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Fungus and the Gallbladder…

Happy Monday Everyone. We are continuing on for the rest of the month about infections!  If you missed earlier in the month, I talked about sinus infections, sinus headaches and puffy eyes, don’t worry, head on over to my website to catch it under the “blog” tab.


Fungus AMONG us. Yeah.  You’ll probably hear mold infections, mold toxins, mycotoxins again and again.  That’s because fungal infections are pretty rampant. Why?  Well, we gotta start at the beginning to get that answer. 

In a perfect environment within the body, we are born with flora (good bacteria) in our digestive tract. The body lays seven layers of acidophilus and other good bacteria with the help of colostrum (found in breastmilk) to coat and protect the lining of the intestinal tracts from parasites, bad bacteria and funguses. This protective coating prevents fungus and parasites from leaking through the intestinal lining and infecting the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with wide spectrum antibiotics, which destroys the good flora. I’m sure if you’ve been around here you’ve heard me talk about antibiotics extensively. This exposure can even happen before we are born!

Many women that take antibiotics during pregnancy will, in turn, give her unborn baby a dose of antibiotics as well through the amniotic wall. Also, in some cases, antibiotics are introduced into a newborn’s bloodstream through the mother’s breast milk, which is a common occurrence with babies born through cesareans.

Many young children suffer from frequent ear infections (which is a cranial and lymph problem!) and are given antibiotics for treatment.

Throughout life, we are given antibiotics as a way of dealing with sickness. Whenever antibiotics are used, it destroys all seven layers of acidophilus and the other good flora and creates leaky Gut Syndrome(other things cause leaky gut as well). This is when the fungus eats its way through the intestinal lining and enters the bloodstream.

This is one way Leaky Gut Occurs and Allergies:
On its way through, the fungus leaves little pinholes behind, which allows proteins, carbohydrates and fats that have not yet been fully digested to enter the bloodstream. The immune system reacts and builds antibodies and enzymes to destroy what the body considers to be foreign objects and pathogens.
Let’s use broccoli as an example. Broccoli is good for you. Your body needs the necessary amino acids that it produces. When your body breaks down the broccoli into an amino acid, it still carries a broccoli signature. Because you have been prone to antibiotics, have fungus and have leaky gut syndrome, when the broccoli amino acids enters the bloodstream, the body believes that it is a foreign invader and creates antibodies to destroy it. It is no longer getting the good amino acid it needs to run effectively. We call this an auto-immune problem or a food allergy.

Antibiotic use disrupts normal digestion. This causes an overgrowth in fungus in the digestive tract, which kills good digestive flora leaving the intestinal wall exposed. This allows fungus to eat its way through the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream. This, in turn, disrupts the immune system and contributes to autoimmune problems. These problems manifest itself in forms of food allergies and a malabsorption of nutrients.

At this point, the fungi proliferate throughout the whole system creating a cascade of different reactions, first of which is a craving for carbohydrates. The brain is a carbohydrate fiend. It utilizes 50-80% of all the carbohydrates we ingest. Fungus also loves to feed off carbohydrates and trace minerals. The problem is that the fungus eats the carbohydrates in our bloodstream making the brain crave carbohydrates.

Food manufacturers love to take advantage of this carbohydrate craving by enticing you. Just think about it, if you go into a grocery store, all you see are cakes, chocolates, cookies and candies. I see you girl scout cookies!!!
When you eat these sugar loaded carbohydrates, your insulin spikes, “insulin is the number one cause of aging and the number two cause of brain damage.” Hence the saying, “the less you eat, the longer you live” because you do not spike insulin.
When your insulin spikes, you end up storing the carbohydrates along with the fats and proteins. Now, you have put yourself in the position of unwanted weight gain.

The fungus that has proliferated the body also effects the brain. The fungus gives off a bowel movement, which is an offshoot of ethanol. This overpowers the immune system, entering the brain and disrupts neurotransmission for short term memory, causing mutation and malfunctions in the brain. This is one of the symptoms of a fungal infection.

WOAH okay, sorry that was a lot but that’s just how we can first get exposed to mold!  Different types of mold can also be in homes and foundations, bathrooms, and many other areas.  When we constantly breathe it in, it’s also a problem and produces similar effects in the body. A big spot I find is in the turbinates of the sinuses, they LOVE to hide here and give sinus and allergy issues. CRANIAL TO THE RESCUE.

Additionally, there are what are called mycotoxins that are toxins from mold in food. More and more crops are being infected and it’s pretty common now to find. Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold, which can infest buildings, vehicles, and food.   A majority of mycotoxin exposures are through food ingestion or airborne exposure.  It causes a big histamine reaction in the body, and over time can cause a person to become very hypersensitive to so many foods and environmental agents. 

We’ve seen mold affect the gut AND the brain AND the immune system. 
But what about the gallbladder?

Let’s look deeper…..

Gallbladder removal is one of the most common operations in the United States.  Most are due to gall stones which are backed up bile. Some I have seen can be from a spasmed gallbladder from a shock or stress to the body. However, fungal infections are another cause:

The gallbladder’s main function is to store bile. Bile is a breakdown of red blood cells that have been crushed in the spleen. The spleen removes the necessary minerals and the red blood cells are processed and reutilized in the body. These minerals are processed back through the liver where they are bound to used cholesterol-forming bile acid.
This bile is supposed to be stored in the gallbladder for later use and excreted during heavy meals to help us digest fats. When the gallbladder is backed up, it doesn’t excrete the proper bile to digest fatty foods.

Because the fungus clogs up the gallbladder, it causes the bile acid to bleed into the pancreas. This causes the pancreas to create excrete insulin, which is a major cause of aging and also brain damage. Too much insulin in the blood causes hypoglycemia. Symptoms of hypoglycemia includes shakiness, pounding heart, crankiness and hunger headaches. Excessive insulin also makes your body store glucose, fats and proteins that you really don’t need. The pancreas is responsible for making enzymes that are crucial for digestion and for making chemicals necessary for proper body function.

“Because of the fungus, the bile acids damage the pancreas and destroys its ability to seek out cancerous cells and provide insulin, which slowly turns the body diabetic. When the gallbladder gets clogged up with fungus and the bile starts to back up into the liver through the liver ducts, eventually damaging the liver, which is the primary organ that produces chemicals in the body.” Because bile is no longer digesting fats, it cannot be turned into good cholesterol in the liver. This poses a major problem as all our hormones are made from cholesterol, so hormone issues will begin. Most individuals get the gallbladder removed at this point, which doesn’t fix the issue and eventually symptoms return or get worse.

The fact that fungal infections deprives our body of proper hormone balance causes a cascade effect which affects every aspect of our lives. Fungal infections cause multiple malfunctions throughout the body which results in sickness, cancer and an overall depressed sense of well being.  If your body isn’t happy and healthy, your relationships will not be either.

SO that’s it FOLKS.  Fungal infections are extremely common and hugely depend on the health of our gut, and oxygenation of our body.  Fungus hates oxygen.

Another cause of constant fungal infections is also heavy metal exposure.  If you’ve been battling chronic fungal infections, you probably also have a heavy metal issue that needs to get addressed.

Suspect you may have fungus issues?

Let’s talk.
Fungus can be tricky, but there are options. First you have to decrease your exposure.  We then look into building the body up a little through genetic based nutrition, especially the vitamin D and metabolic pathway.  Then we can start to attack the metals and fungus.  The attacking part looks different for different people, whether nutritional or other methods. Don’t just go trying to kill fungus without first having support!  You could feel REALLY bad .

Hope this was helpful.

Keep trekkin warriors!

Dr. Hamel

Auto-Immunity and the GUT. A special Thanks to All of our Veterans Today!

I just wanted to start this week and say a special THANK you to all our veterans out there.  Since today is veterans day, we truly thank you for your services and the sacrifices you have made.  We see you, and we appreciate you.


Last week we went over Autoimmunity starting in the brain.  How the intricacy of the brain and the immune system work hand in hand. If you missed last week check it out, some pretty cool research on the subject was discussed.

Autoimmunity now affects 50 million Americans, whereas Alzheimers is now included (also called type 3 diabetes because of sugar in the brain). 5.4 million Americans alone has Alzheimer’s, but the entire body is affected and you really have to have a holistic approach when dealing with autoimmunity.  We know that the gut in particular influences the entire body.

Where does Auto-Immunity Begin?

  • It can form in utero and at birth, depending on the health of the mother (their diet and gut), if the child was c-section or if vaccines were administered
  • Antibiotics (whether from pharmaceutical use) or from FOOD sources
  • Brain dys-regulation (last week’s topic)
  • Heavy metals and chemicals
  • Infections
  • Food sources
There is new understandings of the gut being formed every single year.  It is not only just probiotics that are essential for proper gut function, but a new therapeutic model that is needed to address it’s complexity.

Most of us know by now that gut health=immune health.  The gut is where a good majority if not all of our bacteria in our body resides.  70-80% of our immunity lies within the digestive system.  So, it makes sense that improper digestion can lead to a compromised immune system.

In fact, our first line of defense is our stomach acid which we’ve talked about previously helps create a barrier for invaders by killing whatever comes in the path and can’t stand acidity. In a recent study done with Stanford University, it was shown that the risk of heart attack in people routinely taking acid-blocking drugs increase 14% and the risk of dying DOUBLED. 

Our intestines are inside our body, so we often don’t think of them forming a protective barrier between our bloodstream and the external world, but thats exactly what it does.

So, not only is it protective but as mentioned a moment ago it is home to all the good bacteria within our body called the microbiome.  Given the intimate interplay between gut microbiota and the immune system, it is not surprising that some members of the gut microbiota have been linked to autoimmune diseases. Significant attention has been focused on the role of gut microbiota in GI-related autoimmune diseases.
However, recent studies have also unraveled the effects of gut microbiota in extraintestinal diseases.

“studies that show how changing in a single microbial species and/or global commensal communities can alter the outcome of autoimmune diseases by tipping the balance between a pathological or protective immune response”

There’s also such thing as the gut/brain axis.  So gut health will equal brain health and vice versa.  Since 90% of the serotonin in our body is synthesized in the gut it’s also so closely connected to one another.


So, now that we know digestion is a big player in autoimmunity, what causes the disruption, and how do we fix it?

I’m SO GLAD you asked! 😉

Anything that causes a disruption in that gut microbiome is going to be a huge player in the immune system going haywire. 

Microbiome Disruptors

1.  A big one we know is antibiotics.  The overuse over the years and disregard for it’s systemic effect has led to many gut issues.  Antibiotics wipe out all the bad (yes) but also commensal good bacteria, leaving our immune system compromised.  Antibiotics are also rampant in our meat in factory farms.  Antibiotics fatten the animals, so they get more money off of them.  But we literally ingest those antibiotics, so it’s important to eat grass fed meat if you eat meat.  Antibiotics are also found in vaccines.

2. Chemicals/Metals.  It turns out that many chemicals can transgress the blood-brain barrier and these chemicals that mediate inflammation can do so.  Heavy metals also cause a huge immune system requirement all the time, so they constantly deplete the immune system.  Where are these materials found?
The better question is where AREN’T they found.  Anything non organic and GMO is loaded with chemicals.  Cleaning products, beauty products, birth control… all chemicals.  The worse being injected straight in and bypasses our immune system going directly into the blood and brain (vaccines).  The adjuvants in vaccines like aluminum, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, mercury, antibiotics, aborted fetal tissue are put in vaccines to create a greater immune response but come at a cost to us, causing a negative autoimmune response.

Mercury in amalgam fillings must be addressed and removed safely.  It’s rampant in many farmed fish as well as canned fish.  Chlorine is found in most of our water, coating us in the shower every time we take one.  It’s really just everywhere, meaning we need to make sure we do the best to control our own environments. 

3. Infections.  Infections in the gut and mouth are the two main culprits for microbiome imbalance. ANY autoimmune condition has hidden infections.  I talk about this constantly.  Like IBS/IBD usually being caused from ameoba and protozoal infections and crohns having mycoplasma infections visible.  MS from epstein barr virus, and hashimotos from EBV, protozoal, yeast and H. Pylori. 

Mold is also a pretty big one.  Toxic mold inhalation is very commonly seen in my practice.  The dried spore coatings causes autoimmune disorders and the immune system itself can also attack mold within the brain.

The problem is increased intestinal permeability=a leaky gut.  A leaky gut interrupts the body’s immune system to regulate itself, and puts the body in constant attack mode.

4. Food.  Already talked about antibiotics in food and chemicals in food.  But also a big huge autoimmune food is gluten.  Gluten is foreign to our bodies.  It de-stabilizes the gut lining.  Anyone with autoimmunity should AVOID gluten. When we get rid of gluten, we are reducing inflammation that has a huge role to play in terms of balancing the immune system. Gluten causes an immune reaction called molecular mimicry, which triggers autoimmunity and causes the body to attack itself.

5.  Stress.  More on this topic next week.
6.  EMF’s.  More next week.

What do we do??

Well, first of all as with anyone in this phase is dealing with the diet.  What are you eating and most importantly where are you getting it from?  Taking out all the exogenous exposures like cleaning supplies, beauty products, ect.  Eliminate gluten.  Don’t just move to all the “gluten free” options.  Those can be just as bad with a TON of dead carbs.  Switch to whole organic foods. 

Do a gut reconditioning protocol with your natural doctor like myself and heal the leaky gut.

This includes clearing out hidden pathogens, and restoring the upper and lower digestion systems. 

Decrease EMF usage and decrease stress.

Don’t vaccinate.  It’s a money ploy and a nasty one.  More and more research is coming out daily how harmful these are to our immune system.  It’s the adjuvants in them, not the diseases themselves that are the problems.

For kids: Create healthy microbiota, mitochondrial support as needed like coQ10, glutathione, and don’t vaccinate or really stagger them and give support every time.

Adults:  Also work on not only replenishing the good bacteria but also replenishing the soil as to where the bacteria live.  Consuming good prebiotics in your food like Jimaca, dandelion greens, garlic, onions, chicory and artichokes are like giving fertilizer to your good bacteria .  

If you’ve ever been on antibiotics you MUST also replenish the good bacteria.  Fermented foods, kefir, key organisms like: lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, bifidobacterium longum and lactobacillus rhamnosus are a must.  

Colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas are a must.  This is my go-to for getting stubborn infections in the gut out, as well as detoxing the body.  It’s just a must in our toxic world.  If you aren’t going number 2 at least twice per day, you are constipated and toxic!

When your digestion is working at its best, your immune system will too.  Then autoimmunity will have no way to form!


ON the spotlight this week is Cinnamon!! Who doesn’t love cinnamon especially this time of year!!

Cinnamon essential oil has been used as an anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic for many years. It is very therapeutic and if used in the right dilution, can be an effective essential oil for acne, chronic pain and inflammation. Combine Cinnamon and Clove Bud at 0.6% dilution in your favorite carrier oil to help with chronic pain. Cinnamon Leaf is also a great oil to ease the symptoms of cold and flu. Diffuse in the air to help combat a sickness.


If don’t have an account or are interested let me know!




Since garlic and artichokes are great pre-biotics to help our good bacteria grow, try out this combo to get the best of both worlds!

Garlic & Artichoke Hummus {AIP}


14 oz / 396 g quarted artichokes in brine OR 8.5 oz / 140 g thawed, drained frozen artichoke hearts (see notes)
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup / 60 ml olive or avocado oil
2 tbsp / 30 ml fresh lemon juice
DRAIN: Carefully drain the artichoke quarters, pressing down on them firmly to get rid of as much liquid as possible – this will stop the hummus from being watery instead of creamy. Smash the garlic clove with the back of a knife and peel off & discard the skin.
CHOP: Add the drained artichoke hearts and peeled garlic to a mini food processor or similar and pulse until they are roughly chopped. Scrape down the sides.
BLEND: Add the avocado oil and lemon juice, then process until the hummus is thoroughly combined and creamy. This is a perfect dip, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil just before serving!
If you want to purchase artichoke hearts without corn derived citric acid as a preservative, Trader Joe’s has bags of citric acid free frozen artichoke hearts.

Did you make this recipe?
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