How clenching, brain and nervous system stress deplete your adrenals


Happy Monday Everyone!  I how you are surviving the heat!  We continue on this week on the topic of the Adrenal Glands.  Last week we went over a little anatomy of the glands which set the stage for how they function.  We will continue on the rest of this month about what actually stresses them out in the first place that makes them go haywire.  Today we will talk about more mechanical problems from the brain and nervous system, next week will be nutrition/genetics/infections/heavy metals and lastly will be emotional stress and exercise.

Last week we talked about how hormones are cyclic, meaning they are regulated and released through cycles.  We always want to stay in balance, and releasing hormones when needed is a way be stay in balance through feedback loops.

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The brain sends a signal, then down the line the adrenal glands secrete the hormones.  But what if the signal from the brain is improper?

Meaning, the brain isn’t working at it’s best and so the adrenal glands aren’t working the best.

What causes the brain to stop working it’s best?

Well, if we look at where the brain is actually located, we see many layers of protection.  There’s a few layers surrounding the brain, a sac like membrane that covers it, then we have the skull bones.  That membrane doesn’t stop at the head though, it continues down the spinal cord into the tailbone where it ends.

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The Arrow that says “Sella Turcica” is basically a little saddle that your pituitary gland sits in that attaches to the hypothalamus.

Any torsion in this saddle causes pressure on the glands.  What can cause torsion?  Well for little ones this is birth trauma.  Whether a normal birth or through interventions..
What does adrenal stress look like in a little one?

They are constantly in fight or flight mode.  Aren’t happy eating or after eating.  Don’t like to be put down, colicy, maybe have improper digestion and are constipated or not sleeping more than a few hours. They look tense all the time and are easily woken.  Also might react to foods. These are basic survival responses, but they aren’t normal to be on 100% of the time.

Simply alleviating the pressure from the brain through craniopathy work (taking pressure off the brain by moving the bones into their proper place)  can calm the baby down, normalize the signal and stop them from continually thinking they are in danger.

What else causes torsion?
Well, once we are grown, we grow into those torsion patterns unless they are addressed.  Our teeth then grow into torsion patterns, and the rest of the body follows.
An increase of torsion can either begin from the top down or the bottom up or both. 

Since everything is connected, the twisting nature from either end when not addressed, causes an increase of stress to the body.  It’s not in the environment to really do its best work.  This is especially true when not only is there head trauma from birth, but actual trauma to the head itself.  This is a lot of inflammation to the head and those glands, and they won’t function normally.

Individuals who have head injuries (whiplash, concussion, fell on head, ect.) will usually say they are tired more often, don’t sleep as well, or there digestion and hormones are irregular.  These are warning signs!  Hello, brain here, not working great, help me out!

But you don’t have to had direct head trauma either.
You can really just have a lot of torsion in the head just from birth, that causes your teeth to grow in such a way that causes even more stress to the head.

You see your bite matters too.  We aren’t born with teeth, so the way that they grow in and make contact with each other, affects everything down the line.

Clenching is a really common sign that there is head tension.  We definitely clench more under more emotional stress, but just straight clenching alone is a sign of head inflammation.  The more you clench the more inflammation it inflicts and the more your adrenal glands will feel the wrath, so to speak.

So head trauma, improper bite and clenching can all cause adrenal stress.

But nervous system stress can really come from ANY stress on the nervous system.  Because after all it is all connected.  The nervous system is not superman.  It can’t do everything all the time when stress is still put on its system.

So really check out the whole spine and HEAD will ensure proper nervous system health, making sure the mechanics of the joints are working well.
Happy nervous system = happy brain and glands = happy adrenal glands:)

Remember it’s a feedback loop as well, so the more chronic stress to this gland the more the cycle continues until the adrenals then become fully depleted.  Or on the opposite end they just aren’t being stimulated as well. Side not, Glucocorticosteroid drugs deplete the hypothalamus pituitary signal and over time can cause more damage than help.

Taking brain inflammation off is HUGE for any condition.  You’d be surprised how much the body can heal on its own when the brain is working at it’s best.  This is why I always talking about healing the nervous system as #1 to any protocol!