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Effective Cellular Hydration.. AlkaLIZED not AlkaLINE.

Hey Warriors.
Happy Monday! Another couple weeks has gone by, which means it’s time for our bimonthly Blog. So much has been happening in our world the past four months, which I truly believe it to be an awakening of deep corruption that has been going on for some time.  I think next month I’m going to chat about some emotional components of these surprise seasons because after all emotions are 1/3 of our health.

This week we are talking all about hydration.  Not only hydration but cellular hydration.  A big difference there. There are many facets to health and longevity and if you’ve been here for awhile you know that I talk about many of those in different ways.  Brain healing, food quality, electricity, emotions….. Well today we are digging into hydration.
So let’s dive in..

Did you now that 71% of the earth is water, and our bodies are made of 75% water, 75% is inside our cells. 
However, not all water is created equal.  We need water that actually goes into the cells of our body. Tap water is full of contaminants and other chemicals harmful to our body.  Bottle water sometimes may seem like the better option, but the production process is highly unregulated and contains harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors leached from the plastic containers.  It’s also acidic which affects your bodies pH and electrolyte balance. Not to mention plastic destroys our ecosystem.

Well water for those that have it, is a great option. Why? Because the earth breaks the water into smaller particle size units called the ORP(oxidative reductive potential). That ORP being small (or negative) is key.

If you take a handful of grapes, put in them in a colander and rinse them off with water, does the water go into the grapes?
No.  Why?
Because the skin of the grape bounces the water off.  So, guess what happens to most of the water that you drink, the same thing happens in your cells.  Your cells have a skin on the outside that repels most water, meaning  most of the water we drink is peed out.  That’s why a urinalysis is not always very effective at diagnosing, because most of the water you are peeing is the same water you drank 20 minutes ago, it’s not exchanging inside the cells. That exchanging process is HUGE for healing. So what’s inside your cells becomes old, stale, stagnant and mold ridden.  We start to rot and rust on the inside out even though we are drinking 6 gallons of water per day.  If the water you are drinking is not small enough in ORP, the old water is not coming out of your cells and the new water is not coming in. This can really hinder our cellular regeneration.  It also really hinders our ability with nutrients to get inside the cell for healing.

Nutrition is key right?  But it is getting in your cells?  We don’t want to pee out all that good nutrition we pay lots of $ for!
Additionally, when we talk about cellular regeneration from EMF’s, radiation and free radicals we have to be able to flush them out. Regular water can’t do that.

For all my exercise people out there (which should be all of you:))
Dehydration of just 3% causes: 18% decline in muscular power, 70% increase in “perceived” fatigue, and 12% decrease in reaction time.
I think it’s fair to say if the majority aren’t drinking well water or alkalized water they are dehydrated….

It’s not about the PH of the water,  you can make PH by adding baking soda to the water.  It doesn’t make the water more permeable.  The term you are looking for is alkalized not alkaline.  Water that is not only high pH, but that is a small enough particle size to actually go into your cells.
We know that more alkaline environments are better overall for health and healing.  Although our stomach and small intestine need acidic environments, the rest of our body does not. Acidic environments feed cancer cells. The accumulation of acidic waste products within our body is the process of aging. Therefore,
removing old, stored waste is reverse aging.

Most alkaline water out there is chemically processed to be alkaline.  It’s not a natural process. All the bottled electrolyte alkaline water on the shelves have been tested.  They aren’t really alkaline, and if they are, it’s a chemical process of doing so by adding bicarbonate.  Being here in California, we also hear about the magical carlsbad water.  People come from all over to get alkaline water for healing.  However, actually testing the water, it’s not that alkaline.  It’s better than other water and bottled water, but there is superior alkalinity.

And what about the brain?  The brain is 73% water.  How do we replenish the cells of the brain with hydration?  Nobody ever thinks of brain dehydration, but it happens.

So, whats the best?  I’ve mentioned well water, and although this is better than most, there is something more superior.
Kangan Water.  

Kangan is a patented water device that not only filtrates your water and gives you different levels of alkalinity so you can use for many different things, but the most important is that particle size!  It’s micro-clustered to get into your cells and hydrate as well as detoxify them. It is water quality association gold seal certified as well.

This amazing device is made in Japan with Japanese technology, and there’s a reason why those in Japan live so long!
It uses electricity to separate the molecules in your water, leaving more anti-oxidizing molecules available to stop oxidation, inflammation and anti-aging.
It connects to your faucet and creates 7 different types of water. First, the water travels through double carbon antibacterial filter, removes contaminants and chlorine.  Next the water passes over 7 electrically charged platinum dipped titanium plates producing kangan and acidic waters.  It’s alkaline and high antioxidant.
Additionally, when you drink reverse osmosis water, it depletes the water of minerals leaving you mineral deficient.  Kangan does not. So you leave in all the good stuff, take out all the bad stuff and create super hydrating antioxidant water.

This is not an infomercial.  I personally have tried so many different waters and just this year paid off a 8,000 water machine that claimed to make antioxidant water.  It didn’t, and grew mold which most water machines do. Kangan is different.  I no longer get that full feeling after drinking water, because before water was just sloshing around, and although taking minerals was still always dehydrated.  Cellular hydration!

There’s so many other uses for this machine as well, as it creates 7 different types of water that you can use to make your own disinfectant, veggies/fruit cleaner (gets out more pesticides that veggies washes), beauty water that’s great for your skin, and increasing pH to detoxify your body.

After paying off the other machine, I was finally able to get mine this week after waiting for so long!  I am beyond excited.  I will be having some jugs in the office but as my office is small I won’t be able to have it in office at this time.  The best way, is to try the water and see how you feel.

For more information about Kangan, Underneath you will find an image with the next informational class. This is not myself, but a colleague who has tested over 80 different water machines and devices. Nothing compares to Kangan.  If you attend you can get two weeks free water to try it out for yourself (if you are local).  This is what I did and said I was never going back!  Mention you heard from Dr. Hamel when you sign up;)  I will be having more information on my website about it very soon!


Additionally, here is some research,  but there are SO many studies already been done.



That is all for now.


Have a happy and healthy week!


Dr. Hamel




Childhood stress, water intake, sleep and adequate exercise

Happy Monday!  This is the LAST week we will be talking about children (well for now).  I hope you have enjoyed this last month’s topics, and as always if you have any topics or information you’d like to know more about tips are ALWAYS welcome!  The month of April will be all about detoxing.  The different ways to do it, through body work, nutrition and other means.  In light of detoxing month, I will be holding a 30 day Oil Pulling challenge.  If you missed the facebook LIVE about this topic and what it entails, look below to find out the link to replay it.  You will need to let me know ASAP if you are interested, so we can get the oils to you in time.

As we wrap up this month, there are still a few topics we haven’t touched that are extremely important for the nutrition and health of our children.

Stress, Water Intake, Sleep and Exercise.

1. Stress:
Stress is a response to any situation or factor that creates a physical, psychological or emotional change or a combination of all.
Children LEARN how to respond to stress by that they SEE and EXPERIENCE.  (Parent’s influence is huge here)
Stressors that might seem insignificant to an adult coul have an enormous impact on a child.
Stress in children could appear as fear, anxiety, withdraw or excessive worrying about things that feel out of their control.

Examples of potential stressors:

  • Poor diet
  • school
  • competitive sports
  • insufficient basic needs
  • injury
  • neglect
  • divorce
  • inadequate sleep
  • sibling discord
  • lack of free time and play
  • illness
  • bullying
  • household financial stress
  • physical, psychological or emotional abuse
There is an ever increasing pressure for our children to perform more in school at an earlier age with:
  • A LACK of down time
  • A rise in organized competitive sports
  • Family/household pressures
  • Socio-economic stress
  • and more…
So we ask these questions..

How are children handling this?  Are we teaching them the importance of having time to “chill” and relax? What about self-care?  What about stomach upset, behavioral problems, anxiety being signs that they aren’t really handling their own stress?
Are children taking time for the important things?

  • creative play
  • reading
  • hiking; anything that is fun and relaxing for them

Stress in children is handled by the adrenal glands.  Excessive stress can result in common health issues due to the adrenal constantly being used and becoming exhausted.
When the adrenal glands need help here are some signs:

  • digestive issues
  • chronic allergies
  • asthma
  • immune system imbalance
  • weight issues
  • dysglycemia
  • mood and emotional disorders
  • difficulty with sleep
  • fatigue
What do the adrenal glands do?
  • they produce a variety of hormones that help to handle all types of stress- physical, mental or emotional
  • these glands seek to keep your body functionaing in a dynamic balance amidst whatever external or internal changes or challanges you meet
  • they mobilize you for “fight or flight”
  • They control:
    • fluid balance
    • blood sugar balance
    • inflammatory and anti inflammatory response
    • immune system response and strength- lots of studies showed stressful beginnings can cause immune compromise later.
  • They produce steroid hormones appropriate for the child’s age and development
This of course can be helped with proper evaluation and nutritional support.

2. Water Intake:

The human body is about 60% water.  The brain is estimated to be between 70-80% water.  Water is in integral part of our cells, blood, digestion and waste elimination.

Here are some general rules for proper water intake in children:

  • encourage water intake OVER excess juice and milk drinking
  • sports drinks should be limited in their use, as water is the preferred drink (actual really clean water like Kangan water has all the electrolytes you need.  If you use reverse osmosis water, you will need to add back in minerals.  Also, bottled water, is big no no.  Hormone disrupters in the plastic)
  • children should drink 1/2 their body weight in oz.
  • sports activities- drink 4-6 oz of water for every 15-20 minutes of exercise.  Many people make the mistake of stopping before they are fully hydrated.
Some symptoms of too little water and possible dehydration:
  1. Fatigue
  2. headaches
  3. dry mouth/cracked lips
  4. nausea
  5. constipation
  6. muscle weakness
  7. dizziness/lightheadedness
  8. decrease in concentration
A quick note about sports drinks:
  • sports drinks don’t actually hydrate better than water, but due to the typical sweet-tart combination, there is a tendency to drink more of them.  In that way, they can help children to re-hydrate
  • juice, due to the high fructose content, reduces the rate of water absorption so cells do not hydrate very quickly
  • other drinks have a lot of additives, artificial colors, and/or high amounts of natural and unnatural sugar added to it
  • flavored stevia can be used to help kids transition to drinking more water
  • coconut water is another alternative for hydration when needed rather than sports drinks
  • here is a great alternative
    • 32 ounces fresh spring water
    • 2 tablespoons celtic sea salt or himalyan pink salt
    • juice of 3-4 limes or lemons
    • maple or stevia to sweeten
3.  Sleep:

The general guidelines is 8-10 hours. The younger the child is, the more sleep is recommended.  Pre-school children need as much as 14 hours of sleep including naps.

A swiss study gave these sleep guidelines for children:
1 year and younger= 14-15 hours
1/2 year=14-15
1 1/2 -3= 12-14
3-5 years-11-13
5-12 years= 10-11
13 and up=8.5-9.5 hours

Adequate sleep improves:

  • adrenal strength
  • strong immune system
  • proper growth and development
  • better attention and focus
  • emotional stability
Common symptoms of poor sleep include:
  • depleted adrenal function
  • frequent illnesses
  • sluggish mornings and/or sleepiness throughout the day
  • impaired attention and hyperactivity
  • impaired memory or learning
  • irritability, moodiness and temper tantrums
  • bedtime struggles
  1. allow adequate time for a child to settle down before going to bed
  2. involve the child in a calming routine that works for him/her; warm baths, cup of hot tea, bedtime story, nutritious snack, oil diffuser
  3. encourage sleeping in a dark room or use a nightlight with a timer
  4. play relaxing music, use a cd player or ipod that will shut off when it’s done
  5. try diffusing essential oils like lavender before bedtime to naturally calm them down
  6. keep the routine consistent.
  7. no screens in the room, and no screen time 30 minutes before bed
4. Exercise:
Physical exercise is a bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health.
Promoting fitness in children is one the most IMPORTANT ways to encourage healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Regular exercise in thildren can help:

  • feel better about themselves
  • manage stress
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • build strong, health bodies
  • sleep better
  • build social skills
  • develop healthy habits for adulthood
There are differing opinions about the amount of exercise a child needs.  It seems to vary with age.  The recommendations are 60 or more minutes of physical activity per day.  Aerobic activity should make up most of the 60 minutes.

Exercise needs to include:

  1. Endurance- cardiovascular function
  2. strength- strong bones, muscles
  3. flexibility- reduces the risk of injury; stretching should be done after an activity or exercise.
Children should be encouraged to do what they enjoy!  There are benefits to all types of exercise.  It’s also important to not overwhelm children.  They need exercise, but sometimes children that are in multiple sports at the same time, it can be a source of stress.  Try to focus on the most important activities they love one at a time.

Because of electronics, we now have a huge deficit in our children and their functioning.  We could say its nature deficit disorder! A great book on this is Last Child in the Woods.

There are other things to consider with children, we now have rampant toxins everywhere which lead to many mineral deficiencies.  Limit the exposure in the home to only organic no synthetic based products.  These can be huge hormone disruptors in our children , which will be addressed next month!


Did you miss Dr. Hamel’s Video on Oil Pulling, and the Oil Pulling Challenge?  You can replay it here:

The challenge begins April 2!  If you are interested let me know ASAP so I can add you to the group and you can get your oils in time to start!

That is all for now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week.


Dr Hamel