What you need to know about SB 276, your rights are at stake!


Most of you know that I have taught vaccine safety/education classes for. For those of you who have yet to engage me in the conversation, know that you can at any moment, in a completely non-judgemental and unemotional way.

I love teaching about this very divisive topic. If it wasn’t for the media, we would not be so divisive.

Trust that this is NOT an anti-vaccine email. I write this email with as much humility and love for humanity as I can.

For those of you who have been to one of my classes or have talked to me about it, you know I view this subject with a lot of logic, science, forethought and consciousness.

I’ve studied this topic and I have been driven to do so because of my own personal experience with my patients to which I was never given answers by our medical systems.  Seeing patients lives changed before my eyes and more importantly lives of children.

Having had family in the medical field, and having a bad experience with my own personal health in the medical system I knew that I needed to research real facts.

For those of you who do not know about the recent history of vaccination legislation in California please read on. This is a very abbreviated list.

In 2012, AB2109 was passed which required parents to obtain their doctor’s signature on a government form prior to enrollment in public school if they wish to skip one or more vaccines for their child. The bill required all parents exercising their right to choose their own vaccination schedule for their children to sit down with a medical provider and have a government document signed showing they know the risks of the decision. Prior to this, parents could freely submit their own documents – legislators primarily wanted parents educated about the risks of disease.

In 2015, with SB277 the California State Legislature took away personal belief and religious exemptions for vaccinations. This left parents who were looking to educate themselves on other options regarding the vaccine schedule and do something different than what the CDC mandates to find a pediatrician who would be open-minded about the parents’ right to choose. A big change with SB277 was the medical exemption became necessary for both public and private school systems. The pediatrician now had full control over this medical intervention and legislators promised the doctor-patient relationship was of the utmost importance.

This year, with SB276, it is different. They are removing your pediatrician’s ability to make a clinical determination regarding your child’s ability to be vaccinated or qualify for a medical exemption if necessary. We can clearly see how slowly yet pervasively our rights surrounding vaccines are being stripped. You doctor will no longer by law be able to do anything outside of the CDC mandated schedule. Even some severe reactions following vaccines may not qualify for an exemption. Family history, genetic testing, etc will no longer qualify for exemption. Your only option is homeschooling if you want anything other than the CDC mandates schedule for vaccines for your children. The power now lies solely with the state. A public health official who has never met your child now has full control as to whether they should or should not be vaccinated.

What you need to know is:

  • There are only 0.7% of children with medical exemptions in California.  Even with the small increase in medical exemptions (because personal belief exemptions got taken out), there has been a net DECREASE of over 10,5000 exemptions since 2015.
  • The CA medical board has already dismissed the majority of investigated complaints with NO VIOLATIONS FOUND.  Additionally , health officers discovered few or no problematic medical exemptions according to a recent study.
  • If a handful of invalid exemptions exist, the CA Medical Board should address them individually without punishing all the medically fragile children in California with legitimate exemptions written by doctors who followed the law.
  • Vaccine injured children, genetically susceptible children, and their at risk siblings need to be protected with medical exemptions, and licensed physicians are the only ones qualified to write them.

  • There are NO long term inert placebo controlled trials to prove safety for ANY vaccines. NONE.

  • Since 1986, a law was passed making vaccine companies (pharmaceutical companies), doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. untouchable– they can not be held liable for any vaccine injuries.

  • Nearly $5 billion have been paid out from your tax dollars for damages, injuries and death from vaccines.

  • In 1986, there were 11 required doses of childhood vaccines and as of next year (2020), there will be 75 required doses of childhood vaccines.  By the age of 18. This schedule has never been tested for safety and it has been clearly shown the multiple doses on one day leads to injury.

  • In 2016, 59,117 injuries were reported to VAERS (CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) including 432 deaths, 1091 permanent disabilities, 4132 hospitalizations, 10,284 emergency room visits. AND the Department of Health and Human Services has determined that fewer than 1% of adverse events are ever reported. (~5.9 million injuries in 2016).

  • This is about campaign contributions, not health. Pharmaceutical companies have donated millions to lawmakers who push mandatory vaccination and attack exemptions.

In the end, please do your own research. I don’t claim to know everything, but what I know for sure is the importance of following your intuition to make a mindful decision.

Most of our patients are fully vaccinated. Many do a delayed schedule via Dr Sears or Dr Paul Thomas’s protocols. Both of whom are pro-vaccine, pro-science and pro-informed consent and I frequently recommend their work.

I hope you know by now that I am not anti-vaccine.  Like a growing number of pediatricians, MDs, scientists and lawmakers, I am pro-informed consent, pro-safety and pro-science.  I will have you consider that in a liability-free market (like vaccines are), industry is allowed to run rampant and they have run their course.

Consider the reason you exclusively hear vaccines are only and always “safe and effective” is because the largest lobby in DC is the pharmaceutical companies (by 4 times) and the largest sponsors for all major media sources are pharmaceutical companies.


My call to action is below:

  1. Attend the rally to oppose SB276 on April 24th at the state capitol.

  2. Consider donating to A Voice for Choice. This is our state’s advocacy group and they are looking to hire one more lobbyist for Sacramento. Know that on any given day, the pharmaceutical companies have more lobbyists on capitol hill that we do legislators.

  3. Call your local representative to voice your opinion and protect your doctor-patient relationship and your rights to make conscious choices surrounding childhood vaccines. Below is a script you can use when you call! They need to hear from you!


Thank you for reading this email. Please take action. If this email offends you, I apologize. The purpose of this email is to inform, not to offend. Our freedoms are at stake and this affects the lives of all of us and our children.


Ps. Here is the script:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I am a constituent.  I am calling to ask Senator ____ to OPPOSE S.B. 276, which would severely restrict medical exemptions to vaccination.

Medical exemptions are already very difficult to obtain. This bill is trying to make the process even more arduous.

The doctor-patient relationship must be protected.  Only a doctor should be able to determine whether or not a child is medically contracted to vaccination.

An appointed official who has never examined my child should not be making medical decisions that carry the risk of serious injury and death.  Adverse reactions are clearly listed on all vaccine manufacturer package inserts.

This bill also requires that medical exemptions be tracked in a government database, which creates potential HIPAA and FERPA privacy issues.

I urge Senator _____ to oppose S.B. 276.”

If you need anymore information or research I will have printable documents at each office.   The only way to get this to not pass is we HAVE to show up.  Posting on facebook will no longer work.  We have to be active and show up to our legislators.  If this gets passed, it will be the end to any human rights, and homeschooled children won’t be safe either.

Please pass this on.

With love.


Dr. Hamel