Dangers of Antibiotic Overuse & Tips for gut cleansing

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, as I experienced my first Polo Tournament volunteering for Bay Area Lyme Disease Foundation.  It was fun!.

On to this week’s topic.  Dun Dun Dun… antibiotics…… This isn’t to discourage from them, as some are lifesaving…. I just wanted to share some light on how antibiotic overuse can actually be harming our ability to even use them.  I’m going to quote from an article I read recently, then give you some of my tips at the end.

“The era of antibiotics, where deadly bacterial infections are knocked out completely in a matter of days, may be coming to an end soon, according to more than a handful of media headlines referring to a new paper in the Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal.

However, all hope is not lost. The paper, by Professor Tim Walsh and colleagues, refers to a type of gene called NDM 1, which easily transfers between enterobacteriaceae bacteria (which includes E. coli and other types), making such bacteria resistant to antibiotics. NDM 1 is already widespread in other areas of the world, such as India, but it’s now showing up in the United States as well.

Walsh told The Guardian: “In many ways, this is it … This is potentially the end. There are no antibiotics in the pipeline that have activity against NDM 1producing enterobacteriaceae. We have a bleak window of maybe 10 years, where we are going to have to use the antibiotics we have very wisely, but also grapple with the reality that we have nothing to treat these infections with.”

Without antibiotics, not only would common infections become far more deadly, but numerous medical procedures would be next to impossible, or incredibly dangerous, due to the high infection risk, and lack of a viable option to treat them.
This includes:
Transplant surgery
Immunosuppresant cancer drugs
Abdominal surgery
Removal of a burst appendix
All of these surgeries and treatments require antibiotics to prevent potentially lifethreatening infections … but one day they may no longer be an option… if those that overuse antibiotics are not stopped!

Antibiotic Resistance: “The World’s Most Pressing Public Health Problem”

Antibiotic resistance develops when bacteria change in some way to resist the effects of an antibiotic. They may, for instance, “learn” how to neutralize the antibiotic before it can do harm, or pump the antibiotic out before it can do any damage. Others can even change the site the antibiotic attacks so it doesn’t affect the bacteria’s function.

Bacteria can even become antibiotic resistant because of a mutation in their genetic material or by acquiring parts of DNA from resistant bacteria. If even one bacteria is able to survive an antibiotic, it can quickly multiply and replace the bacteria that were killed off. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world’s most pressing public health problems. Almost every type of bacteria has become stronger and less responsive to antibiotic treatment when it is really needed. These antibioticresistant bacteria can quickly spread to family members, schoolmates, and coworkers threatening the community with a new strain of infectious disease that is more difficult to cure and more expensive to treat. For this reason, antibiotic resistance is among CDC’s top concerns … If a microbe is resistant to many drugs, treating the infections it causes can become difficult or even impossible. Someone with an infection that is resistant to a certain medicine can pass that resistant infection to another person. In this way, a hardtotreat illness can be spread from person to person. In some cases, the illness can lead to serious disability or even death.”

Antibioticresistant bacteria are now all around us. One of the most well known is MRSA, which kills up to 20,000 Americans each year. Not only is MRSA resistant to methicillin, which includes penicillin and related antibiotics, but it’s beginning to become resistant to newer antibiotics as well. For instance, one particularly lethal strain of MRSA, USA600, which causes bloodstream infections and is five times more lethal than other strains, is now showing some resistance to vancomycin, a powerful antibiotic that is used to treat it. Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is another bacteria that is rapidly becoming resistant to antibiotics. C. diff causes intestinal disease and cases have been increasing for years. An analysis of infection rates in 28 hospitals over a two year period found its prevalence is even higher than MRSA. Further, according to the CDC, a growing number of diseasecausing organisms are now resistant to one or more antibiotics.

These include: Acinetobacter Anthrax Gonorrhea Group B strep Klebsiella pneumoniae Methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Neisseria meningitides Shigella Streptococcus pneumoniae Tuberculosis Typhoid Fever Vancomycinresistant Enterococci (VRE) VancomycinIntermediate/ Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VISA/VRSA)

What is Causing the Rise in AntibioticResistant Disease?

The problem with antibiotics is that they are often prescribed to treat viruses against which they are useless. Viruses like upper respiratory infections, measles, mumps, chickenpox, flu, and gastroenteritis are all viral infections, for which antibiotics are doing nothing. Using antibiotics unnecessarily not only kills of beneficial bacteria in your body, it is also leading to the increase of antibioticresistant bacteria.

As the CDC states: “Antibiotic use promotes development of antibioticresistant bacteria. Every time a person takes antibiotics, sensitive bacteria are killed, but resistant germs may be left to grow and multiply. Repeated and improper uses of antibiotics are primary causes of the increase in drugresistant bacteria. While antibiotics should be used to treat bacterial infections, they are not effective against viral infections like the common cold, most sore throats, and the flu. Widespread use of antibiotics promotes the spread of antibiotic resistance. Smart use of antibiotics is the key to controlling the spread of resistance.”

Antibioticresistant superbugs are one of the greatest human threats, as even pharmaceutical companies along with universities are recognizing their presence that’s growing dramatically by the day. You’re exposed to antibiotics not only by prescription but also through the food you eat. About 70 percent of all antibiotics produced in the United States are given to livestock and poultry, which you then feed to your family. Meats and other animal products that contain antibiotics are actually a major source of antibiotic exposure to you and your family. Further, when drugs are excreted in animal waste, the compounds linger in the environment. In the case of livestock waste, the antibioticlaced manure is spread directly onto farm crops as fertilizer.

From there it may run off into nearby streams. The result is antibiotic residue not only in animal foods, but also in your fruits and veggies and even your drinking water. When you visit the doctor, don’t pressure them to prescribe antibiotics for your kids if they’re not necessary. According to the CDC, doctors will prescribe antibiotics 62 percent of the time if parents expect them, compared to only 7 percent of the time they don’t.

For instance, research from the University of Iowa found a new strain of MRSA in 70 percent of hogs and 64 percent of workers on farms that routinely use antibiotics. Experts are now realizing that this drugresistant bacteria can spread via the food supply, water runoff and other methods, potentially putting the entire population at risk. Antibiotic Dangers Beyond Superbugs … Antibiotics do kill bacteria, and they do this quite well. The problem is that they not only kill the bad bacteria that may be causing your illness, but they also kill ALL bacteria, including the good kind in your digestive tract that your body needs, leaving barren territory for all sorts of trouble to brew.

If you have taken antibiotics unnecessarily, for a virus, for instance, you have therefore killed off all of the good bacteria in your system and may be more vulnerable to MRSA, C. diff and other infections. Antibiotics are also linked to side effects in their own right, including tendon rupture, allergic reactions, diarrhea, upset stomach and vaginal yeast infections in women. T

hat said, when prescribed for bacterial infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis they can be, and often are, lifesaving, which is why antibiotics are medications that we would not want to see go extinct.

How Can You Help Reduce Antibiotic Overuse?

First, cut down on your exposure to antibiotics by only taking them when they’re absolutely necessary and do not pressure your health care provider to prescribe antibiotics if you do not have a bacterial infection. If you are taking antibiotics, be sure you take them as prescribed and finish the entire treatment. If you stop too soon, some bacteria may survive and reinfect you.

Next, purchase organic meat and dairy products (which are antibioticfree). This will not only help your family directly, but you’ll also be sending a message to agribusiness that you won’t support farming practices that endanger the environment and public health. You can also trade in your antibacterial soaps and cleansers for natural varieties, as these harsh chemicals may be contributing to the spread of antibioticresistant bacteria.

A Simple Tip to Protect Yourself and Your Family from AntibioticResistant Disease

The key to protecting yourself against these pathogens is to build your own natural immunity, and one way you can do this is by changing your inner environment so no unfriendly bacteria would want to live there. And the way to do this is to make sure you have enough good bacteria present to keep the bad bacteria at bay. Studies have shown that probiotics may be helpful with both immune system modulation and allergies, plus they’re imperative if you’ve recently been on antibiotic therapy. It’s a simple step that may help keep you and your family in the best health possible. Cultured foods like kefir (a fermented milk drink that tastes like tart yogurt) and traditionally fermented sauerkraut, natto and other fermented vegetables are also among the best sources of probiotics around. So in addition to taking a high quality probiotic, adding these probiotic rich foods to your diet is also important.”


Whew… long article but worth the read.  Basically, we use them WAY too much, they are even in our food, and now we have all these mass amounts of superbugs.  Thankfully, there are other options. My recommendation is just don’t use them unless it’s absolutely necessary. First, keeping your immune system healthy is key.  It talked briefly about your gut…. Yes, you need to keep your gut healthy.  This includes a well maintained diet, stress reduction, cleaning out toxins and parasites, exercise, and making sure your nervous system is working adequately.  Probiotics are helpful yes, but eating them is more beneficial, and eating adequate fiber. When your gut is unhealthy, not only are you more prone to get sick, but also other immune system disorders, low back pain, headaches to name a few….

I’ve also treated many appendicitis, which is usually just the appendix artery spasmed.  Either due to stress, food sensitivity, and sometimes yes bacteria.  There are ways to calm the reflex, and then work on why it was spasmed in the first place.


Keep your nervous system checked is #1.  If you do get sick, essential oils are amazing tools, or coming in for a CBT treatment.  I cannot stress enough the amazing health benefits of pure essential oils, for instance Oregano is amazing at killing bacteria, and does not create resistance.  Cool right?  Also, no side effects.  I wish every single patient could have an oil kit in their medicine cabinet, but in reality you can, it’s very easy to have natural options instead of running to the doctor.  Just ask me how.  Herbs are also amazing for killing viruses and bacteria.  I use many in my practice in combination with oils and silvercillin.  Silvercillin is like natures antibiotic.

Another way to effectively clean out pesky toxins in your gut to boost your immune system is coffee enemas.  I know not so glamorous, but they really do work, and are super easy to do at home.

“The very last part of the colon, before reaching the rectum, is in an “S” shape and called the sigmoid colon. By the time stool gets to this part of the colon, most nutrients have been absorbed back into the bloodstream. Because the stool contains products of putrefaction at this point, there exists a special circulatory system between the sigmoid colon and the liver. There is a direct communication of veins called the enterohepatic circulation. Have you ever felt sick just before having a bowel movement, when stool material has just moved into the rectum for elimination? As soon as the material is evacuated, you no longer feel sick. This is due of the toxic quality of the material and the enterohepatic circulation coming into play. Because of this, it is important to evacuate when you have the urge. The rectum should usually be empty.

This circulatory system enables toxin to be sent directly to the liver for detoxification, rather than circulating them through the rest of the body and all of its vital organs including the brain. This system of veins carries rectal / sigmoid toxins directly to the liver for detoxification.

When a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxicant. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. This seems to free up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream. The coffee does not go into the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is done improperly.

The coffee contains some alkaloids that also stimulate the production of glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme used by the liver to make the detox pathways run. It is pivotal in the formation of more glutathione, one of the main conjugation chemicals, enabling toxins to be eliminated via bile into the small intestine. So in other words, a coffee enema speeds up the detoxification process and minimizes the backlog of yet to be detoxified substances.”

Here is what you need:½ quart (about 16 oz or 2 cups) – Purified water (not tap water) –for heating ½ quart (about 16 oz) – Purified water for cooling the heated water


2 Tablespoons – Organic coffee (whole coffee beans)




Other Items


Enema bag. Use a large volume, disposable type. These can be found through a variety of online sources.


Old towels (to use when kneeling/laying on the floor); don’t use good towels as coffee stains






1) Grind Coffee Beans. Fresh-grind the coffee beans to a powder. DON’T do this ahead of time so you get the most active phytonutrients from coffee. Pre-ground coffee is not to be used!


2) Simmer Ground Coffee Beans for 5 Minutes. Add the freshly ground coffee to ½ quart of water and bring to simmer (small, rolling bubbles) for about 5 minutes. Turn off heat.


3) Let Sit for 5 Minutes.


4) Strain Mixture. Strain the coffee with a fine metal strainer to remove any large particles that could clog the enema tube.


5) Add Cool Water to Mixture. Add the ½ quart of room temperature water to the hot coffee mixture – then pour into enema bag. The idea is to cool the hot coffee mixture to a ‘gentle warm to the touch’ temperature. Too hot can damage, and if cold, it can cause cramping.


6) Take Enema. Although not necessary, a good time is after bowel elimination. The best place is on the floor in the bathroom, somewhat near the toilet. Lay a large towel down. Good positions are either on your knees with head down, or lie on your side. The enema bag should be elevated about 2-4 feet off the ground, hung on a towel rack or shower curtain.




Remove enema tip cover and gently insert nozzle into rectum about 3 to 5 inches. Go slowly and do not force it. If you feel resistance, back it out slowly and retry at slightly different angle. Once inserted, slowly release contents by using white control clasp. You may have sensation of warm liquid gurgling or flowing into the colon. If flow seems too fast, close clamp, wait a minute, then release again. Try to take about ½ the liquid into the bowels; then hold for 10 minutes before expelling. During this time, you can close the clamp, remove from the rectum, lay on side and read or just relax. After expelling, take in the second ½ quart and repeat. You’re done!




Initially, you may not be able to hold ½ contents, or hold it the full 10 minutes. Later, after several enemas and toxic elimination, it will be easier to hold longer. Just hold ¼ contents or so, and if nature calls, even if after a minute or two, expel and repeat.




7) Best Enema Time. During the day before 8pm. It can help to be near a toilet if some liquid needs to be expelled. This is not uncommon, as the enema liquid can reach high in the colon and take longer to be expelled. Drink plenty of pure water after the enema to re-hydrate.




Special Notes

Some may initially experience slight nausea due to release of stagnant toxins. Over time, this clears and should not discourage you from the enema. The number of coffee enemas varies by person and condition, but generally a ‘series’ is best to fully clear the system: 2 per week for 4 weeks; then 1 per week for 4 weeks. This is a highly efficient method to eliminate stubborn toxins.

I think that’s enough to get your heads spinning today…. Until next week:)

Have a great week.  And please stop by my booth this weekend at the BABI even if possible!

Flooding, mold and your brain

Flooding and hidden mold issues
Happy Monday everyone!  I think it’s important to take a moment today and remember those who we lost in 9/11…..

Also, prayers for those in line of the next hurricane!!  Which brings me into my next topic.  With all this crazy weather out there, I have seen so many people this past week just feeling pretty out of it and ill.  Which makes perfect sense.  Our earth is veryyyy off balance right now.  A lot of sinus related illnesses have been surfacing, which for a lot of people is not actually allergies.  In fact, almost 80% of the time I find sinus related issues are due to hidden infections, and most the time mold.  The Aspergillus species is most often the culprit although there are others.

I wanted to expand on a topic I briefly mentioned in one of my facebook posts this week. (If you haven’t followed my facebook or Instagram please do, there are links at the bottom).  With the floods as well, millions will be affected by mold.  Some often take mold way too lightly.  I’m going to quote an article from the Amen Clinics who is also a fellow brain activist.”We’ve all heard of mildew, and some of us know about black mold, but do you know what mold can do to your health? Mold is actually a toxin and it releases toxic gas and spores into the air. When the toxins enter your body, via skin or air, the toxic gases cause a disturbance in many organs, including your brain.

Often confused as just allergies, or “just being out of it,” mold infections can affect cognitive function, especially in the frontal cortical area.

Since the 1950’s when drywall began replacing plaster, high-efficiency, energy-saving appliances are smaller and more airtight for many houses. This has increased the reports of mold infections and their drastic indicators.

Here are some symptoms of mold toxicity:

Psychological distress
Changes in touch or sensation
Muscle weakness
Coordination problems
Mental fog
Breathing problems
Digestive issues

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Lyme disease, and mold infections have very similar symptoms. These conditions are often associated with brain fog, memory loss, insomnia, and even nausea. Because TBIs are often painful and frightening, people tend to seek help more immediately.

Symptoms of a TBI appear suddenly and can last for years, which is why many of these illnesses are misdiagnosed as something else.  Post concussion syndrome is VERY common.

Remember a TBI doesn’t even have to be a concussion or direct blow to the head, I see TBI just from excessive clenching.  You see chewing is around 35 pounds of pressure, while clenching is 1500 pounds!  It’s like mini concussions every single night! That is why I screen for the magnitude of the clenching if you are a clencher, and work with the best dentists.

When a mold infection isn’t misdiagnosed as Lyme or a TBI, it’s often diagnosed as other brain conditions because of the symptoms. The sudden “brain fog” and memory loss allows for people to simply write it off as getting older, while depression and anxiety symptoms seem to signal mental illness.  Sounds like dementia right?  Well we know dementia is preventable, and treatable.

I know from experience that my Lyme Disease patients also have huge mold issues as well.  Most of the time dealing with the mold will dramatically change the results, although mold elimination is quite tricky.

Because of the long-term effects of mold, it is often misdiagnosed, and therefore mistreated, leaving the person even more frustrated, and still suffering from the distressing side effects of mold toxicity.

If you even think your symptoms are similar to a mold infection, it’s important to come in to get a comprehensive evaluation.

1. Contain or stop the exposure–  If you think you are getting exposed, it’s important to screen your home.  Bay area Mold does home screenings.  You have to decrease your exposure or else it will not really be effectively eliminated.  I also like incorporating ozonators into the home to help purify the air from potential molds.  Is a great company.

Essential oil diffusers are great as well for purifying the air, however if your home is infected, you must eliminate the source.

2. Boosting your detoxification pathways and increasing your levels of Vitamin D will also help with mold and eliminating it out, however I find these two protocols have worked the best.

 1. CBT.  Craniobiotic technique works really well as screening for some strands of mold and helping your body eliminate them out.  It’s also a way for me to screen if you are continually exposed to mold (like in your home) if the same molds continually show up.

2.  Vitality Detox Drops.  These are an amazing addition to my practice, and I cannot rave about them enough.  These zeolite detox drops are extremely gentle and safe and have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.  Not only do they help eliminate mold spores over a period of time, but also

  • Safely remove heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, cesium, strontium, aluminum, uranium and others from your brain, tissue and cells.
  • Effectively remove some bio-toxins such as black mold spores and Lyme spirochetes.
  • Remove other environmental toxins including fluoridated, chlorinated and brominated compounds as well as pesticides and volatile organic compounds.
  • Increase absorption of essential minerals and nutrients as well as super foods, herbs and essential oils.
  • It has been found to also make prescription medications more effective.
  • Increase cell hydration, cell membrane efficiency, vitality, and energy.
  • Reduce cellular body fat while increasing basal metabolic rate and lean mass.
  • Inhibit and eliminate the replication of rapidly reproducing abnormal cells.
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Increase overall energy as well as mental focus and clarity, and provide more restful sleep and enhanced dreams.
  • Enhance healthy fat loss when combined with diet and exercise.
  • Increase electrical activity in the brain as well as increase memory.

Its takes time to get toxins out like this once they are in the brain.  For some months, for others up to a year.  But, there is relief.  Once you get out of the exposure, you can eliminate mold, and nutritionally help your brain and immune system to bounce back.

Remember hidden infections over time just continually deplete our immune system.  When our immune system is down, then we are more susceptible to other infections, cancer cells replicating, digestion issues, ect.

Of course, cranial work is also essential to make sure your brain is working at it’s best, but most of the time, chronic fatigue, memory issues, allergies and digestion issues always have a mold connection.

Strange Knee Pain


As I was at a health fair this weekend, I had several people come ask questions about a “weird” knee pain that came on suddenly and hasn’t gone away.

Luckily, they came to my booth:) So, I could investigate what the culprits may be, but for most it was the same finding.  Kidneys, kidneys, and one gallbladder dysfunction.
(It was probably the heat)

This is the kidney Meridian as they call in acupuncture.  It’s basically a map through the body that can be active at certain spots when the kidney channel isn’t functioning well.   The Yingu is the knee point.  What’s important to note is that the kidneys have a strong connection with a muscle called the psoas.  The Psoas muscle is a huge low back stabilizer, and hip flexor.

What happens when the kidney channel isn’t flowing well, it turns “off” your psoas muscles which of course can lead to low back pain which is more common, but can also result in some weird knee pain.

What causes the channel to be blocked?  Usually dehydration of some sort or a chemical toxicity/exposure.  If its the first, that is pretty easy to fix, relaxing the reflex, and balancing your electrolytes.  If it’s the later, then its a little more tricky, relaxing the reflex and then finding what works well for you cleaning out your kidney.  Sometimes it’s certain homeopathic remedies for certain toxins, or sometimes your kidneys just need nutrition.   The reason the psoas is important is because with the knees, its usually a dysfunction coming from above or below the area.

The other knee pain culprit is more commonly the gallbladder.
Here is it’s meridian:

What’s really important with this one is the muscle connection.  The popliteus which is the knee stabilizer muscle.  It’s on the back side of your leg.

When the gallbladder channel is blocked it directly affects the knees, and makes them feel painful and locked, because this muscle is responsible for locking and unlocking the knee.

What causes this channel blockage?  More commonly internalized stressors, but also gallbladder/liver detoxing, or just nutrition for the gallbladder itself.  Over time these muscles relax long term when you look into the root causes, and the knee pain goes away.

I’ve had several knee cases where they had a bad meniscus injury, and just working on the popliteus and the gallbladder channel dramatically reduced their pain.

It’s important to note that sacro iliac joint sprains are also a huge contributor to knee pain, so making sure your body is in alignment is huge.  Your knees are just the middle men so to speak, so whats usually going on is either dysfunction above ( the pelvis) or down below ( the feet).  It’s important to look at all causes.

New Publications & Upcoming Events

Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to share today about some things that are happening in the next few weeks.

A bit of it revolves around the side of my practice that deals with pregnancy and pediatric care, however one event incorporates all that I do, so don’t completely stop reading here….. 🙂

Together with several awesome Bay Area pregnancy, birth and baby experts I contributed to a mini guide for expecting parents as well as parents of newborns. It is a collection of tips about pregnancy, birth and new parenthood to help you on this new journey you have stepped on. Here’s a little teaser of my article:


To read the rest of the article as well as articles on for example morning sickness, planning your birth, and being present with your growing family, head on over to Navigating New Parenthood mini guide!

My collaborators:

Alicia Fishbein, South Bay doula

Check out Alicia’s free birth plan checklist download here!

Amber Pearson, East Bay doula

Amie Wang, pilates instructor and founder of play it fit

Check out Amie’s Movement Bit videos here!

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW

Jenna Christina, Bay Area newborn and family photographer

Neta Shani, acupuncturist

I hope you enjoy and share this mini guide with others, as it has some valuable tips for those navigating parenthood.


1. This coming weekend I will be having a booth at the 12th Annual Holistic Wellness Fair with the College Of Botanical Healing Arts in Capitola.

I will be there Saturday from 11am-5pm and the event is downtown Santa Cruz on Lincoln Street.  Please stop by and say hi if you are in the area, and tell those in the area to stop by!  I will be having free examinations and many other goodies.

2.  I will be having a booth at MEET BABI event.  This is an annual event for parents to get information about providers in the bay area.  I am a part of BABI (bay area birth information), and would love to give answers and meet families or potential families to share about the benefits of my care.  If you know anyone that may be interested please share with them!



  1.  Lastly, I will be revamping my website with new pictures, so I might ask some of you in the coming week if you are ok with my photographer taking pictures while you are getting treated.  If you are uncomfortable that is completely fine, and you don’t have to participate!  I will let you know before it happens.

    That is all for now.. If you know of any companies or events that Dr. Hamel might be interested in talking to, please let her know, as she enjoys talking about her work.

Keeping your family/kids healthy this school year


Happy Monday!  It’s that time again for school, although some haven’t started yet other schools have already.  It’s important to know some steps you can take this school year to help keep your family healthy the natural way.
  • Pack your own school lunches if possible.  Children should eat less than 24 grams of sugar daily, mainly from fruit,  while the average child consumes around 21 teaspoons of sugar per day!  Sugar is a huge inflammatory food, so while your child is growing, feed your children good foods that help build new brain pathways.  Stick to organic fruits, veggies, proteins and fats, and stay away from sugary snacks if possible.  Read labels, you’ll be shocked the amount of sugar just in typical juice drinks.
  • Make sure your child is getting regular adjustments.  When their nervous system is working at it’s best, then their immune system and brain function is enhanced.  Get regular maintenance care to make sure they can take on all the activities.  It’s also important if any injuries happen to get it checked right away to prevent future problems.
  • Proper back pack usage.  I’m attaching a picture at the end for proper backpack guidelines.
  • Make periods of no screen time.  Although technology has helped us in many ways, it has also made it very hard for concentration especially for children.  Every time your child or you get distracted by a phone, TV, labtop, ect. it takes approximately 23 minutes for your brain to reconnect with what you were doing.  That makes it hard for them to succeed in their school work when their brain is being pulled many different directions.  The EMF’s also aren’t good for our bodies, so get a Hedron device to help decrease the EMF’s if possible.  Doing one thing at a time is really helpful, and consistency is key.  Don’t allow screen use while sleeping, which leads to the next point.
  • Get adequate sleep.  Sleep is crucial for brain development and healing.  It is through deep sleep that we actually recover.  Our brains can’t relax when it is being stimulated by screens, so turn them off at least 1 hour before bed time. Also turning off the wifi helps. Make getting adequate sleep consistent, as kids need more sleep.
  • Be active.  Making sure kids get exercise is also very important.  However, be mindful there is overdoing it as well.  Kids in multiple sports and in multiple classes and clubs can get overwhelmed with too much pressure.  However, kids also need play time to stimulate their brains in different ways, so make homework time more fun maybe doing it in different positions while stretching, on a ball, outside, ect.  And allow them to take breaks during the day, getting outside, not just going on their phones or TVs for a break.  This will help keep their lymphatic (immune) system, and brain health.
  • Essential oils and supplements.  These are amazing additions to help keep your family healthy.  We just don’t get enough nutrients in our diets, so by supplementing whole food vitamins and some omegas, can have huge effects on your children’s function.  This quality only comes through certain companies, so don’t go and try to get multivitamins at your local grocery or vitamin stores, they are mostly all toxic with fillers.  Essential oils are also amazing at preventing cold and flu season, as well as certain oils being able to actually make your kids focus!  Who couldn’t use more of that?  I wish all my patients could have use of these amazing plant based oils to be able to have safe alternatives to use on your families, so I encourage if you haven’t got on board, please do!  Flu vaccines do NOT protect you, and are toxic, so stay away from those as much as you can.
  • CBT protocol.  Craniobiotic technique which I use in my office can also help TREMENDOUSLY when you do come down with something, so don’t suffer, or don’t make your children and family suffer.  Getting sick is actually good for kids it helps boost their immune systems, but sometimes if they get pretty sick having these natural options is really helpful, and CBT is amazing at helping tell the body what is going on.
  • Vision problems? If you suspect your child has vision problems in school, please let me know as I have an awesome functional ophthalmologist who can actually help your child fix their vision deficiencies through vision therapy.  It can also help tremendously with ADHD related disorders.
  • Keep your family toxic load down. While also keeping your family healthy you have to decrease toxins as best as you can.  Meaning, try switching their soap, shampoos, toothpaste ( non fluoride), food sources, cleaning products to all organic.  Make smoothies in the morning if you can before school to engage their brain.  Use essential oils instead for other options to products.

I’m sure their are more tips I will think of later, but this is quite a few for now.  I hope this helps, and gives you more natural options this school year.