Gut & Skin – Two Peas in a Pod

Happy Monday Everyone!  And Happy Post Valentines Day!
I Hope you’ve been enjoying this month’s topics all about skin health!

The first week of February we talked about the Brain/Skin connection, last week we went over the Liver’s role in skin health, and this week we will go over the ever trendy and seems like all everyone talks about: GUT!

Why is it talked about everywhere? 

Well.  The more we know about science and as the field expands, the more we are seeing how big of an impact the gut really has.  And by “gut” I mean your digestive system, mainly your intestines.  Although, we will be going over your upper digestion (stomach) some as well.

As we’ve talked about previously, the liver at gut are very closely connected in their role in digestion and detoxing.  So, if we neglect one or the other, you won’t achieve the health results you desire. 


Our Human DNA has over 20,000 genes, but our gut biome has around 10 million!

This means we can actually have a greater affect working with our genes when we enhance the ability of the gut’s function.

But, how does this affect our skin? 

I’ve spoken previously about how the skin is basically our map of how well our internal environment is going.  And a HUGE role in that map is the gut.

The gut is saturated with something called the microbiome, it’s effect on the entirety of our body function is vital to your understanding.

“Our gut microbiome contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria. These microbes can, in total, weigh up to 2 kg. One third of our gut microbiome is common to most people, while two thirds are specific to each one of us. In other words, the microbiome in your intestine is like an individual identity card.”

Pretty cool huh?

We know now that a sick gut just doesn’t just cause digestive problems.  It’s also associated with many other health concerns like: emotional stress, obesity, decreased immunity, metabolic problems, hormone problems, brain inflammation and finally inflammatory skin conditions. 

It’s kind of known from people that allergies can cause skin reactions, right? And that eating foods like processed foods and dairy can cause skin problems like acne.

Here are the similarities between your gut and your skin to help clarify a bit:

  • They both have a role in keeping pathogens/toxins out
  • Both have a lot of nerves and blood vessels
  • Both the skin and the gut communicate with your immune, nervous and hormones
  • Both the skin and the gut have microbiomes!
In more and more research, it links inflammatory skin conditions to something called dysbiosis which means improper gut function.

What causes dysbiosis?

  • antibiotics
  • stress
  • diet rich in carbs, processed foods, gluten and vegetable oils
  • infections
  • brain inflammation (brain/gut connection)

When your gut bacteria are healthy, your immune system is healthy.  This is because the good guys in that microbiome keeps the bad guys at bay, produce anti-inflammatory markers, and help regulate your neurotransmitters.  These help fight against the inflammatory skin conditions like : eczema, dermatitis, acne, rosacea and psoriasis.


The effect of these guys to do that job relies on the environment that they reside in, and also if they are fed what they need. 

This is a very important point.  If the good guys DON’T have the food that they need they WILL find something.  Their survival depends on it.  So, what do they eat when they don’t have what they need?

They eat the mucus layer that surrounds all our intestines.   This layer is meant to be protective, to not let bad guys, food and other chemicals into the deeper layer of our intestines.  We need a healthy mucus layer in our intestines.  But, when theres no food, the bacteria start to eat up this mucus layer, creating holes = LEAKY GUT.

LEAKY GUT= food allergies as well, as food particles get through the layer.

There will be no good barrier.

If you have a leaky gut, you basically just have an improper mucus layer.

 So……….. what do we need to feed the good guys to make our skin more healthy?

Well there may be some things we need to address first before rushing right into the dysbiosis.

We FIRST, need to make sure you are breaking down your proteins and fats properly.  So, we need to make sure your stomach acid is acidic to digest the proteins, and that your liver ( we talked about last week) and gallbladder are functioning well to help you digest your fats.

*** If you have ever been on any acid blocking medication you already have dysbiosis.  When you stall your digestion, your stalling your colon.  It’s difficult to dig yourself out of that ant-acid hole as dependency comes in only 14 days or less of use.  An addiction takes a couple months to break with this medication!!  The rebound phenomenon from ant acids is horrible as well trying to get off of them.  It’s actually easier to get off an opioid than these medications.

With weak stomach acid, you’re not breaking down your proteins, B vitamins, minerals, and lowers your bone density.

After we’ve addressed this, we can then start to feed the good guys.  

I will also say, if there are other infections going on like yeast, parasites, viruses or bacteria in the gut as well, this protocol looks a little different.  It’s a process of killing the bad guys and feeding the good guys and rotating for many months (talk with your provider).


  • FIBER.  Good guys feed off fiber from fruit and veggies.  That which is lack in the western diet.  Increase your veggies, and add in some great lentils and legumes for some added fiber.  ( If beans give you gas, then you don’t have enough good bacteria).
  • Lactic Acid– Good guys also feed off lactic acid.  Something that is found naturally in fermented foods!
  • Pre-biotics–  Fiber is a pre biotic, but they also need other prebiotics to help feed them.  Some great sources are onions, jicama, garlic, asparagus, avocados, dandelion greens, and potatoes with the skin.
  • Eat probiotic rich foods!  Anything fermented including veggies and yogurt.  Getting probiotics from your foods gives you a wide range to replenish.

Notice I didn’t say TAKE A PROBIOTIC did I?  GASP! 

Actually, we know now through research that probiotic supplementation is not that successful.  It does NOT repopulate your intestines.  Probiotics that are manmade are transitory.  Meaning they just go right through the intestinal tract.  They DO however, create an immune response which is good, but if your really want to feed these good guys and repopulate them, probiotics from a bottle aren’t that reliable. 

The only time I give probiotics now is right after antibiotic use, and for infants after C-section births.

It’s way better to get them in our food, to get a WIDE variety and switch them up daily!


  • Any non organic food.  Anything non organic has glyphosate which depletes your body of minerals and is shown to give LEAKY GUT.
  • GLUTEN-  gluten has been proven to cause inflammation in the gut and now in research leads directly to autoimmune conditions
  • sugars
  • Processed foods and dairy
  • All the “alkalizing” things.  You NEED acidity in your gut.  Too much alkalinity will cause dysbiosis.

Clean this up, you’ll have some healthy looking skin from the inside out!

Oil of the WEEK.

This week is BOGO week with Do Terra!!! Today’s BOGO is Buy one pettigrain get a lavender for free!


  • For restful sleep, diffuse Lavender oil at bedtime to calm your mind and create a peaceful environment.
  • Take internally to reduce anxious feelings.*
  • Use in cooking to soften citrus flavors and to add a flavorful twist to marinades, baked goods, and desserts.
  • You can add Lavender to an evening bath to soak away the cares of the day, or put a drop on your pillow at night.
  • Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air by combining Lavender with water in a spray bottle.
  • Keep a bottle of Lavender on hand to soothe occasional skin irritations.


Lavender essential oil is known for its calming and balancing properties. doTERRA Lavender essential oil is distilled from the freshly harvested flowering tops of the True Lavender plant (also known as English Lavender) from lavender farms in Bulgaria and France. Although often used at bedtime, Lavender essential oil is equally calming during the day. Lavender is popularly used to ease feelings of tension and encourage feelings of mental clarity and focus.

Lavender essential oil supports the immune system, the nervous system, and the cardiovascular system.* Used topically, Lavender can help keep the skin and scalp looking clean and healthy. It can also soothe minor skin irritations and bites. Lavender helps ease feelings of anxiousness and can be particularly calming during times of stress. It evokes feelings of self-awareness and relaxation.

The varied uses of Lavender essential oil make it perfect to keep on hand for topical, internal, and aromatic use. Use Lavender Touch Roll On for convenient topical use. Alone or as part of a blend, Lavender essential oil delivers benefits for people of all ages.


  • Diffuse for a relaxing and calming effect on emotions.
  • Take internally to help calm the nervous system and promote restful sleep.*
  • Rub a drop of Petitgrain together with Lavender or Bergamot and fractionated coconut oil to the bottoms of your feet to promote feelings of relaxation.
  • Take one or two drops in water or juice to support cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and digestive systems.*


Petitgrain essential oil is often referred to as “Lavender for men.” It provides many of the same benefits, but has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that is popular among men and women. Petitgrain helps enhance other fragrances, making it a common ingredient in the perfume and cologne industry.

Historically, Petitgrain essential oil has been used to clean surfaces, and to support healthy immune system and nervous system function when used internally.* Emerging scientific evidence is providing support for these traditional and other uses.

Petitgrain contains the chemical constituents linalool and linalyl acetate, both of which are known for their calming properties. Taken internally, Petitgrain may help to calm and soothe the nervous system.* It also has a calming aroma that can help reduce anxious or tense feelings when inhaled. Diffusing Petitgrain before bed promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation. Experimental research suggests that Petitgrain helps to promote healthy relaxation and sleep when consumed internally.*

The benefits of Petitgrain are not limited to the nervous system, however.* Taken internally, Petitgrain helps support the health of the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems.* It also provides antioxidant support.*

Petitgrain has powerful surface cleansing properties. Add to a spray bottle of water and use as a fresh-scented surface cleaner.

The essential oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. doTERRA Petitgrain is sourced from Paraguay through the Co-Impact Sourcing® initiative. By supporting rural development projects and small-scale farmers, doTERRA provides an economically viable alternative to clear-cutting land. This helps protect the remaining patches of the Atlantic Rainforest in eastern Paraguay from deforestation.





Spiraled Fermented Beets


  • 4 medium sized beets, peeled and spiralized (or sliced or grated) – $1.50
  • ½ tablespoon sea salt (or more to taste) – $0.12
  • Half a sprig of dill – $0.05




Wash two half pint mason jars well with warm soapy water. Rinse well.


Use scissors to cut the spiralized beets into smaller, bite-sized strands. Place them into a large bowl and sprinkle over the salt. Massage with your hands for about five minutes until they release a bit of liquid. You can use your bare hands, the beet juice washes off easily, or slip them into plastic bags if you’re worried about dying them.


Pack the beets into the mason jars, tossing in a few leaves of dill from time to time. Squish the beets down to ensure that the juice covers them entirely. If not, you can make a brine of ¼ cup (60 ml) filtered water (don’t use tap water) and a pinch of sea salt. Add as much as is necessary to submerge the beets completely.


Take a leftover end of a beet from the spiralizer (the bit that looks like a mushroom), turn it upside down and wedge it into the jar, “stem” sticking up. This is to hold the beets down in the jar and ensure that they maintain submerged. If it’s not working, you’ll have to find something heavy. You can boil rocks and put them on top (seriously).


Cover the jars with a towel and leave to ferment. Begin checking them after a couple of days to ensure that the beets are still submerged, add more brine if necessary, and taste to see how they’re doing. They may develop a bit of scum on top, scoop it off, it’s harmless.


You can eat them when they have enough sourness for your taste. They will continue to sour until you’re ready to eat them or put them in the fridge to maintain their level of sourness.





That is all for now.


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Week.


Dr. Hamel


Skin Reactions, Allergies & A Sick Liver


Happy Monday Everyone!  Last week’s topic was about the Skin and the Brain. It’s always vital for us to make sure our brain:our number one asset to always be addressed first and foremost. If you missed it, make sure you go check in out here:

The Skin/Brain Connection

This week, we will continue talking about the skin and dive a little into allergies and their relationship to a big organ: Your Liver. 

We are hearing and seeing more and more each day of children AND adults with sensitive skin, skin reactions, rashes and allergies, allergies, allergies. 

Why is that? 

Well, if we look to the liver we might get some insight… 

Unfortunately, we are fire hosed with things surrounding us all the time.  We are literally attacked from all angles.  Our environment, polluted food and soil, the products we use, and to top it all off we are asked literally every time we even step foot into a medical facility if we’ve had “a vaccine”.

Frustrating!  No, I’d like to keep my immune system thanks, and keep your agendas away!

Note here: * Vaccines in themselves can also create allergies to form because of the mix of proteins mixed with the chemicals together.  It creates an immune response in your body to attack it.  For instance, many are cultivated in egg or nut, and when mixed with harsh adjuvants such as polysorbate, formaldehyde or aluminum, it makes our immune system go beserck, making it compromised and WHAM, hello allergies.
(Yes, these are actual ingredients in vaccines, always make sure you read their labels!)  They cannot create immunity!  Nothing that injects chemicals in you can ever be for good.

Point is, Toxins are EVERYWHERE.  This is why it is super important to educate about our future generations.  Not only for the topic we are diving into today, but a sick liver can also can cause mood problems, gut dysfunction,  and more.

So what happens with the liver?

Let’s talk about what the liver does for starters and then we can go from there.  The liver is our filter system.  It’s big job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, and direct it to the rest of the body.  Additionally, it detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes medications.  Finally, it is the creator of a substance called bile, which is vital for us to digest the fats we consume, but also to metabolize proteins and carbs.

Additionally, it is a storage center for the fat soluble vitamins and carbs meaning it stores energy, and then delivers it to our body when we need it.

It has quite a few roles right?

What really HAPPENS, with these conditions though is that the liver kind of gets overwhelmed.  Not only does it have to do its roles mentioned above, but also it gets gummed up so to speak with all the toxins we are exposed to.  And because it is a big digestion metabolizer, even it’s role in digesting our foods becomes difficult when it’s pipes are clogged.

How does this relate to the skin? 

I’m so glad you asked!  The skin, our largest organ, is really the expresser of our internal environment.  When the liver, can’t eliminate these toxins well, our skin then has to do it.  Either through the skin or into your gut ( and as we know our gut health is our immune system).

So rashes in general are really signs of how well your liver and gut are functioning.  Rashes, ezcema, psoriasis, dandruff, ect… These organs aren’t working properly.

What really is a “sick liver” though?

Well, when  the liver isn’t working well, which means digestion isn’t working well ( our immune system), we are WAY more susceptible to get infections. 
The more toxins we are exposed to, the more our immune system is down, the more we are susceptible to the bad guys.

The thing additionally about vaccines, is they also bypass our means of our digestive system and immune system and go straight into organs.  Making them weaker and more susceptible.

The Sickness I find consistently in my office that NEVER fails is liver viruses.  This is why we call it a sick liver.  It really is sick, and can’t take on any more than it already is burdened with.  This means more skin reaction, food allergies, and mood problems.

Are you someone or do you know someone with a zillion allergies, or all of a sudden starts becoming allergic to things?  They have a sick liver. 

How do we fix this?  Normal blood testing won’t show a sick liver.  Unless your liver enzymes are high, but usually it goes under the radar.  The only treatment I utilize for effectiveness is craniobiotic technique.  Once we find the suspected virus, our body eliminates it out, then we can do an effective liver cleanse to clean up the toxins and gunk.

What will happen?

Well, you’ll feel better, your skin will get better and you’ll be way less sensitive to things.

Trust me, I used to be one of those million allergies people. 

The Skin/Brain Connection

The Skin/Brain Connection

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a great Superbowl weekend!  As most of you know my niche so to speak is really about healing the brain in many difference forms.  This week,  we dive into the relationship between the skin and the brain.

Our skin (our biggest organ), yes it is an organ, can give us a lot of information as to how our brain is functioning.

The skin changes at different rates according to

-environmental factors

Skin mirrors the first sign of aging, usually because of hormonal decline.  Skin can become, dry, pale in color, fine lines and wrinkles.  The brain is also affected by the decline in hormones as well.  Cognitive decline, can also be attributed to hormone deficiency.  This doesn’t mean jumping to hormone replacement therapy, as you know I’m not a huge fan of this, as it can lead to other symptoms and problems long term. I always for natural options that work with the body chemistry.
When you balance your hormones, you also balance your skin and your brain.

Why Do Skin & the Brain Age in Similar Ways?

“There is a biological reason that skin and brain age in similar ways. In early embryo, both skin cells and brain cells develop from the same kind of embryonic tissue (ectoderm). It is not feasible to do a brain biopsy to assess aging of brain tissue, but a skin biopsy is simple. Researchers are finding that skin cells can provide an experimental model for aging research on the brain.

Perhaps not surprisingly, considering the brain-skin link, what is good for the brain is also great for the skin. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed fish oil is beneficial for the brain and the skin. It appears to help limit the damage of radiation from the sun, give skin a younger appearance and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

This is good news because it means that you possess the power to change your brain! There are many ways to become sick, but there is a clear path to wellness and it’s simpler than you think.

By improving your brain health you can improve your skin!

The key is to figure out what is inflaming your brain.  Is it the fascial tension (read below) starting all the way in your brain from cranial misalignment? Is it hormone imbalance?  It is toxicities from our environment, food, injections?  Is it hidden infections?  What are the fires burning that are depleting and causing your brain to be inflamed?

That is my job to figure out..

Another important thing to mention about the skin.
Is the topic of fascia….

Every muscle and structure in your body is enveloped and joined by an interconnected tissue network. This tissue is called fascia.  

“Simply put, fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It is a head to toe, inside to out, all-encompassing and interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue found throughout the body. Your fascia provides a framework that helps support and protect individual muscle groups, organs, and the entire body as a unit.

For those of you who are visual learners, you can imagine your skin is like the rind of an orange. So, if your skin is the outer layer of the orange peel, the thicker, white, fibrous layer that lies almost immediately beneath the peel would be your fascia. Just as that thicker layer completely surrounds the inside of the orange, the same holds true to your fascia. We all have a layer of fascia directly beneath the skin that completely envelopes the body, giving another protective barrier between the skin and the deeper soft tissue.

The vitality and strength of your fascia is key to good health and synergy throughout each system of your body. ” How this affects the skin is when there are bunches of this tissue that have formed because of usually improper postures or injuries, this tissue affects how the skin looks.  That’s why there can be dimples, or creases, ect.  The health of the fascia depends on proper movements, hydration, movement of the joints(chiropractic) and nutrition.

“So much pain, tightness, and discomfort is unnecessarily caused by distorted fascia. Distortions in fascia can pull, torque, and compress the body into misalignment. Studies show that fascial tension in one structure – such as the knee – can cause tension or issues in adjacent structures, such as the hip or ankle. Some common conditions you may have heard of like Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, and frozen shoulder are all attributed to distortions in your fascia.”

“The condition of our skin can be affected by the state of our fascia. Not many people understand the impact of blood and fascia, and how it relates to the quality of our skin. Elastin and Collagen are two proteins which are essential to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Nutrients are carried through the blood to the skin, and when the fascia is distorted, it limits the supply of these proteins. This can cause a decrease in cell turnover, which is responsible for the natural, healthy glow we all strive to maintain.”

It baffles me that we try to treat our skin from the outside, when it’s what’s going on inside that determines health of the skin.

This fascial tissue starts up in the head, and surrounds the brain.  That is why you MUST start with cranial care to relieve head tension and fascial pull.  

I’ve seen fascial structures change before my eyes just with one session of craniopathy care.  But it really is effecting and changing the ENTIRE fascial system down to your feet since it is all connected.



If you have skin or scar tissue or injuries, you can break up this fascia over time, which will also improve your skin health.  Be aware, it’s painful and takes time, and you will detox, but it does work.  As long as you work on improving your movements and all the other factors mentioned.

Remember there’s fascia all the way in the skull surrounding your brain!  So that’s the first area you want to unwind the tissue from, because head tension can cause even leg tension!


Another favorite is the herb Gotu Kola.  This herb I love and with the quality of the herb I use a lot of women have said it’s like a facelift in a bottle!  Thats because of its influence on the fascia, blood circulation and skin tissue.
Theres also an amazing Essential oil botanical blend you can read on below that is wonderful for circulation and the skin!

More nutrition Tips will be given later this month!

Also Clean beauty products for your skin is always a MUST.  One of my favorite companies is Beauty Counter for makeup, and DoTerra for skin care.

You can get some here:


Oil of the WEEK.

On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Yarrow/Pom Oil.

Yarrow|Pom is a one-of-a-kind expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil, offering powerful benefits to both the skin and the body.

Primary Benefits

  • Provides powerful antioxidant support*
  • Promotes cellular, immune, and nervous system health*
  • Supports healthy metabolic function*
  • Calms the body and mind*
  • Soothing to the skin

Yarrow|Pom is an expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil designed to be your go-to for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, overall wellness, and, quite frankly, how to get that glow. This synergistic and first-of-its-kind blend naturally up-regulates the body’s protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins (inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity and collagen) with the added benefit of promoting collagen production.* Additionally, this active botanical powerhouse can be applied topically to revitalize aging skin and taken internally to support a healthy inflammatory response at the source and promotes healthy metabolic function.* With main chemical components punicic acid (an omega 5), antioxidants, β-caryophyllene, and chamazulene, this vegan-friendly active botanical duo supports cellular, immune, and nervous system function and rejuvenation when taken internally.*


  • Consume one to two drops morning and night to promote a healthy metabolism.*
  • To promote a healthy immune response, take one to two drops of Yarrow|Pom daily.*
  • As part of your skin care routine, apply Yarrow|Pom to help promote the look of young and healthy skin, or to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Create a soothing massage experience with a few drops of Yarrow|Pom to help soothe tension.



Collagen production.
Boost collagen production with Vitamin C:: This is a biggie for producing collagen and repairing skin cells. Find it in dark leafy greens, broccoli, strawberries, peppers, and oranges.

  • ½ cup fresh or wild frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 c fresh strawberries
  • ¼ cup pineapple
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds


  1. Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend it until nice and smooth.



That is all for now,


Have a happy and healthy week.


Dr. Hamel


Emotional Detoxing…. Subconscious Mind Games.  

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, as we are wrapping up the month of January already (time flies), which means we are wrapping up our topics around detoxing.

Have you enjoyed this month?
Are there topics you’ve been dying for more info on?  Please Give me feedback, as topics are ALWAYS welcome!

To Recap:
This month we have gone over detoxing the brain through cranial based care, key nutrients that are needed for effective detoxing and weight loss and detoxing.  If you missed them, make sure to head on over to and click “blog”, to catch them again!

For many of us, thinking about detoxing with food and exercise is easy to conceptualize, but when it comes to detoxing the mind, that seems foreign. 

Just as a physical cleanse can help you digest your food better, and emotional detox can help you cleanse our emotional experiences.

I can also attest to my faith being a huge part in what I call mindset reset, but this “realm” so to speak can get really clouded in many different forms of emotional healing.  My profession and my speciality, I do not really go further that to just reseting mindset and self sabotage patterns that are inhibiting healing.  

Because of my faith, I don’t want to cross into any other paths because I feel that is not my place or lane.  

The idea of emotional detoxing for some I believe seems foreign because we know about stress, and we know the effects of stress.  However, unhealthy patterns in emotional health is not always something we are conscious of.

However, we DO know that Emotions can CAUSE physical symptoms.  And being that 99% of our thoughts are subconscious, it’s safe to say that it can play tricks on us.  

Emotions, if held in the body can be toxic, and act like a toxin, just like any other chemical.  We must then discuss the concept of emotional detoxing as a means to truly and fully detox the body.  What does this mean?

Examples can be things like : letting go of the past, letting go of fear, guilt, anger, resentment, anxiety to name a few.  

Additionally, we know that for emotional wellness, we need to be in community, and not alone.  For instance, 

In 1971, Dr. Moriymam, Dr Krueger and Dr Stamler, published a study of the correlation between marriage and mortality.  The study found that even when controlling for all other factors, annual mortality of single people is 3 to 5 times higher than that of their married counterparts!  

Yet another source in Air, War and Emotional Stress, described the positive impact of military camaraderies on the medical outcomes of wounded soldiers.  A soldier’s willingness and ability to endure severe stress of combat was primarily dependent on how close a soldier feels to the rest of his unit.  

So we know that we need community, but we also know that emotionally we need to detox or let go of the things in that community that aren’t serving us or harm us.  This is hard to know, and sometimes our subconscious takes over because of repetitive patterns it’s used to.  For instance,

Our current emotional health is usually set by things that have happened in our childhood.  When we are young the brain is still developing, so things that happen the body remembers, it gets stored and the epigenetic changes sets us up for triggers later on in our life.

In the 1990s, the CDC and kaiser permante did a study looking over 17,500 adults.  60% of the adults in the study had at least 1 of the 10 triggers for adverse childhood experiences(ACE).

ACE= childhood trauma, unresolved emotions, divorce, bullying, abuse, neglect, ect.  These manifest into an illness and can be intergenerational.  
80% had more than 1.  If the person had 4 or more ACE they had an increase in cancer, pulmonary problems, suicidal, alzheimers, ect.

These ACE’s set us up for subconscious sabotage.  So, they need to be detoxed out. WHy?  Because they will inhibit your healing, or may even be the SOLE source of your pain.

This can be done many ways, and in my practice I focus on a few.

1. Prayer.  Whatever your belief, prayer is a great way to help mindset reset and just tune into your own thoughts.  Asking for things to be cleared or forgiven are great ways to release emotional toxins.

2. NET.  Neuro Emotional Technique.  Often times we know what we need to detox out (say bad influences, friends or family), and other times we have no idea what is holding us back., or just how much it really is affecting us. The beautiful thing about this technique is that we can tap into that subconscious to really figure out one or the other, and just allow your body to be on board with what you really want to be true.  This is a great way to focus on #1 as well, is to intentionally have that quiet time after knowing what is holding you back.

3.  Essential Oils .  EO are wonderful tools we have in the plant form to also help heal emotional wounds that aren’t allowing us to detox.  They have a unique ability to work at the cellular level and normalize certain chemical reaction for this purpose.  Different ones work different for different emotions.

4. Homeopathic.  Similar to EO, certain homeopathies can help detox negative emotions as well.  With EO and homeopathy however, they are an ADJUNCT to NET.  I feel you need to know first what is holding you back then use the remedies to help further detox it out.
5. Microcurrent Neurofeeback.  (I don’t have this, but refer).  This is a great way to detox your emotional system as it helps rewire and calm the brain.

6 . Goal Setting and Journaling.  Finding out what you need and who you truly want to be is sometimes not really known until you take the time to really reflect.  A great way is writing things down, maybe things you need to let go of that are holding you back, and either tossing them, burning them, or keeping them as a remembrance of where you’ve come from.  LET IT OUT!  holding in emotions is far worse I can assure you.  So cry, yell, journal, just get it out.

7. Connections.  We know from reading above that connection is huge for emotional health.  So surround yourself with people, books, pets that connect you to you!

IN order to move one, we cannot live in the past.  In order to progress we must move forward.  In order to heal, we must detox our emotions that aren’t serving us.

I get it, sometimes you can’t escape a toxic environment, whether it’s home, work or otherwise.  But what you CAN do is change the way you look/react to it.  The more you focus on your vision, and your calling to more you will feel worth it to detox things that aren’t leading you to it. 
This may mean letting go of toxic people which can be hard, but again we cannot move forward unless we leave the past in the past.

Many of my patients have experienced this technique in combination with their cranial care.  It is VITAL in my practice, because ANY chronic condition has an emotional attachment that we need to detox out.  I see it everyday.  This is typically why patients get well so quickly is because we are attaching all levels of healing.  But if you think just doing body work all the time and leaving this section out is ok, then you will miss a huge portion of healing for yourself.



Oil of the WEEK.

On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Bergamot. This oil helps you let go of anger, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, and fear. (This is my favorite oil by far to use).

From the coast of Reggio di Calabria in Italy, Bergamot is one of the most unique citrus oils. For years, Italians have used Bergamot for many purposes—to rejuvenate the skin, reduce feelings of stress, and more. There are many unique attributes of Bergamot that set it apart from other citrus oils, including the exclusivity of where it is grown, the fact that it is a bitter fruit that produces sweet oil, and its ability to create an uplifting and calming environment, just to name a few. Commonly used for soothing skin, in massage, and to purify and uplift, Bergamot essential oil is a versatile go-to favorite at doTERRA.

Where to Buy Bergamot Oil
Ask Dr. Hamel

Bergamot Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. Like other citrus oils, Bergamot essential oil makes the perfect addition to any glass of water. If you want to give new life to a plain drink of water, consider adding a drop of Bergamot oil along with some cut up pieces of fruit.
  2. While the aromas of many citrus oils are known to be stimulating or invigorating, Bergamot oil has unique calming capabilities that can help when tension or stress levels are high. One of the best ways to glean the calming benefits of Bergamot essential oil is to diffuse the oil. The next time you feel stress levels or tension getting high, consider diffusing Bergamot oil in the classroom, at work, or at home for a calming effect.
  3. The calming benefits of Bergamot essential oil’s aroma are not only present during aromatic diffusion, but also during topical application. These calming properties make Bergamot essential oil a popular choice for massage therapy. Not only does the oil promote a calm, serene atmosphere, but it is also purifying for the skin, which is why many massage professionals use Bergamot oil. If you want to use Bergamot oil for massage at home, use a carrier oil or dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for best results.
  4. Want to enjoy the purifying benefits of Bergamot oil for your skin? Make your own Bergamot oil foot mask! Using organic ingredients like raw honey, Greek yogurt, and celery, this mask will help your feet feel soft and luxurious. Applying this smooth mask to your feet allows the rest of your body to absorb the moisturizing, restorative properties that the concoction holds. The purifying power of Bergamot essential oil will soothe and cool dry or distressed feet—rejuvenating your skin from heel to toe.
  5. Do you enjoy adding essential oils to your tea? When you have Bergamot oil on hand, you can enjoy a cup of Earl Grey whenever you want. With a pure, citrus and spice flavor, Bergamot oil is the perfect companion to your daily tea break—quickly changing a regular cup of tea to Earl Grey with a few simple drops. Remember, when adding essential oils to food or drink, less is more. Start out with a small drop and work your way up from there. If the oil is particularly strong, dip a toothpick in the oil and add it to your water, tea, or dish. This keeps the oil flavor from being too overwhelming. Watch this video to learn more about using Bergamot oil for tea.
  6. If you are ready to unwind and refresh your skin after a taxing day, Bergamot oil offers a simple solution for relaxation. At the end of a long day, you can enjoy the calming and skin-purifying benefits of Bergamot oil at the same time by applying it to your skin while showering. While in the shower, apply Bergamot oil to your skin and inhale deeply to experience the calming aroma while enjoying the purifying skin benefits of this versatile oil.
  7. No matter what mood you are in, Bergamot oil can help promote uplifting, relaxing, and confident feelings—particularly when diffused. When diffusing on its own, use three to four drops of Bergamot oil in the diffuser of your choice. Diffusing this oil can help promote a sense of self confidence when you feel frazzled, or a sense of inner peace when feelings of stress abound. Looking for a good diffuser blend that uses the uplifting aroma of Bergamot? Try three drops of Bergamot and three drops of doTERRA Balance® for a relaxing and energizing diffuser blend that lets you escape a mundane or exasperating day.
  8. Not only will the calming aromatic benefits of Bergamot essential oil relieve feelings of stress or tension throughout the day, this oil can also help you prepare for a peaceful night of rest. Apply Bergamot oil to your feet before bedtime and enjoy a sense of calm and harmony as you drift off to dreamland—leaving the cares of your day behind.




A great superfood for cleaning and detoxifying the emotions are chlorella!


  • 2 cups cashew nuts, soaked
  • 1 cup unsalted pistachios
  • 1 cup rice malt syrup
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ½ tablespoon Organic Burst Chlorella
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract


  1. Soak the cashews for at least 8 hours in 2 cups of water, ideally overnight.
  2. Place the pistachios in a food processor or blender and pulse until finely chopped, almost to a powder.
  3. Drain the water and place the cashews into the blender or food processor.
  4. Add the coconut oil, rice malt syrup, almond extract and Organic Burst Chlorella and blend until smooth and well combined.
  5. Pour the ice-cream into a loaf pan.
  6. Place in the freezer to set for 2 hours.



That is all for now.


Have a happy and healthy week!


Dr. Hamel

Key Nutrients You Need for a Successful Detox

Key Nutrients You Need for a Successful DETOX

Happy Monday everyone!
We are continuing on this week with topics all about detoxing!  Last week we talked about detoxing and weight loss, so if you missed it head on over to my website!

This week I want to give you some tools of how you can basically armor your body to be able to detox everyday, and things that need to be foundational and present in order for you to effectively detox.

1. Oil Pulling.
This is something that is SO easy, and something EVERYONE can do every single day to help detox your mouth and overall body.  80% of chronic conditions arise from poor oral health!
Oil Pulling has been around for thousands of years in aryuvedic medicine.  It is a simple practice of using cold pressed coconut oil, and I like to add essential oils.  There is a link to how to do it on my website:

Switch from toxic toothpaste and mouthwash to oil pulling!

2.  Minerals. If you have poor oral health, and heavy metal or chemical toxicity in your body, you are almost 100% mineral deficient.  You see, we need minerals to be able to bind these toxins to eliminate them out of the body through our excretion pathways.  These are key elements the body uses to defend itself.

Here are the top 3 minerals that you will be deficient in if you have poor oral health.   And, just so you know about 1 in 30 americans have periodontal disease, and 100% of all root canals are still infected.

1.  Selenium-

  • The form is important.  200 mcg whole food form every day is a baseline.  Nail health, losing of hair?  Your deficient in selenium.   We cannot bind mercury, or produce glutathione without this mineral.  Brazil nuts contain the most food form, but 3 brazil nuts a day often doesn’t contain enough.   You can purchase a high quality selenium whole food supplement from my online pharmacy on my website:

2. Silica. We are silica based life forms.  Our connective tissue is dependent on silica.  It is critical for skeletal integrity of the teeth and gums,  mucosal layer, regenerating the mucus membranes, ligaments and tendons.  I recommend a whole food form.  5000 mg daily loading phase.   Alta silica X is the best brand.  3 tabs 4/ day over 2-4 weeks then reduce as connective tissue integrity is restored, with trace minerals.
You can also order a similar product on my online pharmacy:

3. Trace Minerals.  These include
Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium , Calcium, Sulfate  and Boron.

These are vital minerals that are best taken in food forms.  Everyone is deficient in magnesium. Some of you use filtered water, or reverse osmosis water, which depletes your water of minerals, so you must replenish your water with minerals.  I like this company:

Which leads me into point number 3.

3. Hydration.  What you hydrate with is extremely important!  If you drink chlorinated tap water, you are doing more harm than good.  Additionally, if you drink water from plastic bottles you also are polluting your body.  As I mentioned, if you get filtered water you need to replenish it with minerals.  However what i HIGHLY recommend for everyone in their detox journey is molecular hydrogen water.  Not only is it SUPER hydrating, but also high pH and high antioxidant level, which in itself detoxes .

the Brand I recommend is kangen water:

4.  Food Choices. 
You absolutely need to go organic or grow it yourself.  Get to know your local farmers.  Eating a diet of fast food because of its additives, preservative, ect.  causes damage to your microbiome.  The disruption of good gut by eating fast food is enough to create weight gain.  Eat lots of fermented foods which replenish your gut.
Here is a list of foods you could mix and combine and do a 5 day liver cleanse just with food!
-green apples
-fresh berries
-baby greens
-bok choy
-dark green leafy veggies
-olive oil
-apple cider vinegar
-white fish, salmon (wild)
-brown rice
-green tea
-flaxseed meal
-daikon radish (blood cleaner)
-ginger/tumeric root

I also highly recommend doing my 21 day cleanse at least twice a year.  Not only is this needed for complaints but its also PREVENTATIVE.  It’s anti cancer, anti hormone issues, gut issues, ect.  WE live in a toxic world, so we need to make sure our pathways are ALWAYS clear.  This is the only cleanse I have found to be efficient.

I am halfway through mine for the year and feeling great!! I’ve already had a couple patient testimonials that the cleanse and eating differently have CHANGED their lives!

SUPER TIP: Other key nutrients are foundational vitamins and antioxidants.  If you aren’t on a whole food based supplement, you are deprived, there just isn’t enough in our food sources anymore, even if you are organic.  I would love to get you started with this, as well as natural forms of glutathione and other natural antioxidants like vitamin C, A, and B vitamins necessary for detoxification pathways.

5.  Excretion.  Getting the toxins out is also very important!  Try incorporating a dry sauna or infrared sauna in your weekly routine.  Coffee enemas or colon hydrotherapy a couple of times a month, exercising at least 5 times a week, and just plain moving every single day!

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
This can be extremely helpful increase the overall oxygen in your body to help detox and eliminate aerobic bugs out of your body.

Castor oil is also great for detoxing!  Castor oil packs on the liver and abdomen can flush out stagnated lymphatics.

PEMF therapy!  One of my favs for overall cellular detoxification.  My Idaho location has this therapy and its wonderful!

6.  Essential Oils.  Use essential oils like Doterra Lemon to gently detox every single day!  I just finished up a whole class devoted to detoxing with essential oils!  There are many to choose from.

Don’t have an account ask me to get you started!

7.  Regulate your hormones.  I talked about this in last week’s blog, but it’s super important in order to make sure your detox pathways remain unclogged.

8.  Sleep.  I also wrote about this previously.  Sleep is where we heal and our brain detoxes.  If you aren’t getting adequate sleep, please let me know, I have answers!

Oil of the WEEK.

On the spotlight this week is DoTerra’s Clove Oil.

Clove oil has the HIGHEST amount of antioxidants on EARTH!

Antioxidants are KNOWN detoxifying agents.

It’s also great for teeth and gum health and to use in oil pulling!

A great superfood for cleaning and detoxifying the blood are Daikon Radishes!

Try this Green apple and daikon radish salad:

  • 2 daikon
  • 3 tablespoons avocado oil
  • 3 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons clementine juice
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 3 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons pepitas, unsalted
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice


  1. In a bowl, add oil, vinegar, juices, and parsley. Whisk to blend.
  2. Spiralize the daikon and green apple. If you don’t have a spiralizer, feel free to chop it.
  3. Toss the daikon and green apple with the dressing. Allow to sit for 5 minutes so the flavors blend.


That is all for now,


have a happy and healthy week!


Dr. Hamel