What Is Different About Us?

Dr. Rachel Hamel

Most anyone who has been to see Dr. Hamel will say that it is not like a typical chiropractic exam. The examination and treatments are tailored to you and your needs. The use of craniopathy in combination with chiropractic determines the original source of dysfunction: your head where the brain and nervous system begin.

Dr. Hamel is not about handing down an off-the-shelf diagnosis or a pre-packaged solution or treatment plan, then sending you on your way. It’s a partnership, and often times require partnering with other dentists/orthodontists as well to receive the best treatment. She does her best to really explain what is causing what, because it can really be any factor: mechanical, stress/mental, nutritional, infection.

Why will this work when nothing else has?

Care with Dr. Hamel is very unique. She is not like a traditional chiropractor who focuses on just the spine. She gets to the source of the issues, which can originate in the cranial bones of the head/the way your teeth hit, and affect everything else in your body. Along with this, there can be other contributing factors such as stress or nutrition that are inhibiting the healing process. You really have to look at everything!

If you come in for one specific complaint say low back pain, she doesn’t just look at your low back. Anything in your system can be contributing to the low back pain. If you look at one area, or are constantly getting adjusted in one area, you are missing the picture. Integrating with dentistry is also unlike any chiropractic treatment, and is vital for some to regain optimal function of their system.

“A patient came to see me with migraines that were seriously impacting her life and she was really concerned about her job and health, being that she was taking heavy migraine medication multiple times a day. In her first appointment we established that she has some serious alignment issues, but set her on a treatment path that saw her experience massive improvement within days. I do this with clients all the time who don’t realize that their migraines are often caused by the misalignment of their jaw, or have a combination with hormone/infection issues and their improvements are dramatic.”

CBT technique uses your own body to recognize infections and health stressors and uses the power of your own immune system to kill these often times hidden infections. It also uses the power of your own body to desensitize against allergens, that can often times be debilitating for people.

It really is not like any other technique, and you don’t have to take multitudes of tests or supplements to kill pathogens. Dr. Hamel is behind you every step of the way, encouraging and empowering you to attain the state of health you want and deserve.

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