand we have for oxygen, the more not fully reduced oxygen called superoxide is formed. Secondly, it produces energy… It’s like a little battery. A low concentration of it reaches an equilibrium between oxidation and reduction that preserves cycling of electrons. Other compounds don’t do this.

If you have a blood flow that is impaired or you can’t get oxygenated hemoglobin to the tissues, MB can also be helpful because it optimizes the efficiency of the mitochondria respiration.  So even with less oxygen available, or hemoglobin not being delivered, they’ve shown in animal studies that a loss of blood supply( you could see the beginning of memory problems and degeneration in the brain), when MB was used it prevented memory disturbances and degenerative changes.

Individuals who have chronic defects in hemoglobin( can’t get oxygenated hemoglobin to the tissues) suffer chronically with methemoglobinemia are treated life long with MB.

The blood brain barrier limits the passage of certain things into the brain, oxygen can get through, but water needs its own transport system.  MB is able to pass the barrier, which has some neurologic impacts.

Other uses for MB has also been shown for :  really any process where you can increase oxygen energy production you will see a benefit Dr. Lima….

  • Alzheimers: MB antagonizes TAU protein aggregation. AD is the inability of the brain to use oxygen to prevent oxidative damage.
  • Parkinsons disease
  • brain injuries
  • environmental toxin exposure (which is huge in parkinsons)
  • stoke – especially all those who have been vaccinated… many stroke and heart issues are happening…MB can be protective in ishemic strokes.
  • hypoxia ( in my mind, i’m also thinking not just MO poisoning but also airway issues)
  • infections
  • memory enhancement
  • cosmetic skin care products – not much studies, but in principle seems helpful.

Whats the proper dosage??? The uses of MB depends on its dosage.  There’s something called the biphasic dose response. For practical purposes we just use mg per kg of weight.
Research shows:

The range varies from 1/2 mg per kg of body weight to about 4mg per kg of body weight.

A single dose for intervention thats acute will go up to 3-4 mg per kg body weight.
A chronic situation works for a low dose which is about 1/2-1 mg per kg of body weight.

For skin issues, combined with light (locally on the area) it is about 4mg/kg.

The research recommends to not take it every day if you are going to do low dose and to do the 1/2mg dose.  If you use it everyday, the 1/2 life of orally taking it is about 12-13 hours. It primarily leaves through the urine and some of it becomes stored in the bladder.  On a side note, before antibiotics were used for bladder infections, MB would be used in higher doses…  Why don’t they recommend it anymore!?!  Seems much more effective than ruining your gut with antibiotics, especially with the elderly who get UTIs often.  It acts as a pro-oxidant killing the bacteria.

….If your urine is clear it will look more blueish, if it is more concentrated, it will look more greenish. Taking the low dose you can see how long you can urinate with discoloration, you will know theres still MB in the system, and you can wait until it’s gone to dose again.

Contraindications?? Because it is a medication, there will be contraindications.  Those with the genetic variation of GSPD CANNOT take this compound as it is extremely dangerous, and those with elevated liver enzymes.  Additionally, anyone taking anti depressants SSRI or SNRI cannot take this compound in high ranges.  Dr. Lima stated that the problem isn’t MB its the high levels of the SSRI’s that are circulating…MB is an MAO inhibitor, which means it actually acts like an antidepressant.  There’s no research that shows interactions of SSRI and MB in low doses.

Purity?? As with anything, we always want to make sure that the MB is pure.  Additionally, you want to make sure it is pharmaceutical grade.  There’s three types: industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical grade. Don’t go to the pet store and get MB.  The industrial grade has like over half being contaminated with heavy metals… so don’t do that!
Chemical grade has a higher purity, but is still not good to give to humans. The chemical is what is used for staining purposes.

Pharmaceutical grade is what you need for highest purity and also to get the results we’re talking about here.  It is mostly used through IV.  However you can get an oral supply, in which you want to add in the ascorbic acid as the filler, as it facilitates the reduction of MB so it actually gets absorbed.  Before MB can be entered through the cell it needs to be reduced.  USP grade MB is typically recommended.

Additionally, red light has also been shown to help absorb methylene blue because the photon is the same energy as the electron.  So it’s great to use with your light therapy devices!  It’s shown in research to combine both for skin tumors and dermatological issues.

As with ANYTHING, it all depends on your unique biochemistry.  Just because its a “good” compound doesn’t mean you necessarily NEED it..  We can get caught in that trap.  So I always test it with clients and if it tests as safe, then we can incorporate it in.  I’m always cautious with pharmaceuticals in the sense of I want to use more natural items to achieve results.


Global food shortage.. healthy foods in line of fire.

Global Food Crisis
Hello Warriors and Happy 4th!!

Before we get into today’s topic, I want to let you know that I will be traveling to AFRICA next month, so treatment opportunities will be limited.  Please plan your sessions accordingly and your supplement orders to last you:). It’s important to keep your wellness chiropractic sessions to 1-2 times a month to make sure your nervous system STAYS clear and that you don’t need a “crisis” appointment.  Keeping up with maintenance is preventative, and so beneficial for many things, not just pain, because your nervous system controls everything!  Although my treatments are highly effective at keeping you in alignment longer than most other chiropractors, you still do need maintenance care to keep your body working optimally especially with all the toxins we are exposed to:)


Alright, back to business.

I wish this blog was a bit on the lighter side, but when it comes to health and the state of our world, we can’t leave out tough subjects.  In my recent podcast with Dr Stella Immanuel, she warned us to be prepared and get our homes prepared for a massive famine coming. As we know clean food and water is KEY for health.

I think it’s not too far fetched with economic collapse on the rise, gas pricing increases and food prices skyrocketing to say that we may be headed into some limitations.  In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” the global food and energy crisis that is now unfolding.  It turns out that the globalist Rockefeller Foundation has been talking about “resetting” the global food supply for years now, long before Vladimir Putin decided to initiate his “special operation” in Ukraine.  Have you seen the recent news about loads of chickens dying, or cows from a random heat wave, etc?  You won’t find this on the mainstream news, but many many farmers across the world say that there is a shortage being made. Many farmers are being paid to throw out crops, because the government says “destroy it and we’ll pay you or don’t and we’ll destroy it for you”.

Currently, in Holland there is a strike happening with farmers.  The dutch farmers are striking against cutting emissions, and the government is giving them three options: 1. sell the farm by choice, 2. be monitored and cut down emission (can’t farm, can’t keep livestock), 3. is t he government will sell their farm….They are blocking roads, airports and harbors trying to save their lives, protecting their families and their farms.  This is 30% of all the farms in Netherlands would be gone….

Because of the price of fertilizer being so high right now, farmers are switching to different crops which are cheaper right now to try to sustain. What if the feed is so expensive they have to charge for meat even more?  CF industries which is a major fertilizer supplier has announced huge delivery issues with railroads, which will cause more shortages in the farming industry.  Who’s the major investor?  Bill Gates.  What about railroads? once again bill gates.   And who’s the largest farm owners now?  Bill Gates.

The one who wants you to eat lab made meat and roll up your sleeves….

In 1873, the American government killed 1.5 million buffalo in that one year alone to starve the native Americans so they would become more dependent on the American government to survive. It’s not a new trick.

The shortage hasn’t started on the shelves yet, by the time people realize there’s a shortage, the problem may be past the point of saving…..

Call us conspiracy theorists or not, we properly predicted what happened the past couple of years with the plandemic, and the plan to force vaccines for the sole purpose of pharma gaining more money and more control.

Doctors are already OVERWHELMED with vaccine reactions of thousands of people, and while they are pushing more boosters with zero evidence of efficacy(spreading variants), and now on our children (

), the burden for sickness will continue to rise.  Think of additional lack of clean food…  This is what I”ll say: “don’t wait and see what happens”….

I already see in my practice lots of shortages in supplement companies (because most of my products are whole food based)….
——>I believe its going to get harder to get products you need…

So,  I recommend beginning your storehouse…

Here are some tips:

1. Start stocking up on food items : grass fed meats and organs.  (try local farms where you can purchase 1/2 to a full cow/bison).  Remember they want to do away with meat and give fake meat that I can only imagine will have more gene editing ingredients.  I also recommend getting some raw dairy items and storing in the freezer as well.
2. Get additional freezers to store them.
3. Even if you live in the city (like myself), begin to start a garden of some sort.  I’d recommend an herb garden for medical purposes.. Or stock up on herbs/essential oils. Protein powders might be a good stock to have too in case.
4. Store up pounds of rice or some other crop.  Dr Stella recommends having enough food for one year.
5. Stock up on your supplements!!!  If your plan hasn’t changed in awhile its important to stock up on items that may disappear. I recommend including potassium iodide in case of nuclear attacks.
6.  Get some solar charging units, in case electricity goes out. Although solar is HIGH in EMFs, ( I recommend getting EMF protectors for yourself and home).
7. Do other food prepping: canning, freezing, etc…
8.  If you have the space, start investing in some farm animals.
9. Purchase a kangan machine.  Seriously, clean water may additionally be a challenge…. A kangan unit using solar energy can help create gallons and gallons of clean water.  I know it’s an investment, but it has a 35 year life span!!  Order yours

Support local farmers!!! Might be good to stock up on some gas too….

Remember, this is not meant to cause FEAR, but meant to prepare you!!  The more prepared you are, the more you can help yourself and others.  It may take a little while for store shortages to happen, but we see the writing on the wall here.


That is all for now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!