Quantum Neurology

Quantum Neurology is a functional evaluation protocol for the nervous system. Traditional neurology testing principles are incorporated within a healing form. These principles are the Gold Standard of Neurology testing around the world, taught to every doctor in the world. The healing form is my strategic evaluation of these principles. Similar to martial arts, the healing form is practiced in a particular sequence. This ensures proper and consistent evaluation of the entire Nervous System from patient to patient. Each person will have a unique pattern of weaknesses that becomes evident throughout the evaluation. This allows for each person to have a unique experience, with a customized rehabilitation to complement their Nervous System and their goals.

Understanding the Nervous System

We now understand that the Nervous System is inclusive of every aspect of action and communication available to our body. It includes our physical body and our all aspects of our nonphysical body: also known as our energetic body, Bio-Energetic Field, Aura or LightBody. It includes our mind, our thoughts, our emotions and our Spiritual connection. We consistently see immediate neurological change when applying these principles to the Nervous System. I have discovered a new vantage point from which we can explore the Nervous System. We can now explore and recover the Nervous System through its functions and through its abilities. We now have a command of the Nervous System as the electrician commands the flow of electricity of a home through the breaker box and wires.

The Concept of LightBody

Using this concept of the LightBody, my students and I have discovered new methods of cultivating and expanding the Nervous System. It has been our experience that when the Nervous System is Expanded it will heal itself. We have found that the use of light therapy and Zero Point Energy Resonance bridges the communication within the Nervous System. Where there is no communication there is disease and dysfunction.

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