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The “protective mechanism” of the nervous system.

The protective mechanisms of the nervous system.

Happy Monday Tribe!

For all the moms out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the past couple of blogs about information regarding nutrition and genetics, more will come on that topic, but this week we will be switching gears a little to talk about the nervous system.

Did you know that your nervous system creates illusions?

What do you mean Dr. Hamel?!

Well, as you know the body has an amazing ability to heal.  With that being said, it’s always looking for ways to conserve its energy. How does it preserve it’s energy?
Creating protective mechanisms. 

Let me give you an example:

Say you injure your shoulder, and tear or strain a rotator cuff muscle.
Since the body heals quickly, you should heal that soft tissue in roughly a few weeks or so.               What is the norm?

What I hear pretty commonly in this example for instance is some individuals will come in with a “shoulder injury” or rotator cuff injury they had months and years ago.
It does NOT take a tissue injury that long to heal.

So, what happens?

Well the body DOES heal, but something called neurological inhibition can happen after an injury.  What does this mean?  This means that the nervous system will literally coral actions in the movement of your shoulder for protection, so you don’t injure it again.  It creates Illusions. 

What are these illusions?

1. Pain
2. Dysfunction
3. Decreased range of motion 

Pain is NOT physical… Did you know that?  It’s a signal!  It’s a signal of disconnect from our nervous system to itself.  

What is really happening is when there is a movement with pain or limitation in motion of the joint, your nervous system is saying, don’t do that, I remember the last time you did that we got hurt.  So, it creates illusions to make you limited. 
How do we really heal this injury?!

We make the reconnection!  We can’t reach out and remove pain can we?  

Let me give you another example of how the nervous system plays illusions:

– Foot drop.  This is usually is called a “paralysis of the foot” (although not true)
The person can’t dorsiflex or move the foot, so it usually just drops and kind of slaps down on the ground.  There are various different levels of foot drop.  Maybe people have minor forms.
What happens here?

At some point there was an injury to the low back nerves or nerves that connect that muscle.  In order for the body to conserve energy, it causes the foot to drop (the foot is associated with the same nerve as the injury).  This is a protective mechanism.
The nervous system has placed an unnecessary protective mechanism to limit the body.  It can be neurological, physical, emotional, chemical or physiological (organ related) limitation.  It does this because it does not recognize it is unnecessary.  It’s like its saying if it’s “not broken, don’t’ fix it”.

Given the examples above, a person unless paralyzed can have significant inhibition occurring in their nervous system at any time.  The illusion is that strength is 100% health.  This is just not true.

The good news? 
There are tools and ways to strengthen neurological weaknesses to what is considered in all medical professions as full rehabilitation.

Our lives are dynamic, we perform multiple task simultaneously!  That means the body when being testing needs to be tested according to those multiple tasks! (Doctors typically don’t test this way) Through specific testing in my practice I am able to test your ability to perform various functions simultaneously.  When things aren’t 100% their is not enough energy to go around.

What about this example:
Most of my patients know this one if you’ve had my infection protocols, but why do people have parasites?  Because the nervous system does not recognize that they are there!  Same for other infections as well!

Same goes for vision problems, reading, heart rate problems, spectrum disorders.   All are nervous system processing issues and nervous system disconnection.

So how do we make the body recognize all of this to correct itself?
Wait you mean these can all be fixed?!

Yes, they can! 

All we need to do is make the nervous system RECOGNIZE that dysfunction.  We do this through muscle testing, light therapy and craniopathy/chiropractic care.  It’s like working on the software of the body, reconnecting systems.

Exciting right!

AMAZING!  There’s so much potential to heal nerves and the nervous system, and they CAN be healed.  You can even strengthen nerves for specific motions, sports and activities. Say if you are a cyclist and need to look over your shoulder.  If your vision isn’t working (cranial nerves), you will be limited, and may have a blind spot.  However, if we strengthen those specific nerves in the action of when you are cycling, we can strengthen any limitations!

Next time we will talk about the sensory part of the nervous system and ways to heal this section which is huge for many individuals as well.  This includes numbness in an area, cold/hot sensations, vibration, and proprioception.

Stay tuned!



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That is all for now.


Happy a  happy and healthy week!

Dr Hamel