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Leaky Brain. It’s a thing…

Leaky Brain.. It’s a THING!

Hey Warriors.
Happy Monday!  I hope you enjoyed last blogs topic all about fasting.  It’s such a great simple tool to help your body heal and reset.

This week we are going over Leaky Brain!

So let’s dive in.

First off,
What is leaky Brain?

I’m sure by now, a lot of you know or have heard of Leaky Gut, in which there’s a protective barrier between the gut and the blood. It’s the same thing with the brain, it’s got a protective barrier protecting it from the surroundings and it’s really an even tighter pack then what the barrier from the gut to the blood is because we want to keep bad stuff out of the brain like toxins, infections and harmful immune cells and keep good stuff going into the brain like glucose, ketones and fat soluble nutrients. Leaky brain in essence is a breakdown or a breach of the blood brain barrier.

Our bodies and our brains are constantly being bombarded with these toxins, environmental or bio toxins or even thought toxins that it breaks down the barrier and now it’s easier for these substances to get in. They get in there and they stay in, and sometimes it’s hard to get rid of them.
Think about it this way.  Think of a shoe when you tie up the laces it should be nice and tight. The only things that can get in are maybe water.  The more that the laces loosen, the more pebbles and stones and sand can get in and now the pebble in your shoe doesn’t feel very good, and creates inflammation.
Normally the brain can repair itself but because of this breakdown of the blood brain barrier this leaky brain, now things are constantly getting in causing more brain inflammation and not allowing your brain to actually heal.

How common is leaky brain? And maybe someone with a chronic illness? 

90% of the chronic disorders, degeneration diseases including chronic illness is lifestyle related. Our lifestyle leads to the leaky brain, but we have to take a step back and address the whole body not just the brain but the gut ,the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system because that all leads up to the brain and gives nutrition to the brain. It’s a relatively new phenomenon or concept just like leaky gut was 10 or 15 years ago but it is very common.

If you have leaky gut does that mean you have leaky brain??

It might take a little bit longer to get the leaky brain than the leaky gut because it doesn’t actually start in the gut. If you allow the toxins whether it’s biotoxin infections, parasites, bacteria or mold into your system into the blood it makes its way up into the brain and starts attacking that barrier and getting through. The majority 85-90% again I’m turning out these numbers just because if chronic illness or degeneration including Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, MS key neurodegenerative diseases are preventable which I believe they are and are due to more lifestyle,  I would say 85-90% if you have leaky gut you’re going to have leaky brain.

What are some common Symptoms that someone would know that they have leaky brain?

Memory, brain fog or emotional side effects like anxiety, depression are warning signs if you are talking about just brain issues or brain symptoms. Systemic issues you could get allergies .it could be headaches and migraines, I know that’s what I suffered from with leaky brain. You could be constipated you could have bladder infections all signs of poor gut health leading to poor immune system health. Sometimes the brain fog or anxiety might not be the first symptom it might say you know that’s been there for awhile who knows months years decades, you better address that now or else it’s going to progress even into these things where it’s even more degeneration where your body is trying to protect itself from this inflammation  like dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer..

Is there actual tears in the barrier, or just more permeability?

It’s both but I would say it’s more of the middle one where it’s at increased permeability with toxins and infections like parasites can break it down to where tears happen.

What causes it?

There are three things that cause this to happen.

1. Deficiencies in Oxygen.  This can be deficiencies in micronutrients because of toxin load, but in this point specifically I mean due to head trauma or posture issues.
Think about all the the stresses we put on our spine by sitting too much, by using our cell phones or smartphones or computers getting in a slumped posture, injuries that we’ve had, it leads to deficiencies in the nervous system flow with the brain getting that information down to the cells of the body.  The cells relaying that information back up so that in and of itself causes leaky brain. It causes a breach of the blood brain barrier not able to utilize the nutrients because the spine is in such horrible shape in that position they are not getting oxygen. If you slumped down in your chair as you’re reading this and try to take a deep breath in and then maybe you sit up straight or straighter and you take a deep breath, you’re going to notice how much easier it is to take that breath in getting more oxygen sitting up.  Research also shows the forward head position causes a change in the neck curve, which causes de-myelination of the neuronal sheath (another word is MS). Brain injuries definitely cause depletion of oxygen to your brain, which means not giving the brain the environment to heal.

2. Toxicities and deficiencies. 
Biotoxins, mold, viruses, parasites, bacteria. When people hear bacteria they might think well I don’t have the flu, I’m not sick or I don’t feel that way because you think of bacteria as a cold or virus as the flu and that’s not the case.  It could present itself like migraines, low energy, brain fog. That’s more the biotoxins and then we can go into the environmental side of it like the glyphosate, herbicides,  pesticides, heavy metals. The brain LOVES different types of heavy metals like Mercury, lead, tin, aluminum.  They get caught in the brain, and if you think about yourselves like a a bucket and we fill them up with these toxicities, there’s not any room for nutrients and micronutrients like anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitamins or minerals to help make these reactions go to help give you the energy that you need to help you recover from the chronic illness.
That leads to deficiencies.

85,000 chemicals are registered in the US and none of them really have been tested for safety or tested how they interact, I mean the numbers are quite staggering. Radioactive elements I see being a big toxin like EMF’s causing brain issues and leaky brain especially because it breaks down the blood brain barrier. Yes 5G and wifi are huge for leaky brain!  Get away from that technology people!

Even at a young age these toxins are being introduced into our kids’ bodies, through food, air and injections that it’s even more important nowadays to make your body stronger to deal with the toxins and to be able to manage and get rid of them. What happens when we can’t get rid of them leads to more deficiencies in our our nutrients.

Infections like parasites, mold and Lyme Disease are big ones I find in the brain quite commonly.  These eat away at the layer and cause brain permeation.

Did you know last week was a FULL MOON? This is a time that parasites come out! It’s great to do parasite cleanses during the full moon to eliminate them.  A lot of people will say they don’t feel good around the time of the full moon, and if they are filled with parasites, this is when they really activate. Parasites are nocturnal, and have life cycles that go along with the full moon, so they are up reproducing in your bloodstream at night.  This means more anxiety, depression or insomnia. You of course want to make sure you are on my genetic protocol to make sure your drainage pathways are open before eliminating parasites, but you will want to do a parasite cleanse if this is your case. I love using my craniobiotic technique to kill parasites, but this mix is good to have on hand for each full moon if you aren’t near me!!  Use the code here  to order the full moon kit:  cellcorebiosciences.com/products/full-moon-kit


REMEMBER, the brain is made of 75% water.  In order to properly flush those toxins out, you need to be hydrated and get hydration into the cell! that’s where our kangan water comes in!

3. Mindset.  There is so much research on mindset.  I don’t like categorizing one is more important than the other, but we can’t ever out eat or out nutritional a bad mindset because we’re always going to revert back to our baseline. We might have the best strategy, we might have the best nutrition and detox program but unless our mind is ready for it and I don’t mean: “alright believe to achieve” or say these affirmations, if we don’t believe in our subconscious are unconscious, and if we’re constantly saying things consciously those affirmations that our unconscious doesn’t believe it’s it’s never gonna breakthrough. It might have short-term success but it’s all about reprogramming that fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

Mindset is the foundation with which we build our nutrition, we build our fitness, we build our sleeping we build everything because what that is whatever we focus on. Whatever mindset goes to whatever our subconscious believes to be true.

This is a toxic mindset:  things are never going to get better, I’m never gonna get over this, I’m always gonna end up in this position, I’m never going to have the life that I want. It’s a lot of never and always.  If you want to think about  the non serving thoughts and we want to be happy with who we are but if these thoughts are leading us towards non serving behaviors and actions and habits than that is what is limiting us in getting better.
If you’re  struggling with chronic illness with Lyme disease for instance, if we automatically think, I’ve tried everything and then you quit, you just haven’t found the right thing yet and it’s a process that we go through it’s not just a simple thing of OK I’m going to think positive today and then tomorrow everything is going to be better. 5 minutes a day count your wins.
If you don’t have the energy and you don’t feel like walking, go outside and walk into your driveway and back.  That is a win! Keep counting that as a win until the next win.  That retrains your mindset.

How do I fix it?

When we talk about leaky brain, that means decreasing inflammation throughout the body, making sure our cells are working, and all our organs like the kidneys, liver, and bowels.

I always address the cranial system first to make sure oxygen can get into the brain more effectively.  If you can’t get oxygen to the BRAIN, then forget about nutrition.

My #2 is making sure hydration is dealt in.  If we can’t get your cells hydrated, it’s really hard to get nutrients in your cells.  I believe every patient should have Kangan water

#3 Mindset and Emotional Healing.  It’s hard to do much else if your subconscious is blocking healing.  We must deal with some of these roots before progressing.

#3 getting the detoxification and methylation pathways working.  We need to start rebuilding the body by healing and feeding organs and pathways and then cleaning out toxins gradually.  Don’t go and do heavy metal clearing or big infection protocols when you first need to rebuild.

#4 Clear Infections.  Once your methylation is working properly, your organs will be dumping out chemicals, toxins, metals and BUGS.  Sometimes you need a little further help getting these critters out, but most the time the other toxins will release on their own.

#5 Load up with phyto nutrient rich foods, fermented foods and pre and probiotic rich foods.

#6 Get Moving.  Moving increase BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor).  More High intensity interval training increases this the most, but any movement will do.  Just Keep moving!  This moves your lymphatic system which is needed to get rid of inflammation!


This week we are talking about Rose Oil.

Rose oil is one of the highest vibrancy oils that we have.  What do I mean?  Well when we talk about radioactive toxins like EMF’s we need high vibrancy to combat them.  Rose oil is great to add into your routine to help fight free radical damage from EMF’s.

It’s also a warm and loving oil.  This oil has turned to one of my favorites because of its such rich and vibrant smell.  It’s also wonderful for the skin with antiaging properties.

Make sure this is in your home!

That’s all for now.
Have a happy and healthy week.
Dr. Hamel

Fungus and the Gallbladder…

Happy Monday Everyone. We are continuing on for the rest of the month about infections!  If you missed earlier in the month, I talked about sinus infections, sinus headaches and puffy eyes, don’t worry, head on over to my website to catch it under the “blog” tab.


Fungus AMONG us. Yeah.  You’ll probably hear mold infections, mold toxins, mycotoxins again and again.  That’s because fungal infections are pretty rampant. Why?  Well, we gotta start at the beginning to get that answer. 

In a perfect environment within the body, we are born with flora (good bacteria) in our digestive tract. The body lays seven layers of acidophilus and other good bacteria with the help of colostrum (found in breastmilk) to coat and protect the lining of the intestinal tracts from parasites, bad bacteria and funguses. This protective coating prevents fungus and parasites from leaking through the intestinal lining and infecting the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with wide spectrum antibiotics, which destroys the good flora. I’m sure if you’ve been around here you’ve heard me talk about antibiotics extensively. This exposure can even happen before we are born!

Many women that take antibiotics during pregnancy will, in turn, give her unborn baby a dose of antibiotics as well through the amniotic wall. Also, in some cases, antibiotics are introduced into a newborn’s bloodstream through the mother’s breast milk, which is a common occurrence with babies born through cesareans.

Many young children suffer from frequent ear infections (which is a cranial and lymph problem!) and are given antibiotics for treatment.

Throughout life, we are given antibiotics as a way of dealing with sickness. Whenever antibiotics are used, it destroys all seven layers of acidophilus and the other good flora and creates leaky Gut Syndrome(other things cause leaky gut as well). This is when the fungus eats its way through the intestinal lining and enters the bloodstream.

This is one way Leaky Gut Occurs and Allergies:
On its way through, the fungus leaves little pinholes behind, which allows proteins, carbohydrates and fats that have not yet been fully digested to enter the bloodstream. The immune system reacts and builds antibodies and enzymes to destroy what the body considers to be foreign objects and pathogens.
Let’s use broccoli as an example. Broccoli is good for you. Your body needs the necessary amino acids that it produces. When your body breaks down the broccoli into an amino acid, it still carries a broccoli signature. Because you have been prone to antibiotics, have fungus and have leaky gut syndrome, when the broccoli amino acids enters the bloodstream, the body believes that it is a foreign invader and creates antibodies to destroy it. It is no longer getting the good amino acid it needs to run effectively. We call this an auto-immune problem or a food allergy.

Antibiotic use disrupts normal digestion. This causes an overgrowth in fungus in the digestive tract, which kills good digestive flora leaving the intestinal wall exposed. This allows fungus to eat its way through the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream. This, in turn, disrupts the immune system and contributes to autoimmune problems. These problems manifest itself in forms of food allergies and a malabsorption of nutrients.

At this point, the fungi proliferate throughout the whole system creating a cascade of different reactions, first of which is a craving for carbohydrates. The brain is a carbohydrate fiend. It utilizes 50-80% of all the carbohydrates we ingest. Fungus also loves to feed off carbohydrates and trace minerals. The problem is that the fungus eats the carbohydrates in our bloodstream making the brain crave carbohydrates.

Food manufacturers love to take advantage of this carbohydrate craving by enticing you. Just think about it, if you go into a grocery store, all you see are cakes, chocolates, cookies and candies. I see you girl scout cookies!!!
When you eat these sugar loaded carbohydrates, your insulin spikes, “insulin is the number one cause of aging and the number two cause of brain damage.” Hence the saying, “the less you eat, the longer you live” because you do not spike insulin.
When your insulin spikes, you end up storing the carbohydrates along with the fats and proteins. Now, you have put yourself in the position of unwanted weight gain.

The fungus that has proliferated the body also effects the brain. The fungus gives off a bowel movement, which is an offshoot of ethanol. This overpowers the immune system, entering the brain and disrupts neurotransmission for short term memory, causing mutation and malfunctions in the brain. This is one of the symptoms of a fungal infection.

WOAH okay, sorry that was a lot but that’s just how we can first get exposed to mold!  Different types of mold can also be in homes and foundations, bathrooms, and many other areas.  When we constantly breathe it in, it’s also a problem and produces similar effects in the body. A big spot I find is in the turbinates of the sinuses, they LOVE to hide here and give sinus and allergy issues. CRANIAL TO THE RESCUE.

Additionally, there are what are called mycotoxins that are toxins from mold in food. More and more crops are being infected and it’s pretty common now to find. Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold, which can infest buildings, vehicles, and food.   A majority of mycotoxin exposures are through food ingestion or airborne exposure.  It causes a big histamine reaction in the body, and over time can cause a person to become very hypersensitive to so many foods and environmental agents. 

We’ve seen mold affect the gut AND the brain AND the immune system. 
But what about the gallbladder?

Let’s look deeper…..

Gallbladder removal is one of the most common operations in the United States.  Most are due to gall stones which are backed up bile. Some I have seen can be from a spasmed gallbladder from a shock or stress to the body. However, fungal infections are another cause:

The gallbladder’s main function is to store bile. Bile is a breakdown of red blood cells that have been crushed in the spleen. The spleen removes the necessary minerals and the red blood cells are processed and reutilized in the body. These minerals are processed back through the liver where they are bound to used cholesterol-forming bile acid.
This bile is supposed to be stored in the gallbladder for later use and excreted during heavy meals to help us digest fats. When the gallbladder is backed up, it doesn’t excrete the proper bile to digest fatty foods.

Because the fungus clogs up the gallbladder, it causes the bile acid to bleed into the pancreas. This causes the pancreas to create excrete insulin, which is a major cause of aging and also brain damage. Too much insulin in the blood causes hypoglycemia. Symptoms of hypoglycemia includes shakiness, pounding heart, crankiness and hunger headaches. Excessive insulin also makes your body store glucose, fats and proteins that you really don’t need. The pancreas is responsible for making enzymes that are crucial for digestion and for making chemicals necessary for proper body function.

“Because of the fungus, the bile acids damage the pancreas and destroys its ability to seek out cancerous cells and provide insulin, which slowly turns the body diabetic. When the gallbladder gets clogged up with fungus and the bile starts to back up into the liver through the liver ducts, eventually damaging the liver, which is the primary organ that produces chemicals in the body.” Because bile is no longer digesting fats, it cannot be turned into good cholesterol in the liver. This poses a major problem as all our hormones are made from cholesterol, so hormone issues will begin. Most individuals get the gallbladder removed at this point, which doesn’t fix the issue and eventually symptoms return or get worse.

The fact that fungal infections deprives our body of proper hormone balance causes a cascade effect which affects every aspect of our lives. Fungal infections cause multiple malfunctions throughout the body which results in sickness, cancer and an overall depressed sense of well being.  If your body isn’t happy and healthy, your relationships will not be either.

SO that’s it FOLKS.  Fungal infections are extremely common and hugely depend on the health of our gut, and oxygenation of our body.  Fungus hates oxygen.

Another cause of constant fungal infections is also heavy metal exposure.  If you’ve been battling chronic fungal infections, you probably also have a heavy metal issue that needs to get addressed.

Suspect you may have fungus issues?

Let’s talk.
Fungus can be tricky, but there are options. First you have to decrease your exposure.  We then look into building the body up a little through genetic based nutrition, especially the vitamin D and metabolic pathway.  Then we can start to attack the metals and fungus.  The attacking part looks different for different people, whether nutritional or other methods. Don’t just go trying to kill fungus without first having support!  You could feel REALLY bad .

Hope this was helpful.

Keep trekkin warriors!

Dr. Hamel

Autoimmunity Starts in the Brain

Happy November Everyone!  I can’t believe we are already almost through with this year!  I hope you all enjoyed last month’s topics all around keeping our school aged children healthy during the school year.With winter quickly approaching (not so much for us in so cal ;)), I thought this month we would dedicate to the ever present problem of auto-immunity and immune system regulation through this season.

We will start this week with how auto-immunity, and really just improper immune system regulation can start within the brain.  The following weeks will include the Gut/Brain and Digestion Issues,  Food Sources, and Emotional Toxins. If you have noticed, all my blogs for the month start in succession.  This is because this is how I treat my patients in my practice.  My treatments are in phases, because the brain works in phases or prioritization.  That’s why I always start every patient with cranial care to begin, to free up the brain and then we can get to real deficiencies.


AutoImmunity starting in the brain?  What do you MEAN?!

Being a Craniopath, I know a thing or two about the brain.

Your brain in fact controls every function of the body.  The brain can modulate activity in the immune system from the basis of stress. … The communication pathways that link the brain to the immune system are normally activated by signals from the immune system, and they serve to regulate immune responses.

So we know that stress in itself causes our immune system to decrease and therefore has a pathway of interaction between the two systems.  We are talking about overall stress here.  But, stress can in turn come from many difference sources right?  Emotional, diet inflammation, toxins, and stress to the actual brain from brain trauma.

A study in 2008 also shows how the immune system and Brain communicate to control Disease.”The spleen, once thought to be an unnecessary bit of tissue, is now regarded as an organ where important information from the nervous reaches the immune system. Understanding this process could ultimately lead to treatments that target the spleen to send the right message when fighting human disease.

Mauricio Rosas-Ballina, MD, working with colleagues in the laboratory of Kevin J. Tracey, MD, figured out that macrophages in the spleen were making tumor necrosis factor, a powerful inflammation-producing molecule. When they stimulated the vagus nerve, a long nerve that goes from the base of the brain into thoracic and abdominal organs, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) production in the spleen decreased. This study complements previous research performed in Dr. Tracey’s laboratory, which showed that stimulation of the vagus nerve increases survival in laboratory models of sepsis.

The findings were published July 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Many laboratories at The Feinstein Institute study the immune system in health and in disease. Every year, about 500,000 people develop severe sepsis, a syndrome triggered when the body’s immune system wages an attack on the body that is well beyond its normal response to an invader. Sepsis kills about 225,000 deaths in the United States each year.

The hope is to modulate other immune functions like antibody production through the spleen (via vagus nerve stimulation) as a way to modify the course of infections and possibly some autoimmune disorders.”


Pretty cool huh?  What this means is that the vagus nerve, which exits at the base of the brain has a direct link with immunity.  So if this nerve is affected in any way, the immune system could be compromised.

“The immune system is made up of organs that control the production and maturation of certain defense cells, the lymphocytes. Bone marrow and the thymus, a gland situated above the heart and behind the breast bone, are so-called primary lymphoid organs.

The bone marrow produces defense cells. Some of these defense cells, the so-called T lymphocytes (T stands for thymus), are differentiated in the thymus. That means that this is where they develop into cells that are capable of recognizing non-self proteins, so-called antigens.

The secondary lymphatic organs are the place where the defense cells do their actual work. These organs include the lymph nodes, the spleen, the tonsils and other specialized tissues in the mucous membranes of the bowel, for example.”

So since the brain controls every one of these organs of the immune system, it would be important to make sure the brain is working first and the signaling is there first before actually going to each organ right?

What is also interesting is there is an actual lymphatic system within the brain as well called the glymphatic system.
This system is most active when we are in deep sleep.  So sleep of course is super important for immune system health. We must address sleep when dealing with immune system challenges, as sleep is where our body performs healing.

The brain is the MOST sensitive to inflammation.   Surrounding the brain is a protective layer called the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). Its job is similar to that of the intestinal wall; to make sure that large molecules and pathogens don’t enter the brain where they can cause inflammation and cell damage, while allowing certain vital substances in to help nourish the brain. In a process similar to leaky gut, the BBB can become inflamed and damaged, becoming hyper-permeable. We call this leaky brain. Yes, leaky gut and brain go hand in hand.

When it is inflamed, these are typical symptoms:

  • Brain fog
  • Chronic depression and other mood disorders
  • Low brain endurance (such as having a hard time reading for long)
  • Slow mental speed
  • Difficulty processing information
  • Poor mental focus after meals
  • Poor reactions to environmental factors such as scents, chemicals, and pollutants

Autoimmune disease is now 1 in 3 people.  It’s huge.   It’s often thought that it’s just too much of your immune system reacting and so it’s attacking your body.  Which is partly true.  Your immune system is attacking by stimulating the adaptive part of your immune system.  But the innate internal part of your immune system is completely depleted with autoimmunity usually from brain and gut inflammation.

Immune suppressant drugs are really the only option for individuals with autoimmunity in the western world.  This depletes all of the immune system.  Which for most, causes problems because they are now susceptible to everything under the sun.

We DO have to calm down that overactive part of the immune system ( stimulating the brain), but we also have to build up the internal immune system as well to really balance the immune response. 

Since the brain and gut talk to each other so intricately, we have to address both areas, but first start with the brain.

Antibodies from autoimmunity can also start to leak into the brain and start attacking the brain as well. Something really common with hashimotos, is antibodies will start traveling to the brain.  So, we really need to make sure we seal up that blood brain barrier, take as much inflammation off the brain as possible and then work on the other end. Of course nutrition will be implemented from day 1, but I want to emphasis the importance of healing that brain first.  If your brain is leaky nutrition might  not be as successful.

So, what causes a leaky brain?!

  • What I see most often in my office is head trauma.  Usually someone at some point in there life has either hit their head or rattled their head.  They thought nothing of it, and continued on with their life, not realizing over time symptoms started to creep in. Or were a child and it was never brought to attention or remembered.
  • Post concussion syndrome is extremely common, and completely misdiagnosed.  There are no good assessments being done for child athletes in their physicals.  Although some are getting better, most children don’t say anything or don’t want to be taken out of a sport.  But, I can’t stress enough how bad it is to not heal the brain before going back into your normal routines. It is more important to sit out a game, than to harm your brain.
  • Poor oxygenation.  This can come from birth trauma, where the bones of your head have not grown in proper patterns and constrict your airway in certain areas.  This causes that person to clench= more brain inflammation.   Tongue tie can also cause improper palate expansion which causes the sinuses to grow narrow.  Deviated septums are great examples of oxygen deficiency in the brain.  Mouth breathers are another or sleep apnea.
  • Toxins that cross the BBB (blood brain barrier), such as injected toxins (vaccines)
  • EMF exposure (opens the blood brain barrier).  Don’t ever put phones to your body or your child’s!

We will talk in other blogs this month about other things that can cause brain inflammation such as toxins…

So what are immune boosting measures that can be done especially now to boost the immune system and in particular help to heal the brain?

Well, you might have guessed it…


A study done for just spinal chiropractic care showed that individuals under regular chiropractic care had a 200% greater immune competence than those not under care!
This is not even including cranial care.

With Craniopathy care, I am able to address the brain inflammation at its source, where it resides, the head!  When dealing with the motion of the bones of the head, making sure that motion is proper is vital.  When the brain is in a more balanced environment, it will function better, it will signal those immune system organ’s better, and not cause your immune system to act crazy, its not rocket science.

But, you also have to address other issues that might be present like airway compromise, tongue tie, bite abnormalities/TMJ which one or all can be present and cause the motion to continually be irregular.  This is why I co-manage many of my cases with functional dentists, ENT and myofunctional therapists. If you have airway compromise, then you will continually have infections, and most likely teeth infections, because most the bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic (meaning don’t like oxygen) so its an optimal environment.

When dealing with autoimmunity and immune system regulation controlling inflammation is the number one priority.  

After we address that brain inflammation, we can then tackle supporting the organs that need it for direct immune system support, but craniopathy must be first!

More to come on this topic so stay tuned!





Broccoli  is an immune modulator and helps fight flu causing viruses.  What a powerhouse!

Broccoli is a super source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Phyto-nutrients help to protect us from prostate, colon, urinary bladder, pancreatic and breast cancers.

We all know Tumeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and just overall amazing for the immune system!

Tumeric Broccoli Chicken Roll Ups


4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves

one head of broccoli sliced into eight long stalks

one 400 mL (13 1/2 ounce) tin full fat coconut milk. I use Aroy-D amazon,com

1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger

1 whole large clove garlic minced

6 crimini mushrooms sliced

1/2 large onion diced

1 teaspoon salt. I use Himalayan or Celtic sea salt: buy from amazon.com

1/2 teaspoon powdered turmeric ( Or 1 drop of Tumeric EO by DoTerra)

1 heaping tablespoon coconut oil. I use Nutiva or Kirkland: buy from amazon.com


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Over medium heat saute onions and mushrooms in coconut oil until the mushrooms are a golden brown and the onions are translucent.

Turn the heat down to low and add the garlic and ginger.

Saute but do not let the garlic brown.

Add the coconut milk, salt and turmeric and simmer to thicken slightly.

Steam broccoli until almost, but not quite, fork tender.

Meanwhile place a chicken breast in a zip lock bag or in between two sheets of cling wrap and pound to a thickness of about 1/4 inch.


Place a broccoli spear on the chicken so that the flower end lines up with one edge of the flattened chicken. Place a second spear so that the flower end lines up with the other edge (imagine putting shoes in a shoe box end to end).

Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of the coconut milk sauce over the broccoli.

Tuck one edge of the chicken over the length of the broccoli and roll up.

Pin with toothpicks if necessary.

Slice through the middle so that you have two even halves of rolled up chicken with a broccoli flower poking out of one end.

Place in a large baking dish with the cut edge down and spoon the remainder of the coconut milk sauce over the roll ups.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes




ON the spotlight this week is Juniper Berry!


Juniper Berry Essential Oil is an intense & natural detoxifier. It’s cleansing & detoxification properties are what make this Essential Oil especially effective for treating autoimmune diseases. I recommend using Juniper Berry Essential Oil for treating all type of autoimmune associated arthritis, gout, grave’s disease, psoriasis & more.

To use Juniper Berry Essential Oil, blend 30 drops of Juniper Berry & 30 drops of Cypress Essential Oils into a dark, glass bottle with a dropper. Run yourself a warm bath, ensure the water is as warm as your can stand, & then add a few drops of the Juniper & Cypress Essential Oil blend. Start with just 2-3 drops of the blend & add more if required.

With your bath drawn, all that’s left to do is lay back & relax.

This blend of Essential Oils is also extremely beneficial when diffused in your home.




That is all for now,


Have a happy and healthy week.


Dr. Hamel