Global food shortage.. healthy foods in line of fire.

Global Food Crisis
Hello Warriors and Happy 4th!!

Before we get into today’s topic, I want to let you know that I will be traveling to AFRICA next month, so treatment opportunities will be limited.  Please plan your sessions accordingly and your supplement orders to last you:). It’s important to keep your wellness chiropractic sessions to 1-2 times a month to make sure your nervous system STAYS clear and that you don’t need a “crisis” appointment.  Keeping up with maintenance is preventative, and so beneficial for many things, not just pain, because your nervous system controls everything!  Although my treatments are highly effective at keeping you in alignment longer than most other chiropractors, you still do need maintenance care to keep your body working optimally especially with all the toxins we are exposed to:)


Alright, back to business.

I wish this blog was a bit on the lighter side, but when it comes to health and the state of our world, we can’t leave out tough subjects.  In my recent podcast with Dr Stella Immanuel, she warned us to be prepared and get our homes prepared for a massive famine coming. As we know clean food and water is KEY for health.

I think it’s not too far fetched with economic collapse on the rise, gas pricing increases and food prices skyrocketing to say that we may be headed into some limitations.  In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” the global food and energy crisis that is now unfolding.  It turns out that the globalist Rockefeller Foundation has been talking about “resetting” the global food supply for years now, long before Vladimir Putin decided to initiate his “special operation” in Ukraine.  Have you seen the recent news about loads of chickens dying, or cows from a random heat wave, etc?  You won’t find this on the mainstream news, but many many farmers across the world say that there is a shortage being made. Many farmers are being paid to throw out crops, because the government says “destroy it and we’ll pay you or don’t and we’ll destroy it for you”.

Currently, in Holland there is a strike happening with farmers.  The dutch farmers are striking against cutting emissions, and the government is giving them three options: 1. sell the farm by choice, 2. be monitored and cut down emission (can’t farm, can’t keep livestock), 3. is t he government will sell their farm….They are blocking roads, airports and harbors trying to save their lives, protecting their families and their farms.  This is 30% of all the farms in Netherlands would be gone….

Because of the price of fertilizer being so high right now, farmers are switching to different crops which are cheaper right now to try to sustain. What if the feed is so expensive they have to charge for meat even more?  CF industries which is a major fertilizer supplier has announced huge delivery issues with railroads, which will cause more shortages in the farming industry.  Who’s the major investor?  Bill Gates.  What about railroads? once again bill gates.   And who’s the largest farm owners now?  Bill Gates.

The one who wants you to eat lab made meat and roll up your sleeves….

In 1873, the American government killed 1.5 million buffalo in that one year alone to starve the native Americans so they would become more dependent on the American government to survive. It’s not a new trick.

The shortage hasn’t started on the shelves yet, by the time people realize there’s a shortage, the problem may be past the point of saving…..

Call us conspiracy theorists or not, we properly predicted what happened the past couple of years with the plandemic, and the plan to force vaccines for the sole purpose of pharma gaining more money and more control.

Doctors are already OVERWHELMED with vaccine reactions of thousands of people, and while they are pushing more boosters with zero evidence of efficacy(spreading variants), and now on our children (

), the burden for sickness will continue to rise.  Think of additional lack of clean food…  This is what I”ll say: “don’t wait and see what happens”….

I already see in my practice lots of shortages in supplement companies (because most of my products are whole food based)….
——>I believe its going to get harder to get products you need…

So,  I recommend beginning your storehouse…

Here are some tips:

1. Start stocking up on food items : grass fed meats and organs.  (try local farms where you can purchase 1/2 to a full cow/bison).  Remember they want to do away with meat and give fake meat that I can only imagine will have more gene editing ingredients.  I also recommend getting some raw dairy items and storing in the freezer as well.
2. Get additional freezers to store them.
3. Even if you live in the city (like myself), begin to start a garden of some sort.  I’d recommend an herb garden for medical purposes.. Or stock up on herbs/essential oils. Protein powders might be a good stock to have too in case.
4. Store up pounds of rice or some other crop.  Dr Stella recommends having enough food for one year.
5. Stock up on your supplements!!!  If your plan hasn’t changed in awhile its important to stock up on items that may disappear. I recommend including potassium iodide in case of nuclear attacks.
6.  Get some solar charging units, in case electricity goes out. Although solar is HIGH in EMFs, ( I recommend getting EMF protectors for yourself and home).
7. Do other food prepping: canning, freezing, etc…
8.  If you have the space, start investing in some farm animals.
9. Purchase a kangan machine.  Seriously, clean water may additionally be a challenge…. A kangan unit using solar energy can help create gallons and gallons of clean water.  I know it’s an investment, but it has a 35 year life span!!  Order yours

Support local farmers!!! Might be good to stock up on some gas too….

Remember, this is not meant to cause FEAR, but meant to prepare you!!  The more prepared you are, the more you can help yourself and others.  It may take a little while for store shortages to happen, but we see the writing on the wall here.


That is all for now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!