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What 3 our of 5 top reasons for death in the US have in common. 

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I know it’s rather a downer subject this month, but the truth is that a little light needs to be shed on some of these things because they are preventable!  And really, proper diagnosis and care is key. 

When you search for the primary reasons that kill us in the US you will find these top 5.

1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Accidents
5. Stroke

Well, cancer is a mixed bag as far as diagnosis (although we know alternative options), and we can’t necessarily control unintentional injuries, although properly prescribed medications are a HUGE cause of death in the US.

The other 3 out of the 5 have something in common.  They all involve something, and all can be traced back to it.  Do you know what it is??!

Low Oxygen States.

Hypertension, COPD and stroke all are traced back to low oxygen states. 

In turn, theres two factors for longevity in life (physically).

1. Can you breathe/Vital Capacity Oxygen
2. Can you stand in a field of gravity (balance/proprioception)

And in reality, nothing supersedes oxygen.  Nothing in the body supersedes oxygen.  It’s the first thing we do when we enter the world and the last thing when we leave it. We can live without food and water for days and weeks, but only 4 minutes without oxygen.

The national commission on sleep disorders research states that 38,000 deaths occur on an annual basis that relate to cardiovascular problems connected to sleep apnea.  This includes high blood pressure, hypertension and stroke.  6 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea that is moderate to severe and may necessitate a late night visit to the ER. 1/2 of all hospital patients have hypertension.  MANY DO NOT REALIZE THEY SUFFER FROM SLEEP APNEA.

40% of the population has airway problems, meaning 1 out of 4 people!  In fact, anyone who needs braces is an airway case. Snoring is a major indicator of sleep apnea, as well as belly sleepers, chronic sinusitis cases, clencher/grinding of teeth, fatigue,TMJ, craniofascial pain and sleep disorders.

In heart disease and stroke, there is not enough oxygen pumping through the arterial system.
What carries oxygen around in the body?  The blood and circulatory system. And a nutrient called iron carries oxygen around. 

20% of our blood supply is in the brain
13% is in the liver
20% in the kidneys
47% rest of the body.

Although the brain utilizes a lot, it has to share the throne with other organs, meaning they must all get sufficient supply for the body to work in balance.

Here are some signs of low oxygen syndrome:
  • apnea
  • headaches
  • heart conditions
  • stroke
  • dizziness
  • body aches and pains
  • infections
  • tongue tie
  • clenching
  • bruxism
  • worm teeth
  • tooth loss
  • limited jaw opening
  • awake fatigued
  • pain medications
  • stuff/blocked nose.

The body is intelligent.  It is always trying to self preserve.  It will always defend itself by producing symptoms to signal to us that something is wrong. 

Unfortunately some of us don’t listen to those, or mask those signals with medications/supplements instead of figuring out the root cause.  And for many oxygen depletion is the key.

Another way to tell is by utilizing a pulse oximeter.  Any result less than 97-98% means that your body is hypoxic. You will also find a low body temperature, because the thyroid starts to combust energy and usually hypothyroid issues will ensue. 

So getting proper oxygen is so KEY!!
Since sleep apnea is so prevalent, and it puts a huge stress to the nervous system and cardiovascular system, it should be highlighted so much more than it is.
Because the only real option is a CPAP machine, many live with the ramifications of sleep apnea, and some better yet have no idea they have airway issues because they don’t’ really have sleep apnea symptoms.

Sometimes it isn’t always just an airway issue. Sometimes there’s issue with oxygen biochemistry wise with iron absorption and things of that nature to be able to carry the oxygen.  So you really do have to look at the entire picture, but most of what I see starts with airway.

So what do we do?

You need to get assessed for proper airway.  Airway issues can come from cranial problems (narrowness), tonsils/adenoids and narrow sinuses which usually track back to cranial problems.

Although I work closely with ENT’s, it’s not always the best option to go right ahead with a sinus surgery.
Most have a cranial problem and need help getting blood flow and oxygen into the brain in the first place.  They might have a tongue tie and a narrow palate which means again, not creating oxygen. Usually most are mouth breathers and need to retrain this pattern.

Usually it’s a team effort between myself, an orthodontist or dentist, myofunctional therapy and sometimes an ENT.

However, my care addresses both 1 and 2 of the factors for longevity.  Increases oxygen, and increases balance in the entire body.  2 for 1!

Case after case I will see in my practice their breathing improve through craniopathy care. When you open up the head it makes sense breathing will become better because their is an increase in blood flow.
This is why I always start with this care.  We need to get oxygen back into your brain quickly, back into your liver your kidneys and finally the rest of the body.

With sleep apnea cases, it’s always a team effort.  I have many case studies with sleep studies showing a decrease dramatically just with cranial care, but often times their is a huge bite problem that needs to be fixed in order for their airway to fix. 
Most just aren’t complaint with a CPAP, but they do help tremendously.

Kids can have sleep apnea as well!  Many children suffer from sleep apnea and oxygen depletion conditions.  Why?  Because of birth traumas, not breastfeeding long enough, using pacifiers and bottles which push the tongue down and don’t extend the palate.
You don’t want children growing without proper brain oxygen, and putting extra stress on their heart and cardiovascular system.

Bring them in.  We can assess it.

I hope this was helpful to you this month!
I will say most I tell have an airway issue have ZERO clue, and also have ZERO clue that the oxygen depletion is causing most of their symptoms.

Fix this, and you will be on such an amazing healthy road!

The most important nutrient needed for our brain

The most important nutrient for our brain.

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I hope you enjoyed last week’s topic about wireless radiation and 5G.  If you missed it make sure to re-catch in through my blog on my website. It’s a very important topic!

This week I want to talk about the MOST important nutrient needed for the brain to function.

It’s something that’s all around…. most don’t realize they are deficient in it.
You can’t eat it.  You can’t touch it….
Have you guessed it?!


I recently did a talk for one of my favorite non profits Beyond Concussion, and realized. that I talked all about the cranial system, nerves, brain and forgot the most important point of healing: OXYGEN. 
Wow.  (palm to head).
Well.. even I forget sometimes!

Oxygen is VITAL.  we know this.
However, this being said.  How many people walking around have oxygen depletion?

A good amount actually.

The brain uses about 3 times as much oxygen than the muscles in the body do.  Because they use so much, they are most sensitive to any oxygen level changes and doesn’t survive or function very well without it. 

When brain cells are depleted of oxygen, they die due to increased acidosis, they can begin to die off in as little as 5 minutes!

Oxygen in the brain is vital to growth and healing. It’s also vital to energy production. Oxygen is delivered through the blood, and through a process called cellular respiration.  The brain uses more energy than any other organ, so it makes sense as to why it needs the most oxygen.

I’d say honestly speaking the MOST impactful thing I do in my care is increase oxygen in the brain and body.

Whenever there is an impedance in the cranial bones movement, this means their will be depletion in the oxygen available.  You see, the movement of the cranial bones is vital, we need that movement for the blood circulation so oxygen can come in and be utilized. 

So the first way the brain doesn’t get oxygen is improper movement within the bones of the head. When this pattern persists, the individual will grow into those patterns, and then create actual airway issues within the bone structure.

This means the nasal floor can have issues causing oxygen depletion, then down the throat if there’ any impedance can cause issues with airway as well.

Having a narrow palate is a home run for oxygen depletion.  It’s very common.  It usually happens from birth trauma, but can have other causes.

Sleep apnea, is growing more and more recognition mainly because more and more are recognizing its severity.  Its not really just a matter of wearing a mask and you’re fine.  Oxygen depletion is a big deal. HUGE.  Decreasing your brain function, also a HUGE stress on the heart, and many other organs.  Again oxygen is a BIG deal.

Anyone who’s had any head trauma has experienced this. A depletion of oxygen causes many issues for those with whiplash, concussion or anything even minor that happens to the brain. 

What are some signs of oxygen depletion?

– Snoring
– Clenching/Grinding of teeth
-Dark circles underneath the eyes or around them
– memory isn’t as great
-poor judgement
-TMJ problems
-irregular heart beat – slow or fast
-circulation problems
-lots of teeth infections (microbes loves not having oxygen)
-lots of infections in general
-muscle cramping

How do we enhance our brain’s ability to have more oxygen?

1. Of course the first way is getting system moving!  So Craniopathy care is needed to get everything back in balance.

2.  Sometimes dental co-management is necessary.  Tongue tie or maxillary expansion is a key component.

3. Sometimes sinus surgery is also necessary ( mainly adults).  Since oxygen is super important, you have to make sure all airways are clear.

4. Certain supplements can also help transport oxygen, but most won’t work well until the cranial system is balanced.  I like using ginko and some others.

5. Hyperbaric oxygen is a great way or live O2 (oxygen mask), to get it directly into the brain.

A common thing most patients say after treatment is : WOW I can breathe!!

We take it for granted when we can’t efficiently get oxygen. But DON’T.

If you can’t breathe through your nose, even through sleep your oxygen deficient.
Don’t be a statistic.  There’s answers for help!