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Pain on the right side of your body??? You might want to look into this….

Pain on the right side of your body??

In the past two years with the increasing demand on our bodies detoxification systems, one organ in particular keeps taking continued hits: the liver.The Liver is our filtration organ.  It’s constantly detoxing what we consume, breathe and lather on.  Just like a regular filtration system, when the filter is full, it’s not very efficient.  Respectively, the liver begins to sound its alarm to us that it needs a replacement, or in a more effective term HELP.Let’s first dig into the jobs of the liver:– It processes nutrients
– produces bile which helps us digest fat
– produces cholesterol and proteins
– controls 500 metabolic processes
– breakdown alcohol and medications
– detoxes the blood
– destroys old red blood cells
– produces hormones
– releases glucose into the blood
– regulates and stores glycogen
– stores ironThe liver is hit pretty hard when its detoxification phases get overburdened and overwhelmed.  This overburdening also means that those functions I just mentioned above become difficult as the liver struggles to keep afloat because of the high load of toxins.How are toxins being administered?
I think it’s an easier question to answer what isn’t being polluted.
  • Our air is increasingly getting more and more polluted, with aluminum released into the air, and radiation from electromagnetic frequencies (5G and more) creating radiation bubbles. Mold is also becoming an increasing problem with homes improperly built.
  • Our water is laden with chemicals, drugs, antibiotics, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and most recent findings possible snake venom particulates.
  • Our food is sprayed to the max with chemicals or genetically modified as we like to call it frankenfood.
  • Our meat is sourced with corn and soy byproducts that are filled with mycotoxins
  • Many are injected with unknown particulates from recent vaccinations targeting liver tissue.
  • Beauty products, lotions and potions are filled with fragrances
  • cleaning supplies are laden with chemicals.
  • toxic emotions of fear, resentment, frustration and anger are plaguing our population
I could go on…

The point is.. our liver is SCREAMING for help.  And when we don’t pay attention to the warning signs of the liver, our body will relay it in other ways called referral patterns.

This brings us to the point of how the liver could be connected to the right side of the body….  There are certain pathways in our body called meridian pathways.  They correlate with every organ that we have in our body.  When an organ is not functioning adequately we can look to these meridians for answers as to which organ is having difficulty.

The meridian of the liver is on the right side of the body, going into the right side of the head, jaw, shoulder and shoulder blade, into the right hip, knee and into the foot. 

This means that any of those body location areas I mentioned, could be a result of the liver screaming through that channel…. It’s not always a mechanical problem with a muscle or joint when an area is in pain/tension. In fact, most chronic pain issues are organ related.

I’ve seen such a huge ramping up of the liver struggling in individuals the past two years that it’s almost not normal to find someone without a problem. Hormonal and digestive problems are another huge result of a bogged down liver, and those is through the roof!

So, where does that leave us?

Well, in addition to toxins that we need to take account for in our life, and begin to decrease, there’s also a couple other key points to mention with the liver.

#1 there could also be an underlying infection going on in the liver making it struggle.  Some big ones that I find are liver flukes (parasites), mold or mycotoxins and lyme and co-infections.  The liver will always struggle when there’s unwanted guests

#2 genetic hangups.  Now genetics aren’t everything, we have the power to change their expression, but it is important information to know where your weaknesses might lie.  For instance, there are certain genetic variations that make it difficult for a person in general to detoxify properly.  Which means if they are also bombarded with more toxins they will REALLY struggle.  It’s important to know these facts before going into a detox protocol and to clear things out. It could be really dangerous for a person if they don’t know these facts beforehand.

What to do?

Start working on what you are putting in on and around your body…. This is a big key.  We can’t escape all toxins, but we can control what’s in our vicinity as best as we can.

  • Stick to grass fed/finished foods and organic products to decrease toxins

  • get all natural beauty/cleaning products, check out EWG.org

  • get EMF remediation in your home/work from EMF pro.

  • Keep hydrated, and filter your water!! brita filters are total CRAP.  I prefer kangan water for ultimate hydration

  • start getting off medications and saying no to annual and follow up vaccinations.  Injecting through the blood is the most toxic form.

  • Clean your air through an Air Doc, and if you’re in a moldy home, remediate properly or move!

  • Get your genetics tested, and do a followup with Dr Rachel to customize a plan for you based on what nutrients you need for your liver!

  • castor oil packs are helpful to detox the liver

  • coffee enemas

  • infrared and red light therapy, I like biolight (check link below for discounts)

So.  If you have chronic right sided pain in your jaw, head, shoulder, hip or knee, look into your liver function.  Blood lab work will often miss if the liver is starting to wane, and sometimes only reveals when it’s so far gone.  But some key markers are if your liver enzymes start to rise, your cholesterol starts to rise as well as LDL, and your blood cells aren’t balanced.

If you’re looking for more help with your liver, book a genetic nutrition session here:


And for those not in California, you can also book a VIRTUAL nutrition consultation through the same link.

Wishing you a happy and healthy month!

Dr. Rachel

The protective mechanisms of the nervous system part 2.

Happy Monday Tribe!

Last week we talked about how the nervous system can trick us through pain, range of motion problems and dysfunction.
We talked mainly last week about the “motor” part of the nervous system, so if you missed it make sure to look back and read up!

This week, we will continue on talking about the sensory part of the nervous system.  This is actually 80% of our nervous system, but most doctors only take care of the 20% motor system.

The sensory part includes numbness in an area, cold/hot sensations, vibration, and proprioception. 

How do we rehabilitate sensation? 

When we start looking at sensation, touch is one of of five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, taste, touch).
Touch is broken down into pain, temperature, deep touch, light touch, vibration, pressure and proprioception.

Each layer is individually restored.  Each layer adds dimension to our reality experience, our ability to connect with the people and the space around us.  If you have ever had a close experience with a person with a loss of sensation in their body, you can poke them with a needle and they can’t feel a thing, but light touch they can.
It’s like when you get Novocain for a tooth procedure, you feel them tugging around, but can’t feel poking.

One of the most powerful techniques for the nervous system is sensory rehabilitation.  This in traditional neurology is associated with 80% of the NS.

When the senses are disconnected, what do you have left? Death.  If disconnection is death, integration is life. The more we can amplify this communication the more intense, vibrant and passionate our life experience can be.


What does a sensory nerve problem look like?
Well let’s start with what a motor nerve problem looks like:

A person will say the pain is right “here”, pointing to a specific spot, that’s a physical motor injury.  Also it gets stiff, hard to move.

SENSORY is different.  Someone will say my shoulder or hip hurts and will make a big circle of the entire diffuse location.  The pain will move. It moves around from this energy field. Or, when the “weather shifts” they feel it.  This is a sensory problem.

Let’s talk about the different layers of sensory first. 

I want you to think about putting on socks for a minute.  Putting on one layer of socks that is the PAIN layer.
Another sock- that’s the cold layer
another hot layer
another vibration
another light touch
another deep touch
another pressure
another proprioception- the body’s ability to know where it is space
and finally the last, form recognition layer

Wherever there is a hole in any of those layers you won’t experience that layer.
“Numbness for instances is the NS request for more information.”  Thats why kids bang their heads, they can’t feel their head so they bang on it.  Or someone rubbing their arm thats numb, they want more information.

We have to understand this concept of layering when looking at sensory.  Our NS is completely integrated, we can’t separate them.
Every nerve on your body has the ability to carry all 5 senses.  Thats like saying the telephone wire of your house could plug into your TV, fax machine, television.
If we unplug one is it broken?  no.  It’s just not connecting. Same with the nerve cord.

Anything that is available to that nerve, will allow the rest of the nerve to rehab.

If any one of those nerve functions is available, there is opportunity for rehabilitation. We can’t guarantee but there is opportunity.

But, you’ve probably never heard that option before.

Having an understanding of the nervous system is why its appropriate.


The nervous can also localize sensory issues. For instance, if you injure your arm, it will swell and increase temperature.  But your overall body temperature won’t change, that’s just how intelligent it is.
The same with say a lipoma, thats the NS way of localizing an infection to prevent it from infecting the rest of the body.

For temperature(above example), the body can’t tame that response forever though.  So the temperature will go down. There will then be a constant ache, because it’s not in the right temperature.  That person jumps in the hot tub, and it feels good.  But what if they stay in it too long, it aches again, it went over than 100, then they get out, and it feels good again until it gets to 100, below that it will ache again.  Thats because the NS needs that 100 for healing.

This is why when people feel that pressure change with weather they are feeling that NS threshold. That’s a sensory problem!

Once we correct these nerves though, we can max out what they can do.
Say a person has a pressure sense loss, and you put compression on it, it could actually make it worse.

Same with Ice.  If a person has a loss in that cold sensation. using ice can actually be damaging. It can destroy their nervous system. Which goes against a lot of top athletes who use ice and ice tubs for healing, for certain people it could actually harm your nervous system, and shut it down.


The great news! Again, where there is nerve supply there is opportunity for healing.

If we create neurological recognition and use light therapy, sensation has the potential to heal and change!
This is just restoring nerve function.


Not many doctors can do this type of work.  Sensory rehabilitation is something that most doctors say can never regain function.  But as with everything I’m striving and educating in new ways to heal.

As many of you know this disease took away many years of my life, it is SUPER common, and education needs to be understood.  LYME is everywhere, so don’t think it’s not here in California.   Please beware of you, your children and your animals.




That is all for now,


Have a happy and healthy week.


Dr. Hamel