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The “protective mechanism” of the nervous system.

The protective mechanisms of the nervous system.

Happy Monday Tribe!

For all the moms out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the past couple of blogs about information regarding nutrition and genetics, more will come on that topic, but this week we will be switching gears a little to talk about the nervous system.

Did you know that your nervous system creates illusions?

What do you mean Dr. Hamel?!

Well, as you know the body has an amazing ability to heal.  With that being said, it’s always looking for ways to conserve its energy. How does it preserve it’s energy?
Creating protective mechanisms. 

Let me give you an example:

Say you injure your shoulder, and tear or strain a rotator cuff muscle.
Since the body heals quickly, you should heal that soft tissue in roughly a few weeks or so.               What is the norm?

What I hear pretty commonly in this example for instance is some individuals will come in with a “shoulder injury” or rotator cuff injury they had months and years ago.
It does NOT take a tissue injury that long to heal.

So, what happens?

Well the body DOES heal, but something called neurological inhibition can happen after an injury.  What does this mean?  This means that the nervous system will literally coral actions in the movement of your shoulder for protection, so you don’t injure it again.  It creates Illusions. 

What are these illusions?

1. Pain
2. Dysfunction
3. Decreased range of motion 

Pain is NOT physical… Did you know that?  It’s a signal!  It’s a signal of disconnect from our nervous system to itself.  

What is really happening is when there is a movement with pain or limitation in motion of the joint, your nervous system is saying, don’t do that, I remember the last time you did that we got hurt.  So, it creates illusions to make you limited. 
How do we really heal this injury?!

We make the reconnection!  We can’t reach out and remove pain can we?  

Let me give you another example of how the nervous system plays illusions:

– Foot drop.  This is usually is called a “paralysis of the foot” (although not true)
The person can’t dorsiflex or move the foot, so it usually just drops and kind of slaps down on the ground.  There are various different levels of foot drop.  Maybe people have minor forms.
What happens here?

At some point there was an injury to the low back nerves or nerves that connect that muscle.  In order for the body to conserve energy, it causes the foot to drop (the foot is associated with the same nerve as the injury).  This is a protective mechanism.
The nervous system has placed an unnecessary protective mechanism to limit the body.  It can be neurological, physical, emotional, chemical or physiological (organ related) limitation.  It does this because it does not recognize it is unnecessary.  It’s like its saying if it’s “not broken, don’t’ fix it”.

Given the examples above, a person unless paralyzed can have significant inhibition occurring in their nervous system at any time.  The illusion is that strength is 100% health.  This is just not true.

The good news? 
There are tools and ways to strengthen neurological weaknesses to what is considered in all medical professions as full rehabilitation.

Our lives are dynamic, we perform multiple task simultaneously!  That means the body when being testing needs to be tested according to those multiple tasks! (Doctors typically don’t test this way) Through specific testing in my practice I am able to test your ability to perform various functions simultaneously.  When things aren’t 100% their is not enough energy to go around.

What about this example:
Most of my patients know this one if you’ve had my infection protocols, but why do people have parasites?  Because the nervous system does not recognize that they are there!  Same for other infections as well!

Same goes for vision problems, reading, heart rate problems, spectrum disorders.   All are nervous system processing issues and nervous system disconnection.

So how do we make the body recognize all of this to correct itself?
Wait you mean these can all be fixed?!

Yes, they can! 

All we need to do is make the nervous system RECOGNIZE that dysfunction.  We do this through muscle testing, light therapy and craniopathy/chiropractic care.  It’s like working on the software of the body, reconnecting systems.

Exciting right!

AMAZING!  There’s so much potential to heal nerves and the nervous system, and they CAN be healed.  You can even strengthen nerves for specific motions, sports and activities. Say if you are a cyclist and need to look over your shoulder.  If your vision isn’t working (cranial nerves), you will be limited, and may have a blind spot.  However, if we strengthen those specific nerves in the action of when you are cycling, we can strengthen any limitations!

Next time we will talk about the sensory part of the nervous system and ways to heal this section which is huge for many individuals as well.  This includes numbness in an area, cold/hot sensations, vibration, and proprioception.

Stay tuned!



On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Copaiab Soft Gels.

Traditionally, Copaiba has been administered orally to promote the health of cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems.* When taken internally, Copaiba essential oil may be calming, soothing, and supportive to the nervous system.* Antioxidant support of Copaiba essential oil promotes healthy immune function and response, while supporting cellular health and function.* The many benefits Copaiba Softgels provide to the body also include supporting the healthy functioning of the circulatory system and soothing anxious feelings.* Copaiba Softgels are easy to swallow and provide a convenient way to receive the internal benefits of Copaiba essential oil.


That is all for now.


Happy a  happy and healthy week!

Dr Hamel



Its Not You, Its Your Hormones….

Happy Monday Tribe!

I hope you all enjoyed last week’s topic about vitamin D and genetics, which was really fitting for the gorgeous weekend we had!

This week, I was to expand a little on genetics, hormone production and weight gain.
Obesity is a leading cause of death worldwide, with increasing rates in adults and children.
•In 2014, 600 million adults (13%) and 42 million children under the age of five were obese.
•From 1971 to 2000, obesity rates in the United States increased from 14.5% to 30.9%.
•More common in women than men.
This is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century.

What are the contributors to the recent increase in obesity? 
•Insufficient sleep, increased stress
•Endocrine disruptors, GMO’s
•Increased high fructose corn syrup and sugar consumption
•Sugar substitutes damaging pancreas
•Increased use of medications that can cause weight gain (e.g., atypical antipsychotics)
•Mitochondrial Damage
•Genetic and epigenetic risk factors

SUPER TIP: Where that person stores fat, will determine which hormone/pathway is out of balance: Cortisol directs fat deep in your midsection whereas estrogen directs fat superficially around your hips and thighs (called cellulite).

Let’s talk about 4 particular hormones and their role in our weight:

1. Leptin- produced in fat tissue, it suppresses appetite as its level increases.

2. Ghrelin- secreted by the stomach wall, it triggers feelings of hunger as mealtimes approach. If “dieters” how lose weight, ghrelin increases which may be one reason it’s so hard to stay on a diet.

3. PYY- secreted by the small intestine after meals, acts as an appetite suppressant

4. Insulin– a rise in blood sugar levels after a meal stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin, which suppresses appetite.

Let’s dive a little deeper……………


LEPTIN (hormone)
•Promotes Satiety, thermogenesis, reduces weight
•Reduced by sleep deprivation
•Reduced at night naturally suppressing appetite
•Primarily produced by fat cells
•Increased by emotional stress
•Low calorie diets lower leptin
•LEPR variants can lead to Leptin resistance
•Increases T3 levels

Decrease Leptin:
•Fructose (Esp. HFCS) inhibits Leptin
•Simple Carbs inhibit leptin (through increasing insulin)
•Strict low carb diets inhibit leptin production (need carb loading days)
•Lectins bind leptin receptors (cereals etc)

•Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Increase sensitivity)
•Increase fiber (peas, beans, lentils, almonds, raspberries, broccoli, and oats)
•Increase Zinc (spinach, beef, lamb, seafood, nuts, cocoa, beans, mushrooms, and pumpkin)
•Lower Cortisol levels (NET stress work) Or clearing COMT, CBS (genetic pathways)
•Get regular sleep
•Moderate exercise
•Caffeine Improves leptin signaling and receptor activity

•Synthesized in the gastric mucosa, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, hippocampus, brain cortex, adrenal gland, intestine, pancreas, and many other human tissues.
•Regulates Energy and increases appetite
•Releases growth hormone
•Circulating ghrelin concentration rises before meal and falls after meal. Total ghrelin level increases in night and decreases after breakfast in humans.
•Serum ghrelin increases steadily during long term of fasting and returns to normal after eating.

•Insulin-induced hypoglycemia
•Excitation of the vagus nerve can stimulate ghrelin secretion

•Glucose and insulin
•Long chain triglycerides (Essential fatty acids, butter)

Another factor for weight: ADIPONECTIN>

•Adiponectin is a protein which in humans is encoded by the ADIPOQ gene.
•Involved in regulating glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown.
•Secreted by adipose tissue
•Increased in calorie restriction, exercise
•Similar to leptin (synergistic)
•Low levels associated with Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis
•High levels seen in RA

SO we know that for weight and hormone regulation that diet and lifestyle are of course big players.  But what about the genetic role?

According to a study by the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, 

“Alterations of the normal DNA methylation pattern can contribute to the development of endocrine and metabolic diseases.

Although DNA methylation and demethylation are active processes, epigenetic changes produced during development can impact adult processes, establishing the idea that endocrine function can be persistently affected by events occurring in early life.”


Numerous studies indicate that hereditary factors contribute to most of a population’s weight variation, and underscore the statistical difficulties when studying environmental and nutritional effects on body weight.

Here are big gene players with weight:


FTO for example:
•People with a variation of the FTO gene that affects one in six of the population are 70 per cent more likely to become obese
•People with the obesity-risk FTO variant have higher circulating levels of the ‘hunger hormone’, ghrelin
•Individuals with two copies of the obesity-risk FTO variant are biologically programmed to eat more .

What about other hormones and their relation?
We know that thyroid conditions for instance can directly affect weight loss/gain.
These genes:
•DIO-Converts T4-T3
•TPO-Activates thyroid hormone production
•COMT-Helps breakdown excess cortisol and estrogen that can interfere with thyroid hormone production

All contribute to thyroid up and down regulation, meaning they must be looked at to fully get thyroid conditions in remission.

I won’t bore you with any more genetic information and science words.  What I’m trying to get at with this blog is that there are many factors that can be associated with hormone dys-regulation.

As I mentioned diet, lifestyle and hormone disruptors(below) all play a part.

But, from what we know now, we also have to look into the genetic pathways.  How well can we actually detox these disruptors out?  That lies in your genes. Some of these genes make a person more inclined to lose or gain weight.


How do we put it all together:

1.  Watch out for those hormone disruptors. Even your hand soap and hand sanitizers have tricolosan.. read labels.

2. Phase 1 and 2 pathways in the genetic methylation cycles need to be balanced for hormone regulation.

3. Stress modulation– balance the chemistry in the body, and emotional factors

4. Diet and lifestyle OF COURSE.  No gmo non organic foods, processed foods, sugar ect.

Its not always just diet and exercise for people, and as we can see, some people are wired differently than others, and that’s why “universal diets” don’t work well…
Know you’re own body chemistry and you’ll be able to balance those hormones.

Need help?

I’d LOVE to help you with your genetic nutritional help.

Just book an initial nutrition appointment through my website and we will go through it all!

Oil of the Week.

On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Slim & Sassy 

The Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend was specifically designed as a natural way to manage hunger cravings, calm the stomach, and uplift mood.* When used as part of a healthy weight management program and combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the Slim & Sassy oil blend can help boost metabolism and curb hunger cravings.*

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  • Grapefruit Peel
  • Lemon Peel
  • Peppermint Plant
  • Ginger Root
  • Cinnamon Bark


That is all for now,

Have a happy and healthy week!

Dr. Hamel


Do you take vitamin D?  It may be toxic if you have this gene!

Happy Monday Clan!  I hope you all got information last week about he SB276, you shared and you got fired up about the potential future of our little ones. 

It’s a scary subject, but one that we can’t stand behind anymore.  I hope you got the information you need to continue protesting.

This weekend, I went to a LIFE changing seminar.  I’ve been waiting to take a course of advanced genetics and methylation, and this weekend it finally came!  Wow, needless to say I will be changing ALOT in my nutritional practice now knowing what I know.

It seems also pointless for me to go back to doing nutritional protocols without looking at how you are actually processing things.  Today, we will be talking about just 1 gene in the entire pathway shown here.

I know right?!

The body is COMPLEX!  That’s why when people talk about detoxification and MTHFR gene, they miss a big part of the ENTIRE picture.  There’s SO much more than just that one gene, let me tell you!

Don’t worry, before you delete this email from overwhelm, I’m only talking about one gene here called VDR. 

What’s important for you to know as well, is that we cannot change our actual genes, but we CAN change and enhance HOW we express them, which can have huge effects!

For Example:
Recent progress in the understanding of nutritional influences on epigenetics suggests that nutrients that are part of methyl-group metabolism can significantly influence epigenetics.

During critical periods in development, dietary methyl-group intake (choline, methionine, and folate) can alter DNA and histone methylation, which results in lifelong changes in gene expression!!

Also when we are talking about gene regulation through nutrition, the genes we are talking about code for different enzymes.  These enzymes are either unregulated or down regulated causing effects within the body.

VDR is the enzyme responsible for breaking down Vitamin D. If we have a two copies of this gene from mom and dad, then there are extremely limited receptors for vitamin D.

This is how vitamin D converts in our body:
This gene plays an important role in how we can utilize vitamin D!

Which we know is huge for immunity, bone health, and much more.
If you have this gene, and do not have receptors for vitamin D, most likely in your bloodwork you will show low levels of vitamin D.  
But what does that mean?

Well, when you test vitamin D in the blood, that is its inactive form.  What usually happens though is that individuals then start taking vitamin D supplementation.  But this is NOT smart if you have this VDR gene, because you have LIMITED receptors to use it.  So what happens is that the vitamin D gets pulled into the bloodstream and can create calcification in the blood vessels.  

That means you will still be vitamin D deficient, because you’re not using it, but also are creating toxicity in your body by overdosing. 

This gene also has other roles:

-Immune system
-chronic fatigue
-Associated with autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s
-Leads to low dopamine levels-depression and reward seeking behavior
-body aches/pains

•Must have methylation cycles going to get full expression of VDR!

IF you know someone with chronic infections, chronic adrenal fatigue or depression, they most likely carry this gene. Giving continual adrenal support, or always detoxing and doing gut protocols will be an endless cycle with these people.  Also, those with LYME you most likely have this gene.  When you REV up this cycle the infections can’t hide!  That means if you have a lot of infections, this cycle isn’t working well if at all.

What needs to be done is add in what are called nutritional co-factors in order to switch that gene’s expression and actually ABSORB the vitamin D!

•Vitamin A protects against vitamin D toxicity and introduced the possibility that vitamins A, D, and K2 may be cooperative factors that should all be consumed in proper balance.

  • Magnesium is needed to exert positive influence over the human genome and may be involved in the genetic actions of vitamin D.
    Magnesium possibly has a role in vitamin D’s effect on the immune system.
    Magnesium works synergistically with vitamin D and calcium by stimulating calcitonin–which helps to preserve bone structure and draws calcium out of the blood and soft tissues back into the bones
  • Fat is also needed to absorb Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D is absorbed in the small intestine, requires adequate bile salts. Low HCL and food allergies can cause a binding of vitamin D in the small intestine rendering it totally unusable.
  • Probiotic help promote the full absorption of all nutrients, but especially vitamin D.  (Maybe affected by FUT variants.)
  • VDR balancing can help heal SIBO and greatly benefit the microbiome.

•Caffeine-Don’t take Vit D.  with coffee
•Gallbladder issues-Decreases absorption of fat soluble vitamins (ADEK)
•Infections can reduce or block VDR function


So, think TWICE before taking just a vitamin D supplement when your vitamin D levels are low.  Make sure you know your genetics.  I like using ancestry.com, and decoding them from there.

More to come on other important genes, and how to clean them up!

I’m excited to incorporate this more and give patients LESS supplements, more SPECIFIC supplements at the cellular level to make lasting changes to allow YOUR body to do what it needs to do.

Have a great week!

Oil of the Week.

On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Lemongrass.

What are the origins of a plant’s unique essential oil? The answers lie in genetics. Genes function as a code, similar to the code that runs an app. If you know how to read an app’s code, you can construct in your mind the various functions, and the look and feel of the app. The same applies to genes. Scientists have made great strides in knowing how to read what a gene’s code will make.


DNA is a sequence of linked nucleotides, which are a form of small molecule. A gene is a cluster of these nucleotides. It used to cost billions of dollars and years of extremely hard work to sequence the genes of an organism. In the last 20 years, sequencing technology has improved dramatically, such that now sequencing genes is quick and relatively inexpensive. Scientists have found that most genes code for distinct proteins. Proteins perform almost all of the functions of a cell, including producing the various chemical components of an essential oil.


Scientists in India studied the genetic origins of Lemongrass essential oil, which is native to India. Lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, produces many secondary metabolites, including essential oils. Of the genes relating to secondary metabolites, 18 percent coded for terpenoid backbone biosynthesis, 1 percent for monoterpenoid biosynthesis, 1 percent for sesquiterpenoid and triterpenoid biosynthesis, and 5 percent for limonene and pinene degradation. That represents a significant investment by the Lemongrass plant in producing a diverse essential oil. The diversity of these genes correlates to the diversity of components in Lemongrass essential oil.


It is theorized that plants with more diverse essential oil component profiles also have a diverse profile of essential oil biosynthesis genes. The chemical component makeup of a plant’s essential oil isn’t created by chance, but is due to evolutionary pressures working on the genes of the plants over time. The essential oil of Lemongrass (and other plants) are therefore the product of thousands of years of evolutionary selection to give you the very best that nature has to offer.






What you need to know about SB 276, your rights are at stake!


Most of you know that I have taught vaccine safety/education classes for. For those of you who have yet to engage me in the conversation, know that you can at any moment, in a completely non-judgemental and unemotional way.

I love teaching about this very divisive topic. If it wasn’t for the media, we would not be so divisive.

Trust that this is NOT an anti-vaccine email. I write this email with as much humility and love for humanity as I can.

For those of you who have been to one of my classes or have talked to me about it, you know I view this subject with a lot of logic, science, forethought and consciousness.

I’ve studied this topic and I have been driven to do so because of my own personal experience with my patients to which I was never given answers by our medical systems.  Seeing patients lives changed before my eyes and more importantly lives of children.

Having had family in the medical field, and having a bad experience with my own personal health in the medical system I knew that I needed to research real facts.

For those of you who do not know about the recent history of vaccination legislation in California please read on. This is a very abbreviated list.

In 2012, AB2109 was passed which required parents to obtain their doctor’s signature on a government form prior to enrollment in public school if they wish to skip one or more vaccines for their child. The bill required all parents exercising their right to choose their own vaccination schedule for their children to sit down with a medical provider and have a government document signed showing they know the risks of the decision. Prior to this, parents could freely submit their own documents – legislators primarily wanted parents educated about the risks of disease.

In 2015, with SB277 the California State Legislature took away personal belief and religious exemptions for vaccinations. This left parents who were looking to educate themselves on other options regarding the vaccine schedule and do something different than what the CDC mandates to find a pediatrician who would be open-minded about the parents’ right to choose. A big change with SB277 was the medical exemption became necessary for both public and private school systems. The pediatrician now had full control over this medical intervention and legislators promised the doctor-patient relationship was of the utmost importance.

This year, with SB276, it is different. They are removing your pediatrician’s ability to make a clinical determination regarding your child’s ability to be vaccinated or qualify for a medical exemption if necessary. We can clearly see how slowly yet pervasively our rights surrounding vaccines are being stripped. You doctor will no longer by law be able to do anything outside of the CDC mandated schedule. Even some severe reactions following vaccines may not qualify for an exemption. Family history, genetic testing, etc will no longer qualify for exemption. Your only option is homeschooling if you want anything other than the CDC mandates schedule for vaccines for your children. The power now lies solely with the state. A public health official who has never met your child now has full control as to whether they should or should not be vaccinated.

What you need to know is:

  • There are only 0.7% of children with medical exemptions in California.  Even with the small increase in medical exemptions (because personal belief exemptions got taken out), there has been a net DECREASE of over 10,5000 exemptions since 2015.
  • The CA medical board has already dismissed the majority of investigated complaints with NO VIOLATIONS FOUND.  Additionally , health officers discovered few or no problematic medical exemptions according to a recent study.
  • If a handful of invalid exemptions exist, the CA Medical Board should address them individually without punishing all the medically fragile children in California with legitimate exemptions written by doctors who followed the law.
  • Vaccine injured children, genetically susceptible children, and their at risk siblings need to be protected with medical exemptions, and licensed physicians are the only ones qualified to write them.

  • There are NO long term inert placebo controlled trials to prove safety for ANY vaccines. NONE.

  • Since 1986, a law was passed making vaccine companies (pharmaceutical companies), doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. untouchable– they can not be held liable for any vaccine injuries.

  • Nearly $5 billion have been paid out from your tax dollars for damages, injuries and death from vaccines.

  • In 1986, there were 11 required doses of childhood vaccines and as of next year (2020), there will be 75 required doses of childhood vaccines.  By the age of 18. This schedule has never been tested for safety and it has been clearly shown the multiple doses on one day leads to injury.

  • In 2016, 59,117 injuries were reported to VAERS (CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) including 432 deaths, 1091 permanent disabilities, 4132 hospitalizations, 10,284 emergency room visits. AND the Department of Health and Human Services has determined that fewer than 1% of adverse events are ever reported. (~5.9 million injuries in 2016).

  • This is about campaign contributions, not health. Pharmaceutical companies have donated millions to lawmakers who push mandatory vaccination and attack exemptions.

In the end, please do your own research. I don’t claim to know everything, but what I know for sure is the importance of following your intuition to make a mindful decision.

Most of our patients are fully vaccinated. Many do a delayed schedule via Dr Sears or Dr Paul Thomas’s protocols. Both of whom are pro-vaccine, pro-science and pro-informed consent and I frequently recommend their work.

I hope you know by now that I am not anti-vaccine.  Like a growing number of pediatricians, MDs, scientists and lawmakers, I am pro-informed consent, pro-safety and pro-science.  I will have you consider that in a liability-free market (like vaccines are), industry is allowed to run rampant and they have run their course.

Consider the reason you exclusively hear vaccines are only and always “safe and effective” is because the largest lobby in DC is the pharmaceutical companies (by 4 times) and the largest sponsors for all major media sources are pharmaceutical companies.


My call to action is below:

  1. Attend the rally to oppose SB276 on April 24th at the state capitol.

  2. Consider donating to A Voice for Choice. This is our state’s advocacy group and they are looking to hire one more lobbyist for Sacramento. Know that on any given day, the pharmaceutical companies have more lobbyists on capitol hill that we do legislators.

  3. Call your local representative to voice your opinion and protect your doctor-patient relationship and your rights to make conscious choices surrounding childhood vaccines. Below is a script you can use when you call! They need to hear from you!


Thank you for reading this email. Please take action. If this email offends you, I apologize. The purpose of this email is to inform, not to offend. Our freedoms are at stake and this affects the lives of all of us and our children.


Ps. Here is the script:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I am a constituent.  I am calling to ask Senator ____ to OPPOSE S.B. 276, which would severely restrict medical exemptions to vaccination.

Medical exemptions are already very difficult to obtain. This bill is trying to make the process even more arduous.

The doctor-patient relationship must be protected.  Only a doctor should be able to determine whether or not a child is medically contracted to vaccination.

An appointed official who has never examined my child should not be making medical decisions that carry the risk of serious injury and death.  Adverse reactions are clearly listed on all vaccine manufacturer package inserts.

This bill also requires that medical exemptions be tracked in a government database, which creates potential HIPAA and FERPA privacy issues.

I urge Senator _____ to oppose S.B. 276.”

If you need anymore information or research I will have printable documents at each office.   The only way to get this to not pass is we HAVE to show up.  Posting on facebook will no longer work.  We have to be active and show up to our legislators.  If this gets passed, it will be the end to any human rights, and homeschooled children won’t be safe either.

Please pass this on.

With love.


Dr. Hamel



Triggers for Disease and Injury


Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s topic about surviving allergy season!

This week we will be talking about Triggers for Disease and Injury- The all important topic of INFLAMMATION.  

What you NEED to know though is THIS:



In 2014, American’s spent 4.4 billion on OTC pain relievers (Including anti-inflammatories) on several primary medications: aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Currently, 46,000,000 adults in the US have physician diagnosed arthritis, in one form or another and that is projected to reach 76,000,000 by 2030.

It’s time to RETHINK inflammation!

If you chase inflammation or just give anti-inflammatories, even the NATURAL form, you are just putting a bandaid on the situation. 

Here is the problem with NSAIDs.  They actually don’t allow healing ( and harm the kidney over time).  Let me set the stage:

-When there is an injury to a joint, muscle whatever it is.  The inflammation of that area actually stimulates healing and new tissue formation.  But what happens when you take an NSAID is the pain is gone, but the inflammation is also down meaning that actual cellular repair never happens.  When you interrupt or block inflammation, healing is also blocked.

This is why people live off of anti-inflammatories, because the pain WILL come back because the tissue has not been healed. 

Here are all the different feeder mechanisms to inflammation:

  • Toxicity
  • Obesity
  • Pathogenic Gut Bacteria
  • Ulcerative Bowl Disorders
  • Dental Issues
  • Stealth Pathogens
  • Nervous System Dysfunction
  • Long Term Intense Exercise
  • Emotional wounds
  • EMF’s
These mechanisms must be addressed in order to bring you back to a state of true health. 

All too often, even in the natural field I am in, inflammation is treated as a disease, in and of itself and therapy is short-sided and focuses only on inflammation reduction. 

If we merely just prescribe natural anti-inflammatories instead of pharmaceutical ones, what great things have we done??

We have to address those TRIGGERS!

For example, address the root cause of inflammation for one patient can look like this:
You find the root cause is gut inflammation caused by pathogenic bacteria.
-Why is the bacteria there in the first place?
-How do you resolve the bacterial presence?
-How do you resolve damage to gut epithelial tissue?

4 months later their digestion is better, gut pain is gone, elimination and stool form is back to normal, but still residual pain in the musculoskeletal tissue.  WHY?  Well, we have only addressed initiation or the cause, now we  MUST address resolution.

Ways you get ride of waste and toxins are lymph, liver, kidney, skin, lungs GI, tongue and fat.  If they don’t work well neither do you.  YOU CAN’T REGENERATE, IF YOU CAN’T ELIMINATE..


Let’s talk resolvers (return to original state).  Well depending on what the TRIGGER is, after addressing it through initiation, resolution means then giving nutrients that heal the aftermath.  These nutrients can come in the form of actual physical modalities to get blood flow, ect back to the area, or actual nutrients.

Physical modalities:
-Your body doesn’t just stay sick for no reason, it wants to heal.  What happens to all the cellular waste from the old cells when you make new ones?  If they can’t get out they stay inside you.  Hence no resolution of inflammation.
-Craniopathy care
-lymphatic work
-colon therapies

Nutrients like essential fatty acids are not anti or pro inflammatory per say.  Rather, they either up or down regulate the production of pro-inflammatory mediators, balancing inflammatory processes so that healing can occur with undue damage to surround tissues.  They contain something called a pro-resolvin, which brings the inflammatory process to an end.

Most western diets have an overabundance of omega 6 fatty acids and include insufficient amounts of omega 3s and 9s.  High omega 6  and low omega 3,9 intake tip this system out of balance.
Our endocannibioid system in our body also runs off of fats.  So we must intake good fats for cellular repair.

So utilizing high grade omegas are one way of resolution, but there are many others such as hemp oil which turn on cellular repair mechanisms.

My favorite ones for cellular healing are from Standard Process:
Hemp Oil complex- includes calamari oil (omegas, pro dissolving mediators), broccoli (cellular repair, NRF2, Heat shock proteins), hemp(endocannibinoid activator).   Combining this with their Tumeric Forte (turns off the inflammatory master switch).  

Resolving inflammation means you must find the initiator and heal the aftermath, but the quality of nutrients and right balance is needed.  

If you are just also chasing inflammation with your providers, it’s time to take a different look.  Look at where it’s actually coming from, fix those methods through alternative modalities and heal the brain, then come in with tissue healing protocols.

That’s all for now rockstars.


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That is all for now,


Wishing you a happy and healthy week.


Dr. Hamel





  • 2 lemons
  • 2.5 inches fresh turmeric
  • 3 inches fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp spirulina
  1. Juice lemons, turmeric and ginger in a juicer.

  2. Combine juice and spirulina in a drink or protein shaker, shake well.

  3. Pour into serving glasses, drink immediately & enjoy!

Recipe Notes

This shot is sour – if you’re looking to sweeten it, add an apple to the juicer or honey to the shaker!

If you don’t have a juicer, add 1/2 cup water, blend and use a mesh cloth to strain.