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Keeping you and your family active this summer.  Super TIPS from PlayItFit!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather! A reminder that you are now able to book again online for my pacific beach location!

Now that school is coming to an end, it can sometimes be difficult to find time for yourself and your kids to keep entertained, and more importantly keep active.  It is easier when it’s nicer outside, but often times families run out of ideas.

Luckily, we have an expert guest today, who is going to give some SUPER tips on how to get you and your kids moving all summer long!  Amie Wang of PlayItFit, is  certified Pilates instructor and has practiced Pilates for over 15 years, through two pregnancies and with her two children. She specializes working with women (including pre-/post-natal), families and kids. Amie is also a Virtues Project Facilitator, trained and certified by virtues project international, which forms the positive classroom management method in her pilates after school program in elementary schools.


Movement is extremely important as we know for some many things.  It decreases your risk of alzheimers, cancer, increases blood and lymphatic flow, creates endorphins, decreases osteoporosis, ect.  It’s also especially important for our kids in the now “tech-age” to be able to get off the screens and get outside to play.  Kids need play for brain development, as much as we as adults need play too (we all know you weekend warrior people).

A little caveat here, it’s also extremely important for growth and development to make sure you and your kids get regular maintenance care.  This being important because as you increase your activity, the muscles/ligaments/joints are working harder.  If the nerve getting to that muscle or joint is not acting efficiently, it can lead to strain or injury.  As with anything, prevention is key, and getting routine maintenance care for your nervous system is the ultimate prevention.  Kids can complain of growing pains with activity as well, which is a sign of cranial tension.

Here are 6 tips to help you and your family stay active this summer:

1. Hit the playgrounds – Expand beyond your neighborhood parks. A little bit of newness helps get kids excited.  

2. Go for walks – No matter where you are, a walk is sometime the simplest thing when everyone gets a bit antsy. Set a destination – perhaps a playground – and make the walk a journey and spot nature along the way.

3. Set up and do obstacle courses – have the kids design an obstacle course using whatever materials you have. Once it’s set up, run through the obstacle courses with them. Kids love seeing adults get silly and move.

4. Have dance parties – This is super easy and you can do it anytime without leaving the house. Make it impromptu – The element of surprise usually gets kids giggling.

5. Jump some rope – Jump ropes are great for getting some movement. You can step into the backyard or in front of the house and just do it. Start with 5-10 minutes and before you know, the kids will probably ask to stay out longer.

6. Play a movement game – If you’re a yoga and/or Pilates enthusiast, bring in the fun factor with games. Try Simon Says style and get kids to copy what you do.

Amie also has a special treat for more ideas!  She has also created a card game or movement called MoveIT!

Move it is a deck of movement cards filled with fun Pilates-based moves. “Much of the fun imagery on the cards was inspired by my kids as I’ve connected with them in their imaginative worlds. The cards were designed to get families moving and having fun together.”

What a great idea!

Be one of the first people to get move it by backing it on Kickstarter here (https://kck.st/2Le0rTB).

If you would like more information and more movement tips for your family, check out PlayItFit’s website:http://www.playitfitnow.com/

I hope you utilize these awesome tips this summer, and get moving!!