Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

Birth is a traumatic event, not only for mom, but also for baby. No matter what the birth if it was a normal vaginal, c-section, forceps or vacuum extraction, the baby’s head gets compressed in the mom’s pelvis and the nervous system gets disrupted. Births such as c-section, vacuum and forceps can cause significant issues not only immediately, but later on in life because of the effect on the blood flow and spinal fluid getting compressed.

In a normal vaginal birth, the right side of the back of the head is compressed in the mom’s pelvis; and the right shoulder turns in order to get the baby out. Even a “normal” birth can be traumatic to the little one. Descending down the birth canal, as well as pulling on the head and neck by doctors increases dysfunction in the nervous system.

This can affect how the child grows and functions. You can imagine C-section and vacuum/forceps are far more disruptive to the nervous system. What can this cause?

Nursing/feeding difficulties, improper digestion, colic, decreased immune system, not reaching milestones, vision imbalances, and more. It’s so important to check little ones out as soon as possible to ensure they are functioning optimally, as well as prevent future symptoms.

As children grow their bodies change, so it’s important to make sure they are functioning at their highest potential.

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