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We work to find out what is really going on and then start healing the body from the inside out. We spend the quality time listening to you and working with you to create the ultimate healing experience.

We specialize in treating children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly.

When you have headaches, body aches, jaw pain, memory or vision disturbances, dizziness, muscle dysfunction, fatigue, these can all come from dysfunction within the brain and cranial system. Unlike many alternative healthcare practitioners and chiropractors we care for the entire body system instead of just your symptoms.

We provide holistic treatments that take care of every facet of healing so we can resolve the root cause of your complaint. Our intention is to provide integrative care and education so you can fully heal in a short period of time:

  • Chiropractic care that focuses on the original source of pain, which begins with the brain by gently coaxing the cranial bones in their correct orientation (Craniopathy). Because the brain and the tailbone are interconnected like a torque mechanism we also adjust the lower end gently with wedge blocks to fully balance the body (sacral occipital technique).
  • Quantum Neurology A safe an effective neurological rehabilitation program. We have found that the use of light therapy and Zero Point Energy Resonance bridges the communication within the Nervous System. Where there is no communication there is disease and dysfunction.
  • Stress relief and management (Neuro Emotional Technique) by applying manual muscle testing to enter your subconscious mind to find emotional triggers that can manifest as a physical pain. By locating the source of pain, you can begin to heal.
  • Genetic Based Nutrition to help you learn how your unique body chemistry is working through a process called Methylation. We educate you and customize a personal nutrition program with the use of whole food nutrients, herbs, essential oils and homeopathics. Genetic testing is done through a private lab, and we offer laboratory testing to screen for any functional abnormalities your primary doctor’s might not be looking for.
  • CranioBiotic Technique, which uses gentle and effective Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to obtain feedback from your body concerning any “health stressors” that may be causing problems. These stressors include: allergies, pathogenic organisms, toxins, and physiological dysfunctions. Once a stressor has been revealed, your CBT practitioner can then relay this information to your brain by gently stimulating specific neurovascular “reflex points” on your cranium and upper body. As soon as your brain accurately recognizes the stressor, it can then immediately begin to correct it. Your body does all the killing/healing.
  • Pregnancy supportive care (Webster Technique) by gentle alignment of the pelvic structure to allow more space for the baby to grow in the womb, more comfort during pregnancy and ease in the birthing process. We offer nutritional recommendations for success in fertility, as well as maintaining health for mom and baby once conception is successful (Nutrition).
  • Pediatric care to ensure the child’s proper growth and development, support breastfeeding and digestion difficulties, help support behavioral issues and prevent and treat injuries.
  • Soft tissue therapy to decrease the pain caused from scar tissue injuries in the muscle by use of a stainless steel instrument (IASTM) or by using a specific type of tape (Rocktape) that allows more movement of the tissue to allow more fluid range of motion and increase flexibility.
Your body is fully capable of healing and wants to heal; it just has to have the right tools to heal.
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Apr 22

April 18, 2022

Pain on the right side of your body??? You might want to look into this….

By admin / Blog

Pain on the right side of your body?? In the past two years with the increasing demand on our bodies...

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    SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique) is a specialized chiropractic technique that was developed in 1925 by M.B Dejarnette who was both a chiropractor and osteopath. This technique is a system of chiropractic with craniopathy, thats goal is to optimize one’s innate healing abilities. This is achieved by integrating procedures including functional chiropractic neurology, nutrition, soft tissue techniques and craniosacral respiratory system. With this technique the chiropractor acknowledges that there are three main subluxation patterns that can affect optimal function. Each pattern is called a category, and each category has indicators that determine treatment.

    Category 1 involves a subluxation pattern that involves the spinal and intracranial dura matter and directly involves the central nervous system.

    Category 2 involves a dysfunction of the weight bearing sacroiliac joint/s. This usually involves a sprain/strain or tear of the weight bearing ligament and causes muscular imbalances with pelvic instability, temporo mandibular dysfunction, and proprioception dysfunction.

    Category 3 involves primarily the lumbar spine and discs. This is most often the category of acute back pain, and SOT care for these patients is safe and effective.

    SOT is not only well researched, but also very patient compliant. SOT practitioners use pelvis wedges and full spine adjusting where necessary. The wedges in combination with cranial work, is a much gentler chiropractic technique.

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    Chiropractic Craniopathy focuses on the small yet important movements in the skull bones. When distortions occur, it directly affects not only blood flow, but also CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), which is vital for the brain and nervous system. This technique reduces stress on the brain, which allows restoration of normal CSF flow. This is beneficial for numerous different conditions.

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  • N.E.T Neuro-emotional Technique

    N.E.T Neuro-emotional Technique

    “NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions”.

    Stress is inevitable. However, there is a point to where stress becomes distress within your body and can give physical symptoms. Often times when a personal recalls to memory an event in which the stress originally occurred, and fails to let go, this causes neurological imbalance. This being said, there aren’t many options for stress relief, other than self-care; which can’t negate unresolved issues. This technique is invaluable to care, because sometimes we might not know what stressors are affecting our health, or how to overcome letting go.

    “The conditioning process is based on the principles of the great physiologist Pavlov, who demonstrated that an organism can be physiologically stimulated by a previously ineffective stimulus. For example, a bell normally does not stimulate salivary secretion. However, a bell may stimulate salivary secretion if the animal has been conditioned by associating the sound of a bell with the sight or smell of meat.

    Also, it is normal that after a time of having the bell ring with no food association, the secretion of saliva (a physiological process) will stop. This is known as extinction. If the physiology of the animal is out of balance at the time of conditioning, the normal process of extinction may not take place, thus allowing for recurrent stimulation and an aberrant physiology. The physiology of the mind-body dynamic can work in a similar way. In most cases an emotional response to a given stimulus is normal and healthy. However, there can be instances where this normal emotional response fails to complete its full cycle (extinction does not take place), and then we can have an aberrant response to a future similar stimulus.”

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  • Webster Technique/Pediatric Care

    Dr. Hamel is certified in Webster technique, which is primarily used throughout pregnancy to reduce the amount of pelvic subluxations, in turn creating the most amount of space available. Dr. Hamel combines Webster with SOT for optimal function and stability of the pelvic inlet.

    The technique is defined by the Internaiotnal Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) as “a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved.”

    The technique involves a specific adjustment of the sacrum as well as work on the ligaments and muscles involved with growth during pregnancy. As the hormones increase in particular the hormone relaxin, the ligaments in the pelvis and uterus loosen in preparation for growth of the baby, and ultimately birth. This causes distortions throughout the body, but specifically in the muscles and joints of the pelvis, which causes restriction. Any pelvic distortion should be minimized because of the huge role in labor and delivery.

    Webster combined with SOT and craniopathy is not only vital for pelvis stability, decrease in symptoms, and easier deliveries, but optimizes entire body function. In particular being able to relax the TMJ is important for mothers giving birth. If there is any dysfunction in this joint, which is common with pelvic instability, this can complicate the birth process.

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  • Pediatric Care

    Birth is a traumatic event, not only for mom, but also for baby. No matter what the birth if it was a normal vaginal, c-section, forceps or vacuum extraction, the baby’s head gets compressed in the mom’s pelvis and the nervous system gets disrupted. Births such as c-section, vacuum and forceps can cause significant issues not only immediately, but later on in life because of the effect on the blood flow and spinal fluid getting compressed.

    In a normal vaginal birth, the right side of the back of the head is compressed in the mom’s pelvis; and the right shoulder turns in order to get the baby out. Even a “normal” birth can be traumatic to the little one. Descending down the birth canal, as well as pulling on the head and neck by doctors increases dysfunction in the nervous system.

    This can affect how the child grows and functions. You can imagine C-section and vacuum/forceps are far more disruptive to the nervous system. What can this cause?

    Nursing/feeding difficulties, improper digestion, colic, decreased immune system, not reaching milestones, vision imbalances, and more. It’s so important to check little ones out as soon as possible to ensure they are functioning optimally, as well as prevent future symptoms.

    As children grow their bodies change, so it’s important to make sure they are functioning at their highest potential.

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  • Functional Nutrition

    Nutrition is vital to our health, and with all the toxicities around us, is it more important than ever to address. With toxicities in the air we breathe, food we eat, processed foods we consume, and high levels of stress, nutrition is essential to prevention and treatment of disease. However, we also know that our genetics play a role in how well we really detoxify and clear these toxins, so getting a full picture of a person’s ability to function is what makes Dr. Hamel’s nutritional protcols so successful.

    Dr. Hamel uses the highest quality homeopathics, essential oils, herbs and nutritional products from the most researched and highest quality companies.

    Laboratory Testing available:

    • Wholistic Methylation Genetic Testing
    • Functional Blood Chemistry
    • CBC
    • Lyme Disease Testing
    • Parasite/Bacteria Stool Analysis
    • Digestive Analysis
    • Food/Airborne Allergy Testing
    • Dental Material Allergy Testing
    • Hormonal Testing: female/male, adrenal function, blood sugar and complete thyroid testing
    • Toxic Metals Analysis

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